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    Hi guys Please see some examples of possible set-ups you might want to try to get once you reach certain level in the game. Those are good quality gear for adequate level and you might want to give it a try when buying new fishing equipment. Please keep in mind that there are different rods and reels available that you might like more - those are ONLY examples of some set-ups that might help some new players to choose their rods and reels. BOTTOM FISHING: Rod level 8 - Express Fishing Persey FD140 (Feeder rod) Reel level 8 - Sputnik Element Pro 4000 Spinning reel) -Express Fishing Persey FD140 - is 2.5 star quality rod, this model length is 4.4m and test is 20-110g. With this rod you will be able to cast on fairly long distances. -Sputnik Element PRO 4000 - is a 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size 4000 and max drag 6.5 kg. For this set-up I went with Simmons Mono Original line 18 LB 350m , but this is my personal preference. Rod level 13 - Syberia Sentense FD340 MH (Feeder rod) Reel level 12 - Sputnik Proton 6000 (Spinning reel) -Syberia Sentense FD340MH - 3 star quality feeder rod with test 15 - 80g. Length of this rod is 3.4m. Load capacity 25kg. Very good rod with elastic blank that will help you to target even larger carp or tench. -Sputnik Proton 6000 - 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 8.5kg. For this set-up I went with Simmons Mono Original 25LB 350m. Rod level 15 - Syberia Model Two FD420H (Feeder rod) Reel level 20 - Sputnik Alfa 8000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Model Two FD420H - 3.5 star quality feeder rod with test 30 -150g. This feeder got length of 4.2m Load capacity is 26.5kg. It is excellent choice for medium size species and carp fishing. - Sputnik Alfa 8000 - 4 star quality reel with spool size of 8000 and max drag of 14.5kg . Excellent reel for the price, it can be used for bottom fishing and spinning. I am confident that you can use this reel even when targeting trophy carp at Bear Lake. For this set-up I used Snake Ultra Line 42LB BLU 300m - but again this is my personal preference. Rod level 16 - Syberia Fortuna Carp 360 XH ( Carp rod) Reel level 26 - Zeiman Z- Series 60S ( Spinning reel) - Syberia Fortuna Carp 360 XH - 3.5 star quality carp rod with test 35-160g and load capacity 39.5kg. This powerful rod - length 3.6 m allows very long casting distance. This rod is excellent choice when targeting large fish like Carp, Russian Sturgeon or Catfish. - Zeiman Z- Series 60S - 4.5 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 16.5kg. For this set-up ( Fishing at Sura river) I went with Simmons DevilBraid 58LB Green Xl and Simmons Mono Orig leader FD 55 LB. This very good quality reel that can be used when targeting medium and large fish species. Rod level 20 - Westhill Wingate FF130XH (Feeder rod) Reel level 26 - Trident Major Ltd 6000s (Spinning reel) - Westhill Wingate FF130XH - 4 star quality feeder rod with extra bonus +1 to the "Fishing with a feeder rod" ability - this bonus is giving a player extra skill point with casting distance, accuracy and control of the fish when fishing with this feeder rod. This excellent rod got 40-150g test and load capacity of 34kg. With this feeder rod you will be able to target even larger species in the game. -Trident Major Ltd 6000s - 4 star quality reel with spools size 6000 and max drag of 19kg. This reel will help you to land even large fish species in the game. For this set-up I used Snake Ultra line 42LB Blue 300m but if you need more line on spool, you could use braided line and add mono or fluorocarbon leader to your set-up. Rod level 16 - Syberia Model One Picker 300MH (Picker rod) Reel level 16 - Syberia Sabre 60s (Spinning reel) - Syberia Model One Picker 300MH - 3.5 star quality picker rod with test 9-41g and load capacity of 26kg. Very good rod to target small and medium size fish species. -- Syberia Sabre 60s - 3 star quality reel with spool size 6000 and max drag 10kg. Very popular reel that is used by many players. For this set-up I used Snake Power line 28LB GRN 300 m. With this reel you will be able to land small to medium size fish species. Rod level 24 - Westhill Bunessan Picker PF98XH (Picker rod) Reel level 20 - Zeiman Comandor 40S (Spinning reel) - Westhill Bunessan Picker PF98XH (Picker rod) - 4 star picker rod with test 12-45gr and load capacity 15kg. Excellent rod with extra bonuses (+ 2 to the "Using a loop rig; +2 Using paternoster rig and +2 Using an in-line rig abilities" ). With those extra bonus points this is excellent choice for targeting small and medium size trophy fish species. - Zeiman Commandor 40s - 4 star quality reel with spool size 4000 and max drag 11kg. This well build spinning reel can be used not only for bottom fishing but also for fishing with float and spin fishing. For this set-up I used Snake Power Braided line 39LB SMO 300m with fluorocarbon leader FD30LB. SPINNING AND BAITCASTING: Rod level 10 - Syberia Linear S88H (Spinning rod) Reel level 12 - Sputnik Proton 6000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Linear S88H - 2 star spinning rod with test 12- 45g and load capacity 15.5 kg. This rod model had length of 2.7m that is why you can use it in limited space but also if needed cats on fairly long distances. Optimal rod for targeting small and medium size predator fish species. - Sputnik Proton 6000 - 3 star quality spinning reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 8.5kg. Optimal spinning reel for all occasions. For this set-up I used Simmons ExtraSilk Braided line-30 LB Bl Xl 300m and fluorocarbon leader 11.5 kg. Rod level 12 - Syberia Super Duty S88H (Spinning rod) Reel level 16 - Sputnik Proton PRO 6000 (Spinning reel) - Syberia Super Duty S88H - 2.5 star spinning rod with test 14-70g and load capacity 24.5 kg. This model length is 2.7m what make is perfect fro casting in limited space or on fairly longer distances. This is perfect rod for targeting medium or larger predatory fish species like pike. - Sputnik Proton PRO 6000 - 3.5 star quality spinning reel with spool size 6000 and max drag 9.5kg. Another excellent reel for all occasions. For this set-up I went with Simmmons Extra SIlk 34LB Bl Xl 300m and Simmons Steel Leader 15 kg (targeting a pike). Rod level 26 - Heaven Creek Evora CST CSSL98H (Casting rod) Reel level 30 - Zeiman ZM- Steelness ZMS60 (Baitcasting reel) - Heaven Creek Evora CST CSSL98H - 4 star casting rod with 12-60g test and load capacity 49.5kg. This rod gives an extra bonus +10% to casting distance. This is excellent rod for targeting medium and large predatory fish. With extra bonus this rod gives you a chance to cast baits at long distances. - Zeiman ZM- Steelness ZMS60 - 4.5 star baitcasting reel with spool size of 6000 and max drag 17.5 kg. This excellent baitcasting reel for all occasions. This reel have a light spool what makes it perfect baitcasting reel for casting at longer distances with even relativity lighter baits. For this set-up (fishing at Kuori lake) I used Snake Power Braid 39LB SMO 300m and Simmons Pure fluorocarbon leader 38LB. Few important informations: - Please remember that rod should be the strongest point in your set-up and line or leader should be the weakest. - When choosing your line please check your max rod capacity, spool size of your reel and max drag of your reel, you also should consider wear damage of your tackle and always check the whole set-up that you are using before starting fishing. - Remember that better quality equipment (more stars) wears of slower, so you not need to repair it or replace it as fast as lower quality equipment but you might need to pay a bit more once you will repair or replace parts of your equipment. - Using braided line makes your equipment wears off faster. When using mono line your fishing equipment wears off slower but you will have a less line on the spool.
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    Friday, June 1st client update and patch note: Personal storage “House” has been added to the Cottage pond. Players can access it by traveling to the Cottage pond and walking up to the cottage. Storage space in the “House” is limited. Players can move their belongings between the “House” and the backpack. Players can choose and select multiple items to move or discard them. Players statistics now have an exact information about how many exp points player has and how many is needed to reach next level. Player can view his position and direction on paper maps. Due to paper maps authenticity being slightly unreliable the positioning of a player is only approximate. When creating a chat player now can choose to make it Global (players from any region can join it), or regional (only players from his region can join the chat). When creating a competition player now can choose to make it Global (players from any region can join it), or regional (only players from his region can join the competition). Most of the informational windows now have a content help. Optimization of the game during the nighttime play. Prices for 22 species of fish has been raised by 5%-30% (White-eye Bream, Dace, Silver Bream, White bream, Bleak, Ruffe, Gudgeon, Chinese Sleeper, Arctic char, Kuori char, Atlantic salmon, Asp, Sevan trout, Char, Burbot, Zander, Grayling, Lake trout, Pike, Chub, Volga zander, Perch). Maximum weight of some species of Winding rivulet has been raised. Descriptions to some skills have been updated. Fixed. Feeders that have been in players possession prior to the last patch didn’t get updated. Fixed. Some places at Winding rivulet didn’t have a current. Fixed. Records didn’t show up in chat.
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    Friday, June 15th, 2018, will forever become the most memorable date for the Russian Fishing 4 team and our fans. At 2AM EST/8AM CEST we will have our servers restarted and at 9AM EST/3PM CEST we will hit THAT button! https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791461132770/announcements/detail/3218266913131449665
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    Some of the many good spots at Old Burg for bottom fishing and float fishing . Please remember that those are only few of spots where you can catch monsters - the best way is to explore the water body yourself as you might find better spots. I also won't post a favourite baits as they are changing with time and they are different for many of the species. 44.56 - Mainly: Tench, Bleak, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Grass Carp, Black Carp , Common Carp 23.45 - Mainly: Bream, Burbot, Catfish 21.67 - Mainly - Tench, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 17.68 - Mainly - Tench, Roach,Grass Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 47.20 - Mainly - Tench, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp 53.13- Mainly - Tench, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 61.14 Mainly - Tench, Roach, Chinese Sleeper, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp and Eel if you lucky 64.23 - Mainly - Tench, Grass Carp, Black Carp, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp, Common Carp 71.50 Mainly - Tench, Gibel Carp, Crucian Carp Have fun and get loads of trophies guys
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    Hi Added to the list Regards Levo
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    Caught this at 46-60 My first rare trophy
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    Hi guys I noticed that a lot of you are worried about the wear on your reels especially when using more expensive reels. Please see some tips below that will help you to slow down wear on your rods, reels and to save money when repairing your gear at the workshop: - Best quality equipment (more star rating) wears of slower, so when buying your equipment, please consider it, as it will save you money in the future. - Using braided line makes your equipment wears off faster. - Use mono lines as much as possible - mono lines wear off your rod and reels much much slower than braided lines. - Use the "right"/correct setup for the water body you fishing in and for the fish species you are targeting: * Don't "waste" your very powerful reels and rods when fishing for small fish species. I wouldn't recommend to use Mayor 6000 or Everest 2 8000 when targeting Bream, Ide on Volkhov or Zeiman Rocket Jet when targeting Char, Artic Chars at Kuori Lake - use less powerful reels and rods to save money on repairs. * When making a your setup, please remember that your rod should be stronger than your reel and line. When choosing a rod, reel and line remember that different types of rods/reels/lines are intended to fish for different species. Use heavy carp rods and stronger reels when fishing for carps, barbel, sturgeon and other large species. * Line and/or leader should be the WEAKEST point in your setup - you don't need 25 kg line to get a fish that weights 25kg - you will be fine using a 15kg line. - Let the bigger fish run for a bit - work with your friction brake- don't lock it, don't keep it at 27-29 at all times, give the fish freedom to get tired on lower drag and once the fish is tired then slowly increase the drag on your reel and land the fish. - Don't let the color on the stress indicator go to red when you are fighting a fish - once the stress indicator is on red - your gear is wearing a lot faster than normal: - Don’t do forceful reeling when fish is fighting and running away from you, take your time, reel in slowly once the fish stop running/fighting - less damage to your tackle. - Walk after the fish so you can land it faster - once the fish is tired you not need to reel fish 100 m - you can slowly walk to it, also use the current to your advance. - Explore the water body you want to fish in - calculate and test how much line you really need - you might be fine with a 120m mono line on your reel and you might not need 250m braided line for that water body - saving money on repairs. - Targeting all the time bigger fish species and landing them will earn you more silver(in game currency) you will also get more experience from them but please expect that your equipment will wear off faster as well - bigger fish fights harder and make more damage to your gear. For example landing a trophy Russian Surgeon will earn you 1500 + silver coins so please expect that your equipment will get some damage when fighting it, and some of your silver will go towards repairs - this is how the game works. Regards Levo
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    We've listened to your suggestions and are happy to announce that we will implement two of those very soon. Have a look at the new map showing the exact position of the player and the house at Cottage Pond where you will be able to store items. Both of these features will become available to all players - they are free and don't require premium and/or gold to unlock. More information on this will become available during the release. Position of the player: Showing on the map: House at Cottage Pond: Inside House Storage:
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    My first rare trophy Sura river, 68:12 if someone is interested in the place. I caught him on Lynns Minnow 80 - 004.
