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    Wednesday, March 14th at 1am EST/ 5am GMT Server restart and client update.
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    for mee i well stop play the game for now , cause it is so bored to get so many fish per day i try to migrate to other spot to avoid them but fish still hunt mee every where , fish are high lvl right now and have learned my behavior how do i migrate in sunny and cloudy day and they dont even bother about the repair cost , cya on steam when there is less fish .
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    Now the fish is less than before, the 70-80%. game is updated to update the fish, or the fish's taste updates? In a word, I couldn't catch the fish. There were more than 10 hours in the day. I caught all the pictures. None of the fish. I don't want to continue to play this way.
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    General rules It is forbidden to publish information containing: slang words, rude and obscene words or expressions; advertising; pornography; other's personal information; insults, threats, slander; materials of a racist nature and inciting ethnic hatred; political, religious and other propaganda; calls for violence or violation of current legislation. Punishment: editing or deleting information, as well as warning or ban user first i am proud of my opinion and other people opinions that make sence , u guys when u dont like a true comment u say that (thanks to ur opinion ) what ever . second i am not trying to promote any game , many time before i saw peoples here talking and mention FP and u guys did nothing about it , i dont need to promote other game , people are adult here and know about all games that exit and what game is good and what game is not . and last there is no description in forum rules that say that and even if it does this not my point to promote , and u gave mee a warning , u going to banned mee seriously ?
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    I have never once complained about anything in this game. In fact, I've done my best to keep out of the negativity that can swirl around forums and communities in general, especially in a game like this where things are still changing and growing in beta. I love this game, as my 500+ hours since January attests to. When the patch initially dropped, I was cautious about getting all that bent out of shape: maybe it's our line, so let's try new stuff. Maybe it's our lures. Maybe the fish have in fact "migrated." We'll crack this, figure it out, and get back to a healthy stream of XP and silver. We've gone through hard times before, and we always manage to figure out a way. I only post now because there's a very obvious problem. I belong to a group of casters who never really leave Vohlkov. We're a tight-knit, friendly, open community, and we're all about sharing info with one another: what lures are working this week, what spots we've had luck with, etc. We're always happy to share this information with whoever wants to come out and try their hand at catching a nice asp or salmon. But so far, none of us have been able to figure this out. If you'll notice, not a single soul has caught a weekly salmon or asp after the patch -- and the bar wasn't set all that high this week. Some of us (myself included) have not caught a salmon at all since the patch. One Vohlkov caster, who recently caught nearly all of the weeklies, told me the game in its current state is no longer fun and he doesn't want to play anymore. As sad as it is to say, I'm inclined to agree. What's most frustrating here is the lack of communication. If we had more information to go on, we could alter our play style. If the devs don't quite know what's going on, a simple "we're looking into it" would be all I need to find a little hope for the future, and I'd happily go back to being positive. Or, if we really are dealing with a nerf in spin fishing or the salmon bite at Vohlkov, it would be great to know that too. Many of us would choose not to play "Bottom Fishing 4" (as one guy called it, post-patch) anymore, but at least we'd know where we stand. In its current state, for those of us only interested in casting, it is unplayable. I don't wish to echo the negativity regarding the devs in other posts. I sincerely believe they're hard at work making this the best game possible. But asking that they keep us in the loop regarding these changes is fair also, and would go a long way towards avoiding this kind of player rage in the future.
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    I think I will give up on Kuori completely, since the first big patch up to this day its a pretty dead water for me.
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    Yep it is very dead for me also...I catch burbot at night and perch during the day....I earned 165.36 silver for 7 YES 7 real life hrs. The rest of the update seems really great .....Now is there any chance of some fish. Please do not insult my intelligence with the hook , line and bait speech. The fishing is very very poor .....
