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    Friends, Let’s continue our discussion about the upcoming update and what awaits you there. Tent. With the upcoming update everyone will be able to use tents as storage for your items at any water body. Campfire. Everyone is used to cooking their tea, coffee and mulled wine at the campfires. We are extending the functionality of the campfire. From now on you will be able to warm up next to the fire and increase your comfort level there. To start a campfire, you will need firewood and matches which are sold at the repair shops. Onega rods. Tackle arsenal in the game has been increased by products from a new manufacturer – Onega rods. These rods are made using some natural materials and their ethno-style design is unique to the region where they are crafted. Onega rods are presented in the following categories: telescopic, match, bolognese, spinning and casting, as well as jerking rods.
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    What’s next? As the excitement from the last update settles down it is time to look forward to what awaits Russian Fishing 4 in the near future. We hear many questions from our players regarding new reels. When they’ll be introduced? What kind of reels? How they’ll perform compared to others? Next update will introduce a new reel manufacturer – Beluga. Reels from this manufacturer will include different spinning and casting models. And today we are featuring one of the reels that are coming with the next update – Beluga Venga 10000. The most complete range of Beluga reels will be available at the manufacturer store. And the store will be opened at the new water body that will also be a part of the next update. Ladoga lake – is the water body that will be introduced in the upcoming update. It is an extensive territory, with many different features and places to fish for many species that you already familiar with and quite a few new ones. This is by far just a small part of what awaits you with the next update. And meanwhile, we will continue to introduce you to the new content. Tight lines anglers!
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    Patch notes: - New water body Belaya River and two new species of fish (Taimen and Brown Trout) are introduced to the game. - New rods from Onega Rods manufacturer are available now in stores. - New Kiruuna Aikkila lures are available now in stores. - New rod EF Corona S60L is available now in stores. - New reels EF Spark 2000S and EF Libra 2000S are available now in stores. - Now to start a campfire players will need matches and firewood purchased in workshops. - During bad weather being next to the campfire will help warm up and raise players comfort level. - Free spinning tackle is now available at the Cottage Pond. - New players start with more gear in their inventory. - Winding Rivulet can now be accessed by all players without level limit. - Field kitchen is now available at Winding Rivulet. - Tackle store at Winding Rivulet will be stocked with similar items and have similar prices as Mosquito Lake. - Prices for some items of the Syberia and Express Fishing manufacturer have been changed. - To increase the popularity of spin fishing its algorithms have been revised. - Winding Rivulet parameters have been re-tuned. This water body now becomes a base for spin fishing. - Maximum weight of Pike has been increased. - Minimal weight of trophy Pike has been increased. - A new store selling Kvas has been added at Old Burg. - Crafting materials, such as sandpaper, paint and others, after the purchase stack up into one slot in the backpack. - “Happy Hour” bonus is introduced for players with a premium account. The bonus is activated once a day at the login for one RL hour spent in the game. Experience and Skill progression is doubled during “Happy Hour”. A new day starts at 00:00 UTC (GMT) - Tents can be used as a storage now. Quantity of items being stored there is limited by 30. - New leader board is introduced for fishing with UL (ultra-light) tackle. - UL rating leaders is now being displayed in the ratings. - The system of awarding the winners of the last week leaderboard has been implemented. - In chat settings you can turn off “event announcements”. - Strength of the knot holding the line to the spool has been increased from 20% to 50% from the line test. - Fixed. Interaction with water at Bear Lake. - Fixed. Sometimes chat messages were cut off. - Fixed. In some cases, there was an error in rounding the mass of the fish. The weight of fish could differ by one gram. The following subsystems were affected: fish market, record tables and contests. - Fixed. Physical models of the Carolina rig and the Three-way rig had issues that did not allow to achieve the “Jig Step” retrieve at a constant rate.
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    Friday, August 3rd, at 3am (GMT) server restart and client update.