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    Summer sale June 15th through July 2nd: Gold – 75% OFF Premium – 45% OFF Summer sale starts June 15th at 9am (EST) and runs through 3am (EST) July 2nd.
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    An hour or so at 16:69. Casting into the moss right infront of the reeds there. Size 8 hook 6.4 fluoro leader with mono, cheese. best Morning and evening.
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    This was exciting, fishing the 7m hole from main land.. 85m cast and got this guy! Keep an eye on me because my goal is to have the number 1 sturgeon record. 1 Hour fight on mayor 19kg setup. Best yet, my trophy will come lol
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    Few good spot at Sura for bottom fishing : 62.32 - 7 m hole - Sterlet, Russian Sturgeon, Wild Carp 98.40 - 7.5 m hole - Sterlet, Russian Sturgeon, Wild Carp, Bighead Carp, Bream 151.93 - Silver Carp, Bighead Carp, Wild Carp , Eel 145.97 - Silver Carp, Bighead Carp, Wild Carp 138.96 - Bream , Sichel, Chub, White Bream, Blue Bream Gl guys
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    Tuesday 11pm EST/Wednesday 6am CEST: All RF4 services will be turned off for maintenance, server and client updates. Approximate down time 8 hours.
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    Had so much fun yesterday with my daughter. This game taught me to use fluro leader for better results. We got 2 carp and broke off a massive sturgeon. Those guys are crazy tough! Going back this morning so maybe we will have a sturgeon to show you. But I can show you one from last year
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    I don’t understand what the issue is with getting skill points. Just keep playing and the skill % will continue to increase! I’m lv29 with 84% bottom, 63~% bait harvest, 55~% spin, 49% groundbait etc. When I make groundbait with lv4 stuff my skills increase quite well. When I cut fish my harvest skill has been increasing quite well. When I fish it feels like a good pace for my skill increases. It takes time, don’t go thinking your getting 100% just like that! It takes a lot of effort, lots of fishing, lots of crafting, lots of making baits.. don’t shovel for skill points omg lol. Make baits! Cut fish that is the efficient way. Any points gained from shovel or scoop I take it as a bonus. Remember this game game is designed to be played for a long time, there is no easy cut and paste way to max. Enjoy the game and the skill % will come. i just recently pumped my groundbait from 46% to 49% making 50 lv4 groundbait components with premium and I don’t have any issue with that pace. The reward to achieve 100% will be awesome that’s for sure.
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    Found a decent spot for lower level and medium level players. Fish = Bream, White Bream, Chub, Ide, Ruffe, Donets Ruffe, Roach. Feeder Rods with mostly maggot bait, groundbait seems to help a little but not necessary...
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    at Camp 89.98
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    caught at 46:60 on bear lake using method feeders with standard carp groundbait and salmon 20 boilies hook was a deadly loop 1/0
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    Good location for lower medium level players who have a lacerti or sabre to farm xp and silver..fish common carp, tench, ide, crucian, gibel, sleepers, roach. Fish around the stumps. I used sweet corn 14 for most of these. Its available at the shop there. Some were on potatoes.
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    Sorry for this but I wanted to update how the rest of the trip went. I caught another trophy the next hour, then lost another one right in front of me. Very productive tho either way.