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    Friends, here is the list of fixes, changes and updates in today's patch: - Fixed. After making the first PVA-Stick, the player did not receive the achievement "Food in the net." - Fixed. When using PVA-stick for the first time player did not receive the achievement “Wet their appetite”. - Fixed. The use of ferry at Volkhov River were available when casted rod was in players hands. - Fixed. When on a boat, it was possible to use the rod set on land. - Fixed. The amount of ingredients were not counted towards making bait - Fixed. Completely broken objects could be repaired (silver was spent and unbroken components were repaired). Repair shop no longer accepts fully broken gear for repair. - Fixed. The weight and length of the selected fish were changing during the crafting of bait. - Fixed. When calculating the total weight of the baitfish on a feeder set up (to warn the player about exceeding the rod test), the weight of the live bait was not counted. - Fixed. When calculating the total weight of the tackle (to warn the player about exceeding the rod test), the weight of the groundbait and the weight of the PVA stick were not counted. - The weight of portions of groundbait and PVA-stick is applied and shown. - The spool of the reel is rotated when the fishing line is released by a friction brake. - An indicator reflecting the ratio of the amount of remaining line on the spool added. - In the item's parameters, the display of hidden bonuses is disabled. - All player's skill points reset. - Several new skills have been added to the player’s skill tree. - The player’s simultaneous acquisition of a skill in different skill trees implemented. For example, if a player has reached the level of float fishing skill sufficient to gain the ability "using hair rig", then the "Using hair rig" skill in the feeder fishing skill tree also becomes available. - In the chat room, messages and events of all players are displayed regardless of the game server. - Game server can no longer be selected. - For lures and plastic baits, a range of acceptable hook sizes had been implemented. - The fishing line thickness and its type has increased its influence on fish catch rate. As an example, chance of a strike when using thin fluorocarbon or monofilament line became much higher than when using thick braided line. - Increased influence of the visibility of the components of the rig (the thickness and type of the line, the material and thickness of the leash, the size of the hook, etc.) of cautious fish, for example, such as Trout, Asp, Chub, Bream and Grayling. - The sinking speed of Angry Walker reduced. - The selection of hooks for Simmons Classic Head JH-201 and Simmons - Protected Head JH-301 was expanded. - The selection of leaders is expanded. - Several new food items are in stores. - The selection of bait is expanded. - Yellow, green, orange, red, pink and brown boilies have been removed from stores. - Several new recipes for making bait added. For example, making of cheese and potato cubes. - The stores changed the prices in gold coins for some of those baits that can be made in game. - The sale of Express Fishing Sensiv Bolognese fishing rod is discontinued. Instead, the fishing rod Express Fishing Sensiv Bolognese II introduced. - Various new mechanical and electronic fishing bite indicators are on sale. - A slot for installing bite indicator was added to the feeder rig. - It is now possible to install a leader for all bottom rigs. - Switch to new version of UNITY3D is implemented. Windows XP and DirectX 9 are no longer supported. *The game world will be restarted at the time of the patch. Fish may change their preferences for baits / lures / locales.
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    Lol, it's really funny. Anyways it's your game and your forums so have it your way. I had several screeshots posted of my catches and the money i used to make from the fish that i used to catch at that time. But I can understand. They were all removed so that new players don't come to know how much fish there were before in this game (before the fish migrations started). I had also posted my images for the absolute char that i had caught and they are gone too. Anyways there is not point in complaining or arguing because you guys are always right.
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    Regarding MIGRATION. I want to start by saying that I was one of the most vocals about it in the deleted " Discussions " forum. I can tell you right now that I dragged down the Kouri Lake to find the migration spot and I did....And Now I kind of understand what they want to achieve with it on a relative small lake like Kouri or Burg Lake, for the simple reason that you can spot them relative fast, but I think that it has no place in big rivers like Volkhov, it will take an eternity to locate the migration there. The spot for Kouri is 123:83 and cast to the island on a 180 degree angle....The best place to locate the fishes is at the cross sections of the lake with deep holes with steps to shallow water. and that is for every lake or river and the reason for that is that you can stay in one place no matter what because you will cover all the DEPTHS, so no matter the Weather or temperatures you will get fish. I have discovered that this " Migration " spot at Kouri lake or anyware for that matter is changed with each server restart....BTW fishes never migrated back at Kouri Lake on those famous 3 spots where we used to catch fish because the water there is only 2,5 m....so you can ALWAYS catch fish where you have different water depths in one spot. The problem now is FISH SIZE. You can literally use any lure in the game , any hook, and the results will be: 80% fishes around 1 KG, 19% around 5KG and, 1% ( if you lucky) around 8-9+ KG fishes. The NERFING of the fish size is real, I have inspected people on the lake, as I some times do to see what records people have and sow people of lv 27 in Kouri with the maximum weight of the fish record at 4-5 KG ( I am lv 22 with Kouri char record of 14 kg caught before the nerf, and I can tell you that all the people with accounts created prior to the nerf have record fish with 10KG+ ) I also have 7 BROKEN ROODS all before the NERF....I have never been in a fish fight that put me in danger of breaking my gear after the nerf....never. Suggestion: please INCREASE THE FISH SIZE to be in par with : - Repair, Crafting, Gearing....
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    Bit late to the party but I hope things are alright for you, looks pretty savage =/. Not sure if those weather conditions are common, but similar weather conditions on opposite extremes of the scale seem to be much more prevalent as of late. Just hope you and yours are okay, genuinely. Whatever comes next in this post is not anything personal and I wish to divide my concern towards a fellow human being regarding what you have gone through from what is going on within the game. I am unsure what is expected to be achieved as of late with your product. The so called forum restructuring, the fish migration and repair reasoning and the other complaints which players have. It feels like a great chunk of the population of RF4 has pretty much lost the majority of trust in the decisions made regarding the points already stated but more importantly and disturbingly, the trust in the developers. You can't blame your players, the massive shroud of secrecy has now become a focal point for many an outcry *pitchfork and torch scenario* and it is just getting worse. For the sake of your product and your companies reputation can you at least address fish migration and what a player should do to overcome it, even throw in some tips to provide just enough ground bait to help repel this onslaught. Players are leaving, new players are joining but like was said multiple times before, those new players will eventually hit the same stage as existing players who have already left to which the same problem will arise once more. There are only so many people on this planet that enjoy fishing games/sims which I believe you are fully aware of. Division complete.
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    Well i kind of don't want to repete what I said in the previous posts and many more, but to make a short summary of it is this, they made it so that we have an increase bite rate when using mono line transparent and leader " invisible " for fish. If they want to change things in game or making fish cautious is not a problem , the problem is that the line you HAVE to use and the one that will bet at a limit on your real is the 13,5 kg with 135 m on a Gold 80 reel, if you have a lower reel you will get maybe 100m or less. This means that if you are not on a boat you CAN'T pull any fish bigger than or around 9-10 kg because you will get spooled. If they put there also line that suport lets say 20kg+ and also not be 0.60+ that will be no problem. You see what we are complaining about?
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    When i was start play RF4 iv say UUUhhh great that's it I was enjoy fishing so i decided to support devs and put some money on it - but that was before patch Now Premium days are running, my progress is just on one place - no fishes to get it, and if i will be know that downgrade will be done I will never invest that money. Peoples was enjoying my streams, fight with 9kg fish on 5 kg rod and reel. Now they just come in ask did patch was fix and going watch other games. Please bring back fish system like was before patch - was great low levels have opportunity to get some level, was fun with big ones (now standard is 50-700g and if y have luck 12 h real life and 75 fish in net for sale = 50-75$ where y spend around 50 or more on bites and food). I know you try to improve a game but that's just a game - even in real life if i see there is no fish in lake i going to the next and forgetting about dry one. Russian Fishing 4 is great project and can dominate market but don't do real life sim. I was enjoy what was before patch, lost roods and reel on 8kg fish, fight and adrenaline. Now... Im frustrated and angry loosing money from Premium account when cannot use it on this same way how i was on moment of buying. Please bring back old life.