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    Friends, Here is a bit more information about the upcoming update for “Russian Fishing 4”. With the upcoming update we will introduce SPOD rods series. These are well known tools for anyone who has ever fished carp species. SPOD rods are very powerful rods designed for precise delivery of groundbait at specific fishing spots far away. For more comfortable use of these rods, players will be able to use them as a fourth rod. Besides the SPOD rods we will be implementing clipping the line to the spool. This function should provide with better accuracy while casting. Additions described above will provide more comfort and effectiveness to carp anglers and players targeting non-predatory species. This is all for todays news. Tight lines!
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    Dear Angling Friends, We would like to present you with new information about the upcoming update of Russian Fishing 4. It’s not a big secret to most of you that we will be launching a new water body – Belaya river, which will include many familiar fish species and two new ones: Brown trout and Taimen. Belaya river will be accessible to players from level 12 and higher and, we hope, will become a great attraction to low and medium level players who enjoy spin fishing as well as high level players, who would like to test their skill against the mighty predator Taimen. We also made some big changes to spin fishing in general, making it more attractive and enjoyable. From the very beginning of the game, the player will receive a full spinning set up and will be able to progress through the game using this method, starting at the base water body – Winding Rivulet, that will become accessible from level 1. All Premium profiles are getting a new feature that will allow them to progress through the game a bit faster without spending too much time doing it. When logging into the game for the first time every day you will receive a bonus for the first hour of play – experience for caught fish and chance to skill progression is doubled (x4 times from the base XP and skill progression chance). And that’s just a part of what is coming with the new update. We hope that you will like these changes and new additions while we will continue working hard to keep on developing the game. Tight lines!
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    First rare ever! Was hoping it was a Taimen, but I'll take it.
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    Bear Lake 45.60 Mint cake 20 Depth 2.40
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    Hello guys, Thanks a lot for your advice to everyone, FINALLY FINALLY!!! I got my first trophy asp, I'm so happy right now and I also get trolling my first trophy volga zander Thanks for your advice!!! I had to chase him to land him, I will get a better
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    I'm so lucky! 2h40 minutes on Land!
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    Breams 107.92 Pea Porridge, Red Worms Cast 30-40% Setup
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    GUIDE: THOSE EELS AT OLD BURG Foreword: I received recently often the question: "How do you find those Eels and how do you get so many Trophies?" I tried to answer everyone and also made already a post at the Old Burg section with the last active "hotspot" (not active anymore) But answering everyone and doing it properly with those limited characters does consume quite a bit of Time because there are several things to consider and to figure out. So I decided to make here a more in depth Guide which might help some people out to get better results. All statements which I will make below are based on my personal experience (6 1/2 Trophy Eels and several hundred normal ones), it can differ a little bit from how it exactly is, but I think I am decently close. General things about Eels: Gear: This is my prefered Setup which I never change. I know Eels are getting catched with hooks from #10 all the way up to #2/0. As always hooksize does sadly not really matter if you can get a certain Fish, but it still might influence how many you get. Float Fishing is also totally fine, you just have to figure out the max depth you can have and you are good to go. I personally do prefer bottom fishing because you have a way lower chance of missing one due them biting 90% "suicidal" and with float fishing it´s way more tedious. Prefered Bait: 1. Fish Piece, 2. Crayfish Tail, 3. Nightcrawler, 4. Worm, Redworm, Cheese 5. Lures (Yes they bite on them, but if you actually catched one you should immediately play Lotto) Catchtime: The main factor for Eels is the Temperature, if it is below 12° you are good to go. The second factor is the Daytime, a fixed Timeframe seems to be from 23:00 till 8:00 during this Time also higher temperatures do work. Sidenote: You can catch them 24/7 but outside those two windows the chance is so minimalistic that it is not worth to try it. Rare Fish: Eels are rare Fishes like Donets Ruffe, Black Carp and Golden tench. Those are not supposed to be farmable/targetable, but every now and then it seems to be possible. The Eel has one big advantage his prefered Bait is not shared with many other species (Chinese Sleepers <3, Burbot, Catfish) that´s why Fish Piece is by far Nr. 1, all other baites are shared with more species, decreasing the chance. Location: You can catch them everywhere, but