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    This week challenge from @mqg is the Eel Player who gets the biggest weekly Eel in our region will win a full set up based on their level. Important!!! - your Eel must be a trophy. @mqg will be checking the board this upcoming Sunday 20:55 CEST - 2:55 PM EST PRIZES Levels 12-15 Levels 16-23 Levels 24-28 Levels 29+
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    I got this little baby on 09/04/2018- Honey Dough 45.60
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    Hi mqg Thanks for your input. The problem is with "probably". Every reel is different, some reels can probably handle 2x or more stated max drag, but some only 1.2 x max drag - that is why we got stars quality for every item in the game. Also some new players think that when they see on the reel that the max drag is 4.5kg, it means that this reel can only stop the fish that is not bigger (weight of the fish) than a 4.5kg. And ofcourse this is not about the fish weight. It is about the strength-force that fish is putting on the reel, that these players unfortunately mix up. I am confident that the lines chosen for these set-ups will be the first to break, even if player will do max drag and even when the reel has 20% wear. Also some of the lines and leaders are chosen for the specific water body and fish living in it - for example you do not need 300m line on Kuori Lake and you do not need more than 150m on Bear Lake but also you do not need 20kg line when targeting Chars or Burbots on Kuori Lake. Another example is: you do not need an Everest II 8000 and Dominator Carp Rod when targeting Breams at Volkhov. What I mean is: once a player gets more experienced, they will know what line, leaders, reels, rods are best for the fish they are targeting. But if they don't have this knowledge yet, is better to be safe than sorry - it is probably cheaper to have line thorn than reel or rod broken. Regards Levo
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    Hi Pindobinha Added to the list Regards Levo
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    Saw your post so I thought i would give it a try since I haven't fished it much either. Fishing a couple hours last night and this morning: Baits used cheese (for roach) halibut 14 for carp, oatmeal for gibel, crucian and roach, and horsefly for rudd. Feeder fishing with standard and some custom groundbaits. Hooks mostly medium 8-10 occasionally size 4. Was using mostly fluoro 22lb line no leaders. Going to try some other locations at the lake and will let you know the results.
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    Found a Currently Active CHUB Hole. Over last 3 days or so about 100 Chubs in 3-4 game hours. Location : Winding Rivulet 107:101 Bait: - Grasshoppers. - Pearl Barley. - Worm. Setup: - Feeder - Inline Rig. - 40G Feeder. - Fluro Leader or line. - Hooks #10 -> #1. (long shank) ------------OR------------------ - Telescopic or Bolognese 6kg+. - 4G Float @ Depth of 90-150cm.(Drifting in current) - Hooks #10 -> #1. (long shank) Enjoy
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    All works on the server are completed. Here is the list of fixes and changes: - Fixed. In the backpack while using the group selection mode, some items couldn't be selected, like used tickets or items that were inaccessible due to level or skill. - It is no longer possible to move activated tickets from the backpack to the house or to throw them away before the rental period has expired. - Corrected. In rare cases, due to the peculiarities of the bottom relief, the fish did not get close enough to the bait when it lay on the bottom of the water. - The balance of fish populations on Winding River and Mosquito has been adjusted.
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    Just got this one in the morning for my son lol. Biggest one of the 3. Great Lake carps are a very tough fight. Now I got a good sunburn haha
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    Tomorrow, Friday June 1st, at 2am EST/8am CEST server restart and client update. Patch notes will be available with the update.
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    Soo.. i decided to do what gene always tells us to do.. EXPLORE! And 34 crazy people joined me. Only two people caught a fish, pawel on sbirolino and rainoldovb on a telestick! Well done to the winners
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    My favourite Bear lake spots : I target mainly carps, so those spots are for mainly for carps but I did manage to get other species on them as well , including few golden tench gl and have fun
