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    Friends, Here is a bit more information about the upcoming update for “Russian Fishing 4”. With the upcoming update we will introduce SPOD rods series. These are well known tools for anyone who has ever fished carp species. SPOD rods are very powerful rods designed for precise delivery of groundbait at specific fishing spots far away. For more comfortable use of these rods, players will be able to use them as a fourth rod. Besides the SPOD rods we will be implementing clipping the line to the spool. This function should provide with better accuracy while casting. Additions described above will provide more comfort and effectiveness to carp anglers and players targeting non-predatory species. This is all for todays news. Tight lines!
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    2 trophies in the first 12 minutes! then 2 more, 100:92 pea porridge, 3-6 hooks, 7.8 fluoro, very cold temps
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    kuori is my new home lol, everyday i catch 1 or 2 burbots trophy, yesterday 1 trophy burbot+ 1 trophy ruffe, Wednesday 2 trophy burbots+ 1 trophy ruffe. line : Snake Power Braid 50LB LIM 300m 22.8kg leader : 17.4kg hook : Simmons Silk Serie CL-14 S2 bait : Nightcrawler groundbait : none IMPORTANT i use only the Basic Bottom fishing rig, i get the best biterate with it.
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    Hello My Angler Friends. Please Check My Channel on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/zbitango We have been growing really fast. Went from 0 subs to 28 and almost 900 followers in two weeks now! I started streaming this game almost 2 months ago and have really been going hard, pushing 8-12 hours a day if not more We do shopping sprees over 500 silver to 10k silver. There are Sub only giveaways when a goal is reached, two very lucky people just a few days ago won 2 steelheads and another viewer won sabre 60s, just to give you an idea of what we give away. Also we have been helping noobs out with bait and lower level gears if you need help just ask in chat we don't punish people for asking for a little help. Also we use a point system called Tangs to run giveaways, you earn tangs by watching and playing the minigames in channel and subbing, a few other ways to earn but I will post them all on discord. If you have further questions or want to know more about the stream come by our discord @ https://discord.gg/gcgvcjE I currently am Level 32 after just a short time, we are pushing to get level 34 asap to get on the leaderboards. Really enjoying the mature community this game has I stream in the a lot time's will be subject to change daily. Follow me on twitter to get notice's on giveaways and to not miss a stream. PS: giving a Steelhead away once I reach 9k silver, which is tomorrow morning around 11am EST. Thanks for reading, see you in the stream / Discord. If you have any questions feel free to PM me on twitch/discord or you can email me at my business email @ Zbitango@gmail.com https://www.twitch.tv/zbitango https://discord.gg/gcgvcjE
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    7.5m is producing well, 98:40. 85% cast using fortuna carp / mayor 19 setup. only using Nightcrawlers for bait, my GB is Corn flour, bloodworm, pellets, zebra, crayfish attract. been making over 600 silver from 30-40 fish. Also.. what is up with triple trophy ruffe in a row lol. Everytime its trophy time its a ruffe haha
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    One at camp spot in kuori with perch, second one at sura with crab meat.
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    4 eel in one night all caught on fish pieces. Should have screenshot the rest of the eel I caught. Altogether there were 8 caught in 3 nights.
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    spot : 98.40 With the Fortuna Carp 360XH setup bait : Crayfish Tail 30mn fight
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    My first trophy bream!
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    Hello fellow fisherman, Today i caught my biggest fish until now and my first trophy carp, a nice mirror carp of 29.987 kg it gave me a good fight but in the end there could only be one winner i linked some screenshots of the carp, the place i caught it and my setup that i used to get it, in the hope it will help my fellow fishers to get it also Have a good day and fish on
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    bream spot, good silver!
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    Volkhov 150.140 cast 35% -40% Gl
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    Oatmeal on the recipe, is Hercules, on the grocery store.
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    Catched this nice Asp yesterday with the free gear you can get at the Cottage Pond. Only the lure I've changed. You can see that it's possible to catch some nice fish with it.
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    I recently reached the baitfish skill, and was able to do it via fish pieces. You’ll need to cut up a LOT of fish (a morbid-butcher amount), but keep trying. The quickest way for me was bream farming on Volkhov, and cutting up anything under 1.5kg.
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    Time have passed to edit, so need to create another post sorry Burbots, perch, catfish, white bream, all little fish was caught with Nightcrawler and Redworm Zebra Mussel Meat target Sterlet and Russian sturgeon, you can use Crayfish Tail instead of Zebra Mussel Meat too. I was out of stock of Zebra Mussel Meat with 56 fishs on my keepnet, i checked the prize for the 56 fishs, it was 860 silver.
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    spot : 98.40 Feeder If you don't have feeder carp rod : Rig : Basic Bottom Fishing rig Line : Sane Power braid 50LB LIM 300m 22.8kg Sinker : Westhill Frame sinker #4 84gr leader : Simmons Pure FCarbon Leader FD 38LB 17.4kg hook : Simmons Silk Seie CL-14 S2 bait : Zebra Mussel Meat If you have Fortuna Carp 360XH : Line : Snake Power Braid 79LB LIM 300m 36kg Sinker : Westhill Frame sinker #4 84gr leader : Simmons Mono Orig leader FD 80LB 36kg hook : Simmons Silk Seie CL-14 S2 bait : Zebra Mussel Meat PS : Trophy Wild carp (280 silvers), Nase and Ruffe was caught with Nightcrawler If you want to target Bighead Carp, use : Cockchafer Larva, but very low biterate
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    Just caught that casting from the quay, 90%, had to chase it.