their absolutely prefered Location is really close to the shore where moss and lilies are next to eachother. Weather: As colder as better it is, although if it is getting below 8° it seems that they move a little bit further away from the shore. Also they really like rain, thundertorms intrestingly enough not that much though. How to find them and how to target Trophies: We went through the basics of Eels, now the golden Question is how you can find/identify a Hotspot and how you can increase your chance to get a Trophy. To answer the more interesting question first, how do you increase the Chance of getting a Trophy? The answer is quite simple and is the same for every Fish in the game: Increase the amount of Fishes you catch. Every single Fishsize is rolled by itself, you can get lucky and your first Fish is right away a Trophy, you can get unlucky and catch several hundreds without one. So the only thing you can do is trying to catch as many as possible in order to have as much rolls as possible. (And even if there are some mechanics like, pity factor, or better gear = higher Trophy chance and so on, you will never get a confirmation for that.) This does lead us to the next, most intresting and final point, the Hotspot: A Hotspot is generally a place where you have better catching results than you normally would have due it providing way more Fishes. Now how to find and identify the Eel Hotspot? As mentioned above Eeels do like places which have a combination of lilies and moss, at every location where you can find those two together you can catch normally 1 Eel per Night. If you find a Hotspot it is possible to catch 5-6 Eels a Night and the averrage will be at ~3 pieces. Still it is even at Hotspots possible to catch not a single Eel, this happens maybe in 1 out of 7 days, but it is possible. So when you search and check several locations to find a Hotspot, you have to stay for 2 Nights at each place to be sure and that is the reason why it can be so freaking Time consuming to actually find them and why people don´t wanna share it when they finally have found one. Experience wise there is always only 1 hotspot for Eels active at Oldburg, the previous two had been 37:58 and 64:18, both are dry now. Also a thing is that every Hotspot I encountered so far did not only have moss and lilies, but also Grass and or Reeds next to it. And for the end here are a few Coords which were "Hot" at least once: 37:58, 61:18, 61:14, 23:67, 71:51, 59:13 (31:23, 47:20, 17:68) English is not my main language so sorry for wrong grammar and such, as always wish you all gl and tight lines, have fun. Setup Ps: Why 6 1/2 Trophies? I lost one a few meter in front of my feets, сход for life ;-)
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    Just caught that one on crayfish tail, 7.5m hole 60% cast. ~ Pindo
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    2 trophies in the first 12 minutes! then 2 more, 100:92 pea porridge, 3-6 hooks, 7.8 fluoro, very cold temps
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    kuori is my new home lol, everyday i catch 1 or 2 burbots trophy, yesterday 1 trophy burbot+ 1 trophy ruffe, Wednesday 2 trophy burbots+ 1 trophy ruffe. line : Snake Power Braid 50LB LIM 300m 22.8kg leader : 17.4kg hook : Simmons Silk Serie CL-14 S2 bait : Nightcrawler groundbait : none IMPORTANT i use only the Basic Bottom fishing rig, i get the best biterate with it.
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    Hello My Angler Friends. Please Check My Channel on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/zbitango We have been growing really fast. Went from 0 subs to 28 and almost 900 followers in two weeks now! I started streaming this game almost 2 months ago and have really been going hard, pushing 8-12 hours a day if not more We do shopping sprees over 500 silver to 10k silver. There are Sub only giveaways when a goal is reached, two very lucky people just a few days ago won 2 steelheads and another viewer won sabre 60s, just to give you an idea of what we give away. Also we have been helping noobs out with bait and lower level gears if you need help just ask in chat we don't punish people for asking for a little help. Also we use a point system called Tangs to run giveaways, you earn tangs by watching and playing the minigames in channel and subbing, a few other ways to earn but I will post them all on discord. If you have further questions or want to know more about the stream come by our discord @ https://discord.gg/gcgvcjE I currently am Level 32 after just a short time, we are pushing to get level 34 asap to get on the leaderboards. Really enjoying the mature community this game has I stream in the a lot time's will be subject to change daily. Follow me on twitter to get notice's on giveaways and to not miss a stream. PS: giving a Steelhead away once I reach 9k silver, which is tomorrow morning around 11am EST. Thanks for reading, see you in the stream / Discord. If you have any questions feel free to PM me on twitch/discord or you can email me at my business email @ Zbitango@gmail.com https://www.twitch.tv/zbitango https://discord.gg/gcgvcjE
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    Just bought 3 Bunessan Picker rod and in second test in Mosquito : in less than 1h with Honey dought, egg dought and semolina
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    My first big trophy, caught on bear river 46 60 with coconut and cream 22.
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    7.5m is producing well, 98:40. 85% cast using fortuna carp / mayor 19 setup. only using Nightcrawlers for bait, my GB is Corn flour, bloodworm, pellets, zebra, crayfish attract. been making over 600 silver from 30-40 fish. Also.. what is up with triple trophy ruffe in a row lol. Everytime its trophy time its a ruffe haha
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    Hooked @Cold Swamp but the beast ran up to the starting bridge, and then I had to go there cause reeling with my (almost) basic setup was very slow. Also I had no landing net, so I had to leave the rod on the ground and hurry to buy one (the fish itself has been sold for roughly the same amount).
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    - Awards have been added to player statistics. - Players Awards have been added to the public player profile. - The influence of the campfire to the character's comfort has been increased. - Spinning reels no longer have “Test” parameter in their descriptions. - Workshop restock of reel parts have been increased. - Active time for tea and coffee bonuses have been doubled. Tea and coffee bonuses increased by x1.5. Prices for these beverages have increased by x1.5. - Items and prices at the workshop store at Winding rivulet are now similar to Mosquito lake workshop. - The protocol for data exchange between the client and the game server has been optimized. - The amount of points received by the player for setting a record is reduced by 100 times. - The number of points received by a player for setting a record is now displayed. These points are calculated when forming the list of leaders of the week and the list of winners of the week. - Waterbody record now will be displayed in chat only for players that are currently present on that waterbody. - Exceeding the maximum test of the rod will result in higher blank wear. - Fixed. Baits were displayed incorrectly when fish were caught using sandwich bait.
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    This may be an unpopular opinion and it may get a lot of hate, but for the past 3 day's I've been at belaya, and yes the first day was a struggle, but then I started to try things myself, I don't and never have relied on what others are doing/have done because what may work for them may not work for everyone, so I rely on what I can do, like test numerous lures and tactics, and once you have done that yourself, you will find that there are actually lots of fish to catch and some quite decent fish aswell. Everything I have caught has been on the spinning rod, maybe close to 400 fish by now. So when people say, "oh belaya has no fish".. what I hear is.. "Tell me were the fish are, what to catch on, what size hook". Basically "I want someone else to do the hardwork and I'll just copy them". Sorry, doesn't work like that. Also the comment above ^^. don't rely on Youtube, by the time you have watched it, the fish may have moved or are biting on something else, and as for it's no good for Level 12-16 players, that's wrong to say. It's good for those players with the tackle and the patience to catch the fish they are after. Wether they be level 12 or level 50.
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    All I see is just the old, heavy geared users fishing on this river. Also I'm disappointed because this river is not yet prepared for fishing... A lot of wasted time trying to catch something here. The main purpose for a level 12 is to advance in level to reach Kuori to produce for themselfs money and XP. How can they do that if Belaya is a dead river?! Question: What are the chances that a level 12 player to be able to catch here big and reputable fish? that question leads to another one's: 1. Will level 10-12 gear be able to land a Taimen of 13-15-18 kg? 2. From were one could buy Grasshopers and other baits used to catch those 2 trouts species? (I know 1 only place: Volkov - level 18 and above). 3. Isn't suppose to be a SPINNING map? Why then the most wanted fish species are caught on feeder instead of spinning? 4. How can one make a Jig step with level 12 setup, when most of the mid level users are not been able to achive Jigstep? 5. With level 12 gear, most of the users can reach those holes?! because I see above that Those SUCCESFULL STORIES are told with Alpha 8000 ( LEVEL 20 gear) The Snake LINE is 165 silver worth of money and toghether with the Sinker... that setup can cost more than a level 12 player can make in few days of fishing. Admins and Mods .. please show us a ranking of users level 12 max level 14 who succesfully fished taimen and brown trout in Belaya. Until you do that... I'm betting NO ONE from level 12 to level 16 were able to achive good fishing result on that map. Try to contradict me.
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    bear lake is back
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    Kuori Lake for ever : (and yes i got a trophy Ruffe)
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    Hi Guys We are aware that some players can't connect to the server. Developers are working to resolve the issues. Apologies and thanks for your understanding. Regards Levo
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    One at camp spot in kuori with perch, second one at sura with crab meat.
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    4 eel in one night all caught on fish pieces. Should have screenshot the rest of the eel I caught. Altogether there were 8 caught in 3 nights.
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    spot : 98.40 With the Fortuna Carp 360XH setup bait : Crayfish Tail 30mn fight
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    My first trophy bream!
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    Hello fellow fisherman, Today i caught my biggest fish until now and my first trophy carp, a nice mirror carp of 29.987 kg it gave me a good fight but in the end there could only be one winner i linked some screenshots of the carp, the place i caught it and my setup that i used to get it, in the hope it will help my fellow fishers to get it also Have a good day and fish on
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    bream spot, good silver!
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    Volkhov 150.140 cast 35% -40% Gl
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    Hi guys Please see some examples of possible set-ups you might want to try to get once you reach certain level in the game. Those are good quality gear for adequate level and you might want to give it a try when buying new fishing equipment. Please keep in mind that there are different rods and reels available that you might like more - those are ONLY examples of some set-ups that might help some players to choose their rods and reels. FLOAT FISHING: Rod level 8 - Express Fishing Red Stick RS23 (Telescopic rod) 2.5 star quality Telescopic rod - 7m long with test 2-16 g and load capacity of 8.5 kg. For this rod I would use Mono Original 6.8 kg line 100m. Rod level 16- Syberia Model One T700 (Telescopic rod) 3.5 star quality Telescopic rod - 7m long with 7-80g test and load capacity of 11.5 kg. For this rod I would use Snake Ultra Line 8.7 kg line 100m. Rod level 22 - Falcon TL 800 (Telescopic rod) 4-star quality Telescopic rod 8m long with 3-15g test and load capacity of 22kg. For this rod I would use Snake Ultra Line 19.1 kg 100m. This is an excellent rod for targeting large fish species such as carp. Rod level 18 - Model One Match M140MH (Match rod) Reel level 16- Proton PRO 6000 (Spinning reel) 3.5 star quality Match rod 4.2 m long with 7-35g test and load capacity of 16kg. 3.5 star quality Reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag of 9.5kg. For this rod and reel, I would use Snake Ultra Line 14kg 300 m Rod level 30 - Rebellion Match 420H ( Match rod) Reel level 26 - Everest 2 8000s (Spinning reel) 4.5-star quality Match rod 4.2 m long with 12-36g test and max load capacity of 41.5 kg - In my opinion the best match rod in the game at the moment. This amazing rod gives you 2 different bonuses: +5% to "Float fishing " skill and + 2 to the " Using a rig with the waggler ability". 3.5-star quality spinning reel with spool size of 8000 and max drag od 22kg. For this rod and reel, I would use Ultra line 28.2kg - please note that this is only a wise choice when fishing in smaller lakes as you will only have around 112m of line on your spool. But using this mono line will save you some silver when it comes to the repairs. If you need more line you can use braided line + leader instead. This is a very strong setup for targeting a large fish species. BOTTOM FISHING: Rod level 8 - Express Fishing Persey FD140 (Feeder rod) Reel level 8 - Sputnik Element Pro 4000 Spinning reel) -Express Fishing Persey FD140 - is 2.5 star quality rod, this model length is 