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    I feel really sad for the people who are complaining about the fish bites. You guys have already been told that "THEY DO NEVER NERF THE FISH" so why are u guys trying to force issues on the DEV'S here. it's quite obvious that you all are stupid people including me who are complaining about reduced bite rates after every update. Whether you are a regular complainer or a new complainer. So chill guys, continue playing the game the way the DEV's want you to play, as for the case of your complains they are unheard because they are all untrue, whether they be from one player or 50 players. And agreed that the game is in early access, so the only changes that are noticeable after every update are the only reduced bite rates?? y haven't i heard any player saying that the bite rates are better now or are higher than before?? lol... I mean chill guys....this game is going where the DEV's want it to go so don't be cry babies like i usually have been. Some of the posts with screenshots of player catches and silver making before the 2 previous updates have been removed from these forums so that new players can't find out how much worth silver of fish was being caught by the players (Due to the migration factor - IN OUR TERMS i mean PLAYER TERMS we call it NERFING). (Please RF4MOD do not tell me that all the relevant posts are in their respective places. NO THEY ARE NOT, THEY HAVE BEEN REMOVED.)
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    Before the patch on volkov and kuori I could catch a lot of fish and some pretty nice ones too. After the patch trolling and spin fishing SUCKS!! I still have 23 days on my premium account and I am REALLY PISSED OFF!!!!! I was having a lot of fun playing a really good fishing game and that's why I bought a premium account, to help support the devs and help them improve the game. NOT MAKE IT WORSE! They made some good improvements for feeder fishing and I like feeder fishing but I love spin fishing. I'm not going to switch just so I can catch fish. PLEASE FIX IT, and it would be nice to have it fixed before my 23 days of premium runs out and is wasted.
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    Hello! For several days I have noticed that fish barely bite. Previously I could catch 2-3 grids in 5-6h and now only 50 pieces. I will add that this problem does not occur only in me, I noticed that most of the streamers of your game are also complain on a small number of bites. Why is it like that? Fish practically do not bite at all.
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    No, but we do know mods are reading the forums, know of the current issues and are completely ignoring it. No answer has been given, not even a "we are working on it", or telling us if it's a balancing problem or if the game is intended to work as it is. And he is actually right, people are scared of sharing information, as good ways of making money were nerfed this week. They think "what will they do if they know about this setup, will they nerf it? Better be safe"
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    You know what amasses me the most? is that some people will accept the system no matter what the system is, no matter how bad it is they just accept it. One guy told me today that "Hey but I was once at fishing in real life, and got nothing so..." So by his logic if I have 2-3 maybe 4 hours to sper a day to relax in to a game, i will log on and see I got no fish I will say " Hey I will be more LUCKY tomorrow" , the next day " OHH is raining so ...got some perch and pike, maybe tomorrow I will be more LUCKY" the next day you got lucky with a 9+kg and the rest as usual 1-2-3kg...Is that the game you want to play? You will get a skill in like a few mounts? You can goo on youtube right now and see that when serious Fishermen go for hunting Monsters fish THEY GET IT. They go prepared with big hooks and big lures baits whatever, but they get it, they go to the RIGHT place because they have LEARNED where you can catch a monster fish. Before the patch I was only using Extra large 2/0 and 4/0 THE BIGGEST, do you got that? THE BIGGEST on the market and the only monster fish I got was a 9kg, when in game there are fishes over 20-30 kg at Kouri alone...you can imagine that 80% of what I got where around 1 kg right? Now in this game you can go to WHATEVER place you think that there may be fish. and get some fish but NOT A MONSTER no matter what gear you use... YOU CAN PRAY for LUCK to get a monster but you will not HUNT for that monster, you will get it if you are LUCKY and not because you hunt it. Where in all of this is what the devs promised to us, the players....that you have to adapt and learn how the fish react and hunt for big fish. Tell me how you hunt for trophy in this game? I tell you how LUCK. My last 6 Trophy where perch if you can Imagine how to get a slap in the face, this is a slap in the face. We already have The Migration " in place to counter static fishing so why not let us HUNT for the monster, if I catch today 1-2 monsters in a Hole and they migrate tomorrow, let us continue hunting for them in other holes tomorrow where I know they are because I HAVE ADAPTED, I HAVE LEARNED....I just don't get it, why not? This is real life scenarios you all know that. In real life if I go to a hole in a lake trust me I will get a Monsters fish 100%. So why not. I know you guys that MOd the forums are at the customer support and can't do much, but may we know if this situation right now have been passed from supervisor to the Dev team , the guys that actualy creat the game? And if so what did they say? They will look in to it? or This is what it is?