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    OFFICIAL RF4 GOLD/PREMIUM COMPETITION RULES AND SCHEDULE Every day we provide you with several competitions hosted by our admin/mods and sponsored streamers. The competitions cover both low level (1-12), medium level (13-22) and high level players (22+) and are being held on all water bodies. The top players of each competition receive premium. On top of that, the top 3 of each competition receives an additional prize. For low/medium level competitions these are a setup matching your level. For high level competitions it is gold. The amount of premium and gold is determined by the amount of active participants. Official RF4 competitions are being streamed live. For a full disclosure, please read below. Make sure to check this post on a regular basis as competitions are being added on a daily basis! GUIDELINES 1. Official RF4 competitions can be found under the name 'RF4 Gear/Premium' or 'RF4 Gold/Premium' competition in the competition roster ingame. 2. All the RF4 competitions are Global. 3. Each competition is announced ingame 2 hours prior to the start of the competition. 4. Registration of the competition opens an hour before the start. 5. The weekly schedule of the competitions can be found below. It is updated on a daily basis, so please check regularly. 6. The winners of each competition will be announced in this thread. 7. The payouts to the winners will be done within 24 hours after the competition has ended and posted as well in this topic. 8. The top 3 of Low/Medium competitions must choose between Float/Spinning/Bottom setup. They cannot choose a specific rod or reel. Setups will be created by RF4 staff. We make sure the setup matches the level of the player and hand it out through ingame mail within 24 hours after the competition has ended. 9. Low/Medium level competitions MUST HAVE 15 participants prior to the start. If not, the competition will be canceled. 10. High level competitions MUST HAVE 25 participants prior to the start. If not, the competition will be canceled. 11. The amount of the gold and premium to the top players is determined by the total number of ACTIVE players participating in the competiton. Players who are considered to be inactive are players who are offline, not on the same water body and/or who don't catch fish during the competition. 12. Sponsored streamers are allowed to join competitions held by other sponsored streamers. 13 Sponsored streamers/RF4 staff are excluded from (their own) RF4 competitions. If they participate and reach the top rankings, their prize will go to the next player. 14. In the case of a tie, all players will receive the same prize for that spot. 15. In the case of only a few players meeting the requirements to win the competition, only they will win the prize. For example: only 2 out of 32 players catch a Golden Tench in a Golden Tench competition, only they will receive premium and prize. The rest will not. 16. Any complaints or further questions can be send to @LadyofGames through private message on these forums. WEEKLY SCHEDULE (For CEST times, add +6h to the posted times) Monday Admin 10am EST Volkhov mQggan 1pm EST Levo_ 3pm EST OldBurg Dreamtrip 7pm EST Sura Watchurstep 8pm EST Mosquito (LOW) Tuesday Admin 10am EST Bear Lake - Admin noon EST Mosquito (LOW) mQggan 1pm EST (2 hrs) Watchurstep 8pm EST Mosquito (MED) Wednesday Admin noon EST Sura Admin 6pm Old Burg (MED) Watchurstep 8pm EST Mosquito (LOW) HuzBuzz 10pm ESTKuori Thursday Admin 10am EST Sura Levo_ 3pm EST Bear Lake Admin 6pm Mosquito (LOW) Dreamtrip 8pm EST Kuori (2 hrs) Friday Admin 10am EST Volkhov SpasmaTV 1pm EST Kuori Dreamtrip 6pm Bear Lake Watchurstep 8pm Winding (MED) - 10pm Sura Saturday Admin 7am EST Sura HuzBuzz 11am EST Sura - 1pm Bear Lake Dreamtrip 5pm EST Cottage Pond -7pm EST Mosquito - 9pm EST Volkhov - 11pm EST Old Burg Sunday Admin 7am EST Bear Lake mQggan 1pm EST 2 hrs Watchurstep 4pm Kouri (2 hrs) - 7pm Cottage Pond (LOW) - 9pm Volkhov PAYOUT STRUCTURE LOW/MEDIUM LEVEL COMPETITIONS Up to 50 participants: Top 3 get full setup according to their level. Top 5 get 7 days of free premium. 51 to 100 participants: Top 3 get full setup according to their level. Top 10 get 7 days of free premium. 101 and over participants: Top 3 get full setup according to their level. Top 15 get 7 days of free premium. If we get full 300 participants room: Top 3 get full setup according to their level. Top 25 get 7 days of free premium. PAYOUT STRUCTURE HIGH LEVEL COMPETITIONS Up to 50 participants: 1st place – 10 gold 2nd place – 7 gold 3rd place – 5 gold Top 5 get 7 days of free premium. 51 to 100 participants: 1st place – 15 gold 2nd place – 10 gold 3rd place – 7 gold Top 10 get 7 days of free premium. 101 and over participants: 1st place – 25 gold 2nd place – 17 gold 3rd place – 10 gold Top 15 get 7 days of free premium. If we get full 300 participants room: 1st place – 35 gold 2nd place – 27 gold 3rd place –15 gold Top 25 get 7 days of free premium. To watch the competitions, please visit the channel of these streamers. Watchurstep: https://www.twitch.tv/watchurstep_ Fmscout: https://www.twitch.tv/fmscout HuzBuzz: https://www.twitch.tv/huzbuzz Dreamtrip: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamtrip SpasmaTV: https://www.twitch.tv/spasmatv mQggan: https://www.twitch.tv/mqggan
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    Another evening at white lake..big common are moving in so they are spoiling my smoke breaks and trophy roach fishing..water body record for english servers but they are bigger fish here and I am not even fishing for carp.. let a bigger one go cause I got tired of fighting it and needed a break
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    Hi LordLuba This will be possible soon, you will get those achievements without need for making new account on steam. Regards Levo
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    Ok, Ever since I got that .1 finally, it seems like something shook loose and I am getting a more decent rate of skillups again. (atleast for what my expectations are lol) Going semi-well now. I hope it keeps up. (Harvesting) Thought I would share a couple SS's of most recent couple bottom rig skillups. Still on simple bottom rig, fishing small fish for bait. I missed the screenshot before these which was a 34g sleeper that also gave me a +0.1 (All 3 happened within about an hour)