4.4m and test is 20-110g. With this rod you will be able to cast on fairly long distances. -Sputnik Element PRO 4000 - is a 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size 4000 and max drag 6.5 kg. For this set-up I went with Simmons Mono Original line 18 LB 350m , but this is my personal preference. Rod level 13 - Syberia Sentense FD340 MH (Feeder rod) Reel level 12 - Sputnik Proton 6000 (Spinning reel) -Syberia Sentense FD340MH - 3 star quality feeder rod with test 15 - 80g. Length of this rod is 3.4m. Load capacity 25kg. Very good rod with elastic blank that will help you to target even larger carp or tench. -Sputnik Proton 6000 - 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 8.5kg. For this set-up I went with Simmons Mono Original 25LB 350m. Rod level 15 - Syberia Model Two FD420H (Feeder rod) Reel level 20 - Sputnik Alfa 8000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Model Two FD420H - 3.5 star quality feeder rod with test 30 -150g. This feeder got length of 4.2m Load capacity is 26.5kg. It is excellent choice for medium size species and carp fishing. - Sputnik Alfa 8000 - 4 star quality reel with spool size of 8000 and max drag of 14.5kg . Excellent reel for the price, it can be used for bottom fishing and spinning. I am confident that you can use this reel even when targeting trophy carp at Bear Lake. For this set-up I used Snake Ultra Line 42LB BLU 300m - but again this is my personal preference. Rod level 16 - Syberia Fortuna Carp 360 XH ( Carp rod) Reel level 26 - Zeiman Z- Series 60S ( Spinning reel) - Syberia Fortuna Carp 360 XH - 3.5 star quality carp rod with test 35-160g and load capacity 39.5kg. This powerful rod - length 3.6 m allows very long casting distance. This rod is excellent choice when targeting large fish like Carp, Russian Sturgeon or Catfish. - Zeiman Z- Series 60S - 4.5 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 16.5kg. For this set-up ( Fishing at Sura river) I went with Simmons DevilBraid 58LB Green Xl and Simmons Mono Orig leader FD 55 LB. This very good quality reel that can be used when targeting medium and large fish species. Rod level 20 - Westhill Wingate FF130XH (Feeder rod) Reel level 26 - Trident Major Ltd 6000s (Spinning reel) - Westhill Wingate FF130XH - 4 star quality feeder rod with extra bonus +1 to the "Fishing with a feeder rod" ability - this bonus is giving a player extra skill point with casting distance, accuracy and control of the fish when fishing with this feeder rod. This excellent rod got 40-150g test and load capacity of 34kg. With this feeder rod you will be able to target even larger species in the game. -Trident Major Ltd 6000s - 4 star quality reel with spools size 6000 and max drag of 19kg. This reel will help you to land even large fish species in the game. For this set-up I used Snake Ultra line 42LB Blue 300m but if you need more line on spool, you could use braided line and add mono or fluorocarbon leader to your set-up. Rod level 16 - Syberia Model One Picker 300MH (Picker rod) Reel level 16 - Syberia Sabre 60s (Spinning reel) - Syberia Model One Picker 300MH - 3.5 star quality picker rod with test 9-41g and load capacity of 26kg. Very good rod to target small and medium size fish species. -- Syberia Sabre 60s - 3 star quality reel with spool size 6000 and max drag 10kg. Very popular reel that is used by many players. For this set-up I used Snake Power line 28LB GRN 300 m. With this reel you will be able to land small to medium size fish species. Rod level 24 - Westhill Bunessan Picker PF98XH (Picker rod) Reel level 20 - Zeiman Comandor 40S (Spinning reel) - Westhill Bunessan Picker PF98XH (Picker rod) - 4 star picker rod with test 12-45gr and load capacity 15kg. Excellent rod with extra bonuses (+ 2 to the "Using a loop rig; +2 Using paternoster rig and +2 Using an in-line rig abilities" ). With those extra bonus points, this is an excellent choice for targeting small and medium size trophy fish species. - Zeiman Commandor 40s - 4 star quality reel with spool size 4000 and max drag 11kg. This well build spinning reel can be used not only for bottom fishing but also for fishing with float and spin fishing. For this set-up I used Snake Power Braided line 39LB SMO 300m with fluorocarbon leader FD30LB. SPINNING AND BAITCASTING: Rod Level 16 - Onega Ethnic SPM68UL ( UL spinning rod) - ULTRA LIGHT SETUP Reel level 20 - Sputnik Alpha 1000 ( spinning reel) - ULTRA LIGHT SETUP - Onega Ethnic SPM68UL - 4-star quality spinning rod UL for ultra light setup with test 1-5 g. - Sputnik Alpha 1000 - 4-star quality spinning reel with test 1g - an excellent choice for ultra light setup. For this setup I chose an Extra Silk 4kg braided line, you will need to also add fluorocarbon leader for more effective fishing. I would suggest a 3-4kg leader. Rod level 10 - Syberia Linear S88H (Spinning rod) Reel level 12 - Sputnik Proton 6000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Linear S88H - 2 star spinning rod with test 12- 45g and load capacity 15.5 kg. This rod model had length of 2.7m that is why you can use it in limited space but also if needed cats on fairly long distances. Optimal rod for targeting small and medium size predator fish species. - Sputnik Proton 6000 - 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 8.5kg. Optimal spinning reel for all occasions. For this set-up I used Simmons ExtraSilk Braided line-30 LB Bl Xl 300m and fluorocarbon leader 11.5 kg. Rod level 12 - Syberia Super Duty S88H (Spinning rod) Reel level 16 - Sputnik Proton PRO 6000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Super Duty S88H - 2.5 star spinning rod with test 14-70g and load capacity 24.5 kg. This model length is 2.7m what make is perfect fro casting in limited space or on fairly longer distances. This is perfect rod for targeting medium or larger predatory fish species like pike. - Sputnik Proton PRO 6000 - 3.5 star quality spinning reel with spool size 6000 and max drag 9.5kg. Another excellent reel for all occasions. For this set-up I went with Simmmons Extra SIlk 34LB Bl Xl 300m and Simmons Steel Leader 15 kg (targeting a pike). Rod level 26 - Heaven Creek Evora CST CSSL98H (Casting rod) Reel level 30 - Zeiman ZM- Steelness ZMS60 (Baitcasting reel) - Heaven Creek Evora CST CSSL98H - 4 star casting rod with 12-60g test and load capacity 49.5kg. This rod gives an extra bonus +10% to casting distance. This is excellent rod for targeting medium and large predatory fish. With extra bonus this rod gives you a chance to cast baits at long distances. - Zeiman ZM- Steelness ZMS60 - 4.5 star baitcasting reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 17.5 kg. This excellent baitcasting reel for all occasions. This reel have a light spool what makes it perfect baitcasting reel for casting at longer distances with even relativity lighter baits. For this set-up (fishing at Kuori lake) I used Snake Power Braid 39LB SMO 300m and Simmons Pure fluorocarbon leader 38LB. Few important informations: - Please remember that rod should be the strongest point in your set-up and line or leader should be the weakest. - When choosing your line please check your max rod capacity, spool size of your reel and max drag of your reel, you also should consider wear damage of your tackle and always check the whole set-up that you are using before starting fishing. - Remember that better quality equipment (more stars) wears of slower, so you not need to repair it or replace it as fast as lower quality equipment but you might need to pay a bit more once you will repair or replace parts of your equipment. - Using braided line makes your equipment wears off faster. When using mono line your fishing equipment wears off slower but you will have a less line on the spool.
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    Currently 98:40 (7.5m hole) using redworms only has been pretty good. Best part.. NO CATS! Decent sterlet bite rate, sturgeons also biting. Got a 28kg yesterday. Just thought I share if looking to make decent silver / time invested. This was 1 hour 37 min of fishing. Ive been getting decent sterlets over 3kg earlier. Hoping maybe a trophy possible lol Temps over 22oC causes slow fishing during day.