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    Someone somewhere will catch a big fish...That's not skill that's luck...How many you did catch after this one?...Hmm let me guess none?.. Yea good for you for being Lucky...where is the skill involved in this game?...Didn't the dev promoted the game as being in a constant hunt for fish and learn their behavior and adapt? There is no skill involved anymore or discover what work for what and stuf....It's Luck....Is like playing Diablo and got lucky with a legendary...This is how this game have became a luck based not skill based, and to make the comparative, like Guild Wars 2 where skill matter not the gear. What concern me is the NOT SEE, NOT ACKNOWLEDGE, DON"T CARE form the dev team...I mean NOT ONE POST in regards to this situation.
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    I got more than 100 days premium remained but I don't know where I Can catch fish. bite reduced 70% since the lastest update. I just don't get it! what is going on here?
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    So I trusted you in what you said about " nothing was reduced in bite rate in regard to non cautious fish "....so i tried at Kouri....NOTHING i mean seriously....nothing other than perch and pike. So is a wasteland and I left for Volkhov. Same thing there, bite rate so low...so I tough to by the Nylon...invested 160 or something silver on the 23 kg , 4 stars or something, I can't remember now...the best one from there, with the 17kg invisible leader and....still mediocre bites. Than i tried the Invisible line....13,5 kg line =260 silver, with 135m on my reel...."The best of the best" on the market. Surprise there was some action...I mean perch , pike as usual...and now what, the mighty Cat decided that she is now more attracted to invisible line. I decided to not Alt+F4 and took me 30 min real life to get it because of the dam line, and i got it 22kg ...lol...in this " Migration " times anything is worth fighting for right? And than another cat that break my line....and a pike most likely break my line with his teeth ....And all of this forcing us in to setups that will further punish us. yea I get it if you change the bite rate and make fish Cautious than put line in there for them to be able to progress....not have 17kg "Invisible for fish " line with 0.58...that will be 50 m on my reel...i mean seriously....is anyone testing there this? So yea , Braid line for fishing is usles now, steel Leader is usles now, so whats there left for Spin fishing? And NO, this is not only my personal experience, as you can see many share the same experience. I Just want to know if this is how the fishing will be from now? Or someone is at least looking in to it? If not see you on steam release.
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    it's impossible to play and enjoy yourself on this way......really....its too hard to get trout on spinning mode....fix this please, and ill be back on game.
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    volkov= no asp, no salmon. kuori= no trout, no chars. spinning is dead.
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    It is in final stage of testing.
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    Be carefull guys what you write here. We already lost discussion. This might be next topic locked to "improve" quality of the forum. Patience - we'll get more freedom on steam forums.
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    But there's that great feature called Fish migration, everyone loves and understands how it works and can follow it. Eg. About that 'Try different similar looking spot if you're not catching many fish': I was trying deep spots at Mosquito, all 3 of them within an hour or so, noticed decreased number of breams (but a decent roach infestation), they probably waited for me to switch places to move to the other deep spot, or they just moved to another lake all together
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    What's a good nigth!!! Fishing burbot at Kuori
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    lel nice one deleting my post because i mention you taking the same path as the most successful fishing game on steam( i hope this is vague enough for your minister of cencorship), but I guess there is no stopping you from following your big brothers footprints
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    whats next deleting this one
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    Wow..another ninja move from them. GG
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    All posts in Discussions are deleted. Why am i not surprised.
