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  2. Lures Q&A

    I'm at 60% crafting lures skill. Is it worth while my crafting lures at this skill level, having invested zero in any of the crafted lures proficiency? Will my crafted lures be competitive with similar store-bought lures? Not sure I want to progress any further at the moment in lure crafting as the costs are prohibitive; might invest further silver into it when I'm richer.
  3. Lures Q&A

    S15 seem to attract fewer but bigger fish. Speaking not so much from experience but checking the leader boards.
  4. Suggestions

    Don't know if it was suggested already , a reset cast key. Many times I cast in wrong place or cast without adding ground bait to the feeder and then a reset cast key will be very handy to just do it over.
  5. Bear Lake

    From my, very limited, experience( a couple of days with heavy gear), one needs 500 yards of line on Bear Lake, so the "invisible" flouro line(350yards) could end up being spooled by a big fish. I'm using a standard Simmons 15kg 500yard line and just landed a 28kg Grass Carp :). I did try the "invisible" Flouro line a few days ago but didn't have any big fish on when using it.
  6. Campfire stories

    Funny thing keep happening to me. I am still grinding at low level ( 14 ) and are currently targeting Tench at old burg. I have 2 strongish feeder setups and 1 beginner light feeder setup. Now the 2 stronger ones I use bait for the tench as that is the rods that can handle them and my light one I just have small hook and bread , the idea being to keep me busy with small crucians and gibels while I wait for tench on the other two. But the big Tench keeps taking that small rod !! hahahahaha I had 2 nights in a row PB Tench on the light setup on bread and had a huge fight to keep them from spooling me. How do I teach these tench not to bite on the light rod and take the strong ones. They not following the plan lol. At least it provides some fun during the boring grinding and just thought I would share the funny story.
  7. Report a Bug

    Hello Kukroach, Can you please check the workshop on Old burg? It's showing that you have a rod and 2 reels on repairs in there too. See if that helps.
  8. Donets Ruffe

    Your tips worked just fine, here are the results after 30-45 min: ps: cast 5% strength right on top of those plants in front of me
  9. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Lighter line is also "mushy" on the tension bar, even if at zero wear. Your reference to "min-maxers" in the video has me wondering about the advantages of using heavier line than the reel kg strength rating. I can see no great advantage using the "min-maxer" heavier line setup you reference in the video; using heavier line just seems to make the tension indicator "stiffer" and less prone to wild variations. The drag will still give line at the same fish pull tension. The only danger using heavier line that I can see is the angler risks destroying the reel if they accidentally set the drag to the maximum setting.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Report a Bug

    the problem is I can't redeem them , they are not even showing inside the workshop nor in my inv , I only got the paternoster feeder and leader for it from before the update but not the rod
  12. Campfire stories

    So earlier I had the BIGGEST atlantic ever. Fishing on pier with my feeders and spin, catching breams.. rainy day.. casted with my hunter 1-02.. as soon as it hits the water.. this mutant of a fish smashes it. I never seen my gold 80s scream so bad. I couldnt stop it, 350m line I hoped would be enough. It went to the island across.. stopped.. found its way right and headed towards the dam at lightning speed. My line indicator is dropping fast and panic began to set in. Unable to jump into my boat I took my chances and ran after the fish. I made it all the way to the dam getting back half of my line. This fish then turned and screamed my drag south of the dam. I was at the mercy of this fish, no where left to run and I just watched my 350m line get ripped off as if I used a 3000s reel. All I could get was a picture of the final moment before I alt F4. Never... never have I ever encountered such a fish in this game this insane. I am now trolling with amazing luck in volkov, this people.. was the fish that got away lol Forget kuori!! Volkov is WAY better! Braid + steel leaders to =D
  13. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    In the second video in this post, I explain about rod set ups, btw the 'line mushyness' is a factor of the percent wear on the line. While the line is still of the same load capacity while worn, its chance of breaking kicks in at the reduced percentile. so for instance a 10KG line with 10% wear is still 10kg line (it does not magically become a 9kg line) but its risk of breaking starts at 9KG (it is still a much lower risk than at 10kg) this is reflected in the tension bar.
  14. Report a Bug

    your rods are in Volkhov... Please try to collect them and let us know how it goes.
  15. Kuori Lake

    Hey @dogface3247 I noticed that lowering a bit the size of the lines (15kg braid) and leader (12kg carbon) and the lures (11g) during the hot hours help a lot. I use bigger lures only in the peak hours (early morning, evening) because the big predators are more likely to be in place and willing to bite. The same I do for retrieve. Slow, stealthy retrieves during hot hours, fast and lively retrieves in the peak hours. About your feeder rig. The line is very thick and visible, expecially without a proper fluorocarbon leader. I would go for 10 to 15kg line paired with the same size of fluorocarbon leaders. Do not fear thin tackle setups, your gold 80 can hold a lot of low size line. Line size and type count a lot now. A correct use of it can make the difference.
  16. Report a Bug

    Hello Kukroach Please make sure you are at the right workshop where you had the repairs done. As of the shortcut it will stay in that slot even if it is in the repair shop. If you select it will not show up you will get pop up say the rod is in the repair shop.
  17. Report a Bug

    no idea
  18. Kuori Lake

    Ever since the first update my fishing catch has gone way down to almost no fish to catch. I might for some reason sporadic get one or two here and there. I mostly do spin and feeder fishing, It's very upsetting for this to happen. I done everything that people are talking about in the forms and nothing. I mostly fish at Kuori Lake. I have friends try and figure this out. I know i paid some gold to rest set my skill tree 2x the same week b4 the new patch update and then once the update came out rf4 had us do it 2x. I really love rf4 but this is driving me crazy to see how my fishing count has gone down. Leaving you with some pic of some gear setup.
  19. Report a Bug

    there is any chance to get a refund ?
  20. Report a Bug

    Just lost a rod + reel at the workshop , the rod wasn't displaying in the workshop anymore but still on my shortcut button with <1 minutes until ready , I then tried to restart the game multiple times and finally replaced the shortcut with another rod but now I completely lost it
  21. Report a Bug

    i dont use any transfer in the game , but i cant find where is free transfer or something like that ((
  22. Report a Bug

    if you don't have a free region transfer left you will have to contact support@rf4game.com
  23. Report a Bug

    not this accaunt othere there i have lvl30 , Nick name on RU server K o M a P u K , can u check this one please
  24. Report a Bug

    looking at your account you are allready on the EN server.
  25. Report a Bug

    omg thanks i forgot about it ))) thanks wery much )), and have 1 question , how i can transfer to EU from RU server ???
  26. Report a Bug

    Hey KoMaP, you need to get the sinkers from the first lake (where you get your free stuff everyday 24 ingame h) or buy them in the shop on any other lake.
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