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    I'm only level 31, but I disagree that the bite rate is bad on baitfish, at least for me it's quite good on all the water bodies so far. Only issue that I have with the baitfish is that you get too much too small fish biting. And I don't mean like 1 kg Zander, I mean 100g Perch on a 45g Gudgeon or a 64g Chub on a 40g Ruffe. So I feel like the only thing that needs to be tweaked a bit is the size of the fish that can actually go for a baitfish.
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    Got this big boy today, casting from the island to the south, clear weather, mid night:
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    It is so nice sura is finally back again! 7.5m, ran out of time before my appointment but had a 40+ cat on which would have given me around 90+ more silver. I am just happy sturgeons are back lol. My GB's have been really good .. this is less than an hour of fishing.
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    Hello everyone, finally I got my 2nd trophy asp!! with an extra heavy spinning rod and a reel with a drag of 14 kg!! its huge!! I'm so happy!!
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    Patch note: New. Reels now have new parameter “Test” in their descriptions. Fixed. Leader board did not display information correctly. Fixed. Repair cost for some reels. Fixed. Reel mount on Onega Rods Ethnic SPM88MH, Onega Rods Ethnic SPF88MH
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    i've sent her off to bed but i had to promise that when the games back up i have to remove those noisy rod beepers so they don't wake her up, lucky i have the blinkers cause we don't want that happening.
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    No problem Levo... Please negotiate a discounted Premium price for us on the fence... lol
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    It ain't good man, not good at all... I was all set up to throw out some wacky worms, prepared to haul in some submarine sized catfish then casual as you like, the game shut down with a nice fade to black background and a very horrid message that the server had blown up. Not as extreme as that obviously, but it may as well mean that
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    Happy hook is also perfect for breams. I used size 6 yesterday. I've caught almost 300 fishes and 3 trophies.
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    Now THAT is a catfish! Congrats!
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    I decided 71kg was nice.. but not good enough. 1 Hour 30 Min, Fortuna carp, Mayor 19kg, 63lb snake braid, 55lb mono leader, S2 hook. Ruffe!
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    Hi guys I want to share some tips and info that I learned when playing RF4 about how the weather is affecting the fish bites and fish behavior. Some of you might not be aware that weather is very important in RF4 and it is one of the main reasons for you to be successful when targeting certain fish species. Please note this is my own game experience, not the official RF4 game guide and you might have a different experience in the game than me. *You can check the weather at all water bodies while in the game - press ESC when in the game Click on it to get the more detailed weather report You can also check the Weather forecast on different water bodies by clicking on Weather forecast for each water body before you travel there Please note that this is a weather forecast and as all forecast, it might be not always100% correct *Temperature - In my opinion, it is very important in the game so we should take it into consideration when targeting each species. -Temperature influences the fish's body temperature and bodily functions. Really high and really low water temperatures reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, making fish less active and picky about food. In general, fish hate rapid temperature change and when this happens the most of the species won't be very active for some time. - Different fish species might be more active when the temperature is higher but some might be more active when the temperature is lower. For example - Carp becomes more active when the temperature is above 18ºC but Burbots when the temperature drops below 6ºC. * WInd- Another super important aspect of the game. Wind can play a large role in where to fish and your fishing success. Wind pushes water and surface food. When the wind direction changes, this does have an effect on the fish. The wind helps move the crustaceans and other tiny water insects to go in the direction it blows, in particular, those that receive in the top column of the water. The fish will follow the food and predators will follow their prey. So if you see changes in the wind direction try to adapt your casting and always pay attention to the wind changes. As Lady of Games explained in one of her posts "When first you were catching fish closeby the dock, now you'll find it has dried out. Simply because the wind no longer helps the food move towards the dock, but moves it away from the dock. You can either remain fishing as you did, but with a lot lower catches. Or you can adapt and cast out as far as you can towards the North-West. Or you can take up your things, take the boat to the island straight ahead of the dock, cast out closeby and start hauling in fish again" - we can react to wind changes and be more successful. TBC