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    Me thinks that you will be back around these parts when you advance through the levels. It's going to be one hell of a emotional roller-coaster, especially since you treasure your generalisation of things you say to be heard. Fear not though good Sir, we shall listen to thee, us being the pitchfork wielding flame bearers of unreasonable demands and lack of common sense, the commoners and beggars of no noble lineage, the unwashed plebs who want to fill our nets with fish to feed our families and earn a copper coin so we can get absolutely smashed in the local tavern. Welcome to Russian Roulette 4, enjoy your stay!
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    Shall wee all understand from this " Shy " reply that the the changes in regards to cautious fish have been revised a bit so that after this server restart only the leader will count and not the line, so that we are back to braided line as it USED to be no matter how thick it is ? I didn't test it yet, but if is true will be a breath of fresh air for spinning...although the problem still persist as pike will always lurk around to " rape " us of our precious 5 stars lure and hooks. People are having a blast and make a killing on feeder fishing...I don't understand why always in this game spinning must be that punishing...also for the sake of the people enjoying this game on feeder and float please don't nerf them. Also please take in to consideration that instead of waiting in the "castle " for the peasants with the torches and pitchforks to rush in with the revolution, be more open with the changes you make in the game. A simple " We are looking in to it " will have saved a lot of blood in the streets on this forum....We are not here to bring you down, we are here for you to build a better game.
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    Post Update: Hunter 01-003 Sunny Weather, 1300ish time At cursed island trolling 35lb braid + 17.5kg Floro leader + Beserk Ultra S2 hook Got on the "free fall technique"
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    that what i feel too they are forcing player to use mono and fluro line and leader if u need to sucess and make the fish bite more , and in this case u dont get a lot of line and if you get big fish it going to destroy u and ur setup , cause the only way to survive with big big is to put braid with alot of line or have very expensive mono line that well wear with time , screw this this is not a balanced game . i am done , , i am realy done game over for mee.bye
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    Patch Notes for Thursday March 15th 2am EST - Patch will reset all skill points again. - Chat will be fixed. No more repeating messages about record catches. - Other repeating messages about players activity will be condensed into one if they are the same and within 30 sec of each other ( such as thrown ground bait, ate food, etc.) Players themselves will see them in chat.
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    Wow! Just wow... So am i right in thinking we now have no discussion board ? Also if that is right the water body pages will fill with frustrated fishermen from time to time like myself and not so much post's on catches and co-ord's ... Then rendering the water body page a discussion board in theory....And i shall be honest i stopped posting my decent catch due to fear of the dev's nerfing the spot like has happened to kouri in certain spots....
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    Maybe because we have nothing to talk or share about Ruffe or Cottage pond. It's only logical discussion topics are the most commented on, instead of highly specified ones. Not much sense in trying to force using highly specified topics, if we have nothing to talk to...
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    Tell us what would you like to see in Russian Fishing 4 in the future. Please look at the list and only add new suggestions to the thread!! They will be updated to the list and Hidden after they have been added to the list to help keep this thread from getting to out of control again. Now If you do not see your suggestion in the List does not mean anything other than it may have been missed as there were alot of pages to work through please just resubmit it. This Topic is for making suggestions only anything else will be Remove from this topic!!! Thank you
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    Patch notes for tuesday March 20th. - Fixed. Some elements of the chat window were incorrectly sized. - Fixed. When new messages appeared in the chat, the visible area always shifted to them, not allowing you to view older messages. - Fixed. In some cases, private messages were not marked as read. - Fixed. When casting out a rig from the previous game session, there was a bug "No bait assigned." - Fixed. The volume of animal sounds was not regulated by the audio settings. - Fixed. The volume of the bite alarm sounds was not regulated by the audio settings. - Changed tone and volume of bite alarms. - For wacky worms, a range of acceptable hook sizes has been introduced. - For those players who had their skill points reset incorrectly, all assigned skill points have been reset once more.
