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Russian Fishing 4 is a long-awaited game that continues the well known series of fishing simulators developed by our company. Russian Fishing 4 is much more dynamic and engaging thаn anything else that was previously released to the market and features a unique natural physics simulations. The complete player freedom in game world is the core feature of Russian Fishing 4. Take your time to discover many stunning locations and find your very own perfect fishing spots. Gain your knowledge and develop your skills to apply them in setting up any kind of fishing rig and catching that special trophy you’ve been searching for. A tremendous amount of fishing gear, equipment and fish species awaits you in your journey into the world of Russian Fishing 4. Above all, the world of Russian Fishing 4 constantly evolves, so there will always be a place for the unknown.



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Patchnotes 26/11/2020
- In the settings of the game launcher players can now choose the download method to use. - A new version of Mosquito Lake is implemented. - Implemented the player qualification system. Earn ranks and insignia by completing special tasks. - The prices for alcoholic beverages in silver coins have been increased. The prices of some ...
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Server restart
On Thursday, November 26th at 1am EST/ 7 am CET, the server will be restarted and the client updated. The process can take up to 4 hours. Regards RF4 Team
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Server Restart
On October 27th at 2:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM CET , the game server will be shut down for maintenance. Estimated working time - 6 hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
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