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    Yea I will add your suggestion to the list Regards Levo
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    Hi HuzBuzz It is already on the list "Add more hotbar slots " Regards Levo
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    Hello @Yoman2822 I just spent a couple of inGame days there and it was fun. Not a big money income from there but plenty of fun. If you walk to the left side of the lake, by following the pathway, you will come to a lily bed. The spot is amazingly full of trench, rudd, crucian and gibel, roach, frogs, chinese sleeper, perch, small common carp and occasionally you can catch eel. Also you can catch Pike on spinning or live bait. My favourite baits are: maggots and other larvae, fly and horse fly, worm, red worm (for trench), nightcrawlers (for eel at night). I usually fish that spot with simple telescopic rods for fun, but feeders work pretty well. I named that spot "Little Burg" because of the fish selection. It is a nice diversion when nothing else is working on the river, expecially during those hot mornings and noons. Tight lines
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    Just thought i would share this.. My Trophy Common Roach i got at Mosquito Lake Still stands as The Waterbody top Record (i think on All servers) Setup Basic Bottom Rig on Feeder Rod. 5Kg mono 15G sinker RED Worm on #1 Hook Location Cast out from Perch creek into 5M Hole.
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    Hi Added to the list Regards Levo
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    This week challenge from @mqg is the PIKE Player who gets the biggest weekly Pike in our region will win a full set up based on their level. Important!!! - your Pike must be a trophy. @mqg will be checking the board this upcoming Sunday 20:55 CEST - 2:55 PM EST PRIZES : Levels 1-11 Levels 12-15 Levels 16-22 Levels 23-28 Levels 29 +
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    09/06/18 windings low level comp very well played to first place killed it 1) daddym22 - bottom 2) bugithespinner - bottom 3) kukulka - spinning
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    Good morning from Spain, I appreciate your explanations. If it were not for the language barrier it would be easier but sometimes it is complicated that the translation is correct and the translated sentences give rise to several interpretations that one must deduce by tying loose parts. That said, what I like most about this fishing simulator game is precisely the amount of factors that influence the fishing or not of our prey, not being a game of throwing and fishing without stopping, which would be very arcade and simple.
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    Mate, its harder to catch fish when higher level. There are many more variants that you have to consider. There were complaints about fish migration when it was first implemented, I never had issues catching fish because I moved around a lot, I also received a ton of criticism for just stating what worked for me. From low level, I created two accounts, one for feeder *retired* and another specifically for spinning. I used the most basic spinning equipment and worked my way up to over level 20 without using another skill, just spinning and yes, it was incredibly difficult and a slow process, not due to the lack of fish but only using one rod and having to repair. Now silver just flows in, it has become somewhat easy and even if a spot dries up, might have a moan in chat which turns into a joking session but the reason for these dry times is because I just can not be bothered to move and thus handicap myself or the weather conditions are so poor that its better to just move areas until more favourable conditions are available. Winding Rivulet is a brilliant water body to fish, chub, zander, asp, pike and burbot are in abundance.
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    40 Minute fight. Seriously the intensity of this fish is frikkin insane! Grass Carp x 100 power lol. I am so happy to finally get a trophy and 4th absolute Caught at 116:94, Atlantic Mussel 18 Boilie, Loop rig, handmade ground bait: crackers, corn, bloodworm, anise very basic lol
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    Dear friends, as many of you know we are preparing to launch Russian Fishing 4 on Steam. We were expecting to do that by May 30th. But unfortunately, few unforeseen circumstances have pushed our schedule a little. We are working closely with Steam on resolving these issues and will have Russian Fishing 4 on Steam in no time. Please accept our apologies for this small delay. We are working hard so you can enjoy Russian Fishing 4 on Steam. Stay tuned for the Steam Launch date. https://steamcommunity.com/games/766570/announcements/detail/1645382930986064114
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    Greetings all, With the patch of last Friday we've introduced the Report Feature ingame. Please do not abuse this system. It is meant only for reporting players that show misbehavior. Any player that abuses the report system will receive a trip to the Prison Pond. Multiple times abusing the report system will result in more severe actions taken by our staff. ~ RF4