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    simple answer to ur question , they dont like how much silver peoples are making in the game with spinning , so they make it harder , well that their game and their rules and we should deal with that like devs say , they are not going to satisfy every one here but @Strings in kuori there is pike all over the place . we can deal with mono line but at at least give us stronger leader that dont break and for some good line u cant go over 100 m on ur reel unless u buy the very expensive mono line, the price is OP and need some changes, if u want to deal with big fish u need at least 200 m line or u well get spooled most of the time.
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    When i started playing RF4 it was still in russian and there where almost no guides out for it yet. I had to figure out where all the fish where and what bait they would like and what depth they would be and so on. After a wile i had found some nice spots for the fish that i wanted to catch that day. Made some decent silver, caught some nice trophy's made some friends. By no means this game was ever casual friendly, i spend hours and hours learning the lake. Broke my line so many times, first time casting with a spinning rod and i broke my real. This game has made me rage quit more than i can count. But then i calm down, think of new ways to fish and go back at it. Now with the new update all the fishing spots have changed, i basically have to map all the lakes again. Was i happy with this at the start?, not really, i was kinda pissed about it. But then i calm down, think of new ways to fish and go at it. Now i found some really nice spots and im making more silver than i did before. And im just using my trusty float set up and sometimes i use a feeder on the side. Now to me this mapping the lakes, taking notes, finding those spots that work for you, is what RF4 is all about. For me its not about looking at youtube to watch the "easiest way to get silver on this and that map ". And that wouldn't work in the first place if the migration feature would work like the devs want it to work. And i think the migration works better now. I no longer go to a spot and catch carp all day everyday. So i think allot of people that are complaining now and are demanding entertainment from the developers (in a really disrespectful way) don't really understand what RF4 is about. I think these fishers need to calm down a bit, drink a cup of tea and and ask them selfs: Is this game really for me? I just wanted to post this, cos i was getting sick off all these people complaining and demanding. To the devs: Good work guys, i really like the new update and thanks for all the time you put in to it.
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    I've been in this game since the end of December 2017, and as I am retired I certainly played more than 600 hours. Somehow it is important to me. I am not new in fishing games. In others I might have almost that amount of time. Most of all I was a enthusiastic fisherman for more than 40 years. That said I would like to say that I am really concerned by the way things came out in the last week. I see angry players in the forums, pages and more pages of complains , posts of balanced people like the above by Monsariel, which I endorse fully, and a disturbing silence from the Company that produces Russian Fishing 4. I as many others hope this will end soon and that we will be able to play RF4 again in peace and satisfaction. In the meanwhile I will play something else.
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    I'd like an answer from a moderator/admin to clear some things up. Can we get some guidelines to help us target fish? Like, what thickness of line is considered very visible to sensitive fish? Does line color matter? In what way does the fishing line you use directly affect biting. I ask this because I am at Kuori for the first time, never fished there before, and fishing does seem very very slow. I did catch 1 char however, and it was cool, but I can't get anything to bite! I'm using mono on my feeders. I'm trying medium/small and I tried large hooks as well. For spinning, I'm almost convinced that I'm doing something wrong. I tried braid with steel leader for pike. Nothing. Mono with fluorocarbon leader for trout/char, nothing. Any help to push us in the right direction so that people are not complaining would be welcome.
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    i was fishing with him LIVE on twtich, and it was pretty terrible, but the problem is, that all lakes are like this, and spin fishing is basically dead, we tryied lots of lures/sizes/different metods, braid line, mono line, leader no leader. and just no fishes!
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    It looks this is the case yeah
  49. 4 points
    Honestly catfish just need a huge exp boost and much more valuable. Being as tough as they are they could make them more rare keep them strong but make them way more rewarding.
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    I see, so no Discussion, no Suggestion, no Other discussion topic, where we can just chat. That's one sneaky way of censorship, because one we start (even a reasonable) discussion somewhere, you can just delete with a reason, it was offtopic for that particular topic. Not to mention deleting all the previous comments from above mentioned topics and hide it behind a Forum restructuring. You just hit the level of WarGaming. GG.