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    Forgot to add that the whole Hypnotic series of colours are good in varying weather conditions, but, beware, Pike like the Red and Green, so choose your locations with care. Good for Perch, Zander, occassional Asp I think it was, may have been Ide, and good for Chub, dependent on where fishing. Can't recall all locations since I have not done much spinning for quite a while now. Fish with care with them though at rivers end where the fallen log is, as some big pikes will shred you, but a good spot for Perch and Chub if you are willing to take the risk of loosing 17 to20 silver or more. The large bend towards end of map that they Widened in last big update is a good spot for several species and where I got the cats, sorry dont have a map at hand right now for Co-ords but it is where the camp is. Good luck Djinn
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    RF4 Gold/Premium Comp, Bear Lake Method Comp, Watchurstep, 08/14
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    Ahh, thank you very much
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    About the coming slot four, how about using it not only for spod rods but for shovel and scoop too, or other tools/accessories?
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    Forgot to also add, that if you fish the same area on a different setup, the gear ratio may differ and you will need to compensate with fewer or more turns to get the result you want.
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    if you are spin fishing at a river try casting up stream the lure will drop faster than the line, all so increase the height of your rod when reeling in, it will increase the height of the drop of the lure, as your lure gets closer to you, lower your rod to allow for the drop difference, you can drag your rod back then put it back to the original position allowing slack line to develop (there is load's of way's if you think what you are doing) hoped this helped increase your catch rate . have many happy hours spinning with RF4 :0)
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    RF4 Gear / Premium Low Lvl comp Mosquito, StaloneBR 08/20 START AT 06PM EST 1- Hier.kommt.der_lup = did not answer 2 - road_nik = Bottom Fishing 3 -LucsR = Feeder Fishing
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    10 kg ? But 9 kg for only 30 silver..
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    Hi daggabull Hi you are right the UL setups are designed for light lures and once your lure is heavier than your rod test you will get a warning on the icon bar. A yellow warning means that you extended your rod test a bit, red means your lure is a lot heavier than your rod test. Using heavier lures is causing your rod to wear off much much faster than when keeping it with the boundaries for your rod test. Regards Levo
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    Hi Fig Ripley 1. Using PVA sticks as extra will definitely give you a better chance for a bite. If you can I would use both GB + PVA. 2. Using both PVA + GB with the same ingredients will create a stronger effect, but it might be better to use PVA with different ingredients as extra flavours - you need to test it out and see what is working better for you :). I hope I helped a bit Regards Levo
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    Hello! I’m about to unlock PVA sticks, and have a couple of questions in regards to groundbait + PVA: 1.) Should we be utilizing both at the same time (on the same rig), or does the PVA stick effectively replace normal groundbait usage? 2.) If using both together, would duplicating ingredients create a stronger affect? Or is it better to utilize the additional slots for additional flavors instead? Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    i was lucky it was stranded at other shore, certainelly lost lot of energy to try to go back in the water
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    Hello everyone, I discovered that here on Sura river I can use a lot flouro leader with great results on ohter hand on Volkhov I have constantly my line broken off, now trolling at 4.00 my line of one of my rod began to gone off and I fought the fish and ended up being a beautiful 4.3 kg trophy Ide
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    On Volk 2 hours apart one was happy hour yay caught on the dock. between midnight and 10 am.
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    @Fender Thank you for your system specifications. The first thing that I note is that your CPU is below the minimum requirements for the game. See the requirements below for reference: Minimal system requirements Processor: Intel® i3 2.5Ghz Graphics: GTX 500 series Memory: 4Gb RAM Storage: 20 Gb Resolution: 1280×768 ОС: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit Stable internet connection My suggestion is that you go into the game video settings and adjust them down till you find a setting that makes the performance acceptable. Fog, Grass, and Shadows are big FPS killers, you could start with those.
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    From the Pier ( starting point ) when you're facing the river just turn right and go straight for some time
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    I would like to suggest an easy panel where we can see our placement and how we are doing in the competition, it would help a lot instead of looking for your name on a list of 200+ players
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    RF4 Gold/Premium Comp, Volkov, DartakTV, 08/15 Grats to all the winners
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    Hi amun24 Nice keepnet but please try to add some info about the spots:) so other players can use it. Many thanks Regards Levo
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    RF4 Gear / Premium Mid Lvl comp Old Burg - StaloneBR , 08/14 START AT 06PM EST 1 - Unknox = Bottom Fishing 2 - Ravtec = Bottom Fishing 3 - Pakmen = -
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    @marcelo It depends on the payment service you choose how the currency is chosen/converted.
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    RF4 Low Level Gear/Premium Comp, Mosquito Lake, DartakTV, 08/14 Grats to all the winners 1st place- Spin Setup 2nd place- Spin Setup 3rd place- float setup
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    Hold down the U key and drag and drop the rods u want into slot 1 , 2 , or 3.
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    Another good day at Kuori, sunny, mid night, trolling with a wobbler:
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    What’s next? As the excitement from the last update settles down it is time to look forward to what awaits Russian Fishing 4 in the near future. We hear many questions from our players regarding new reels. When they’ll be introduced? What kind of reels? How they’ll perform compared to others? Next update will introduce a new reel manufacturer – Beluga. Reels from this manufacturer will include different spinning and casting models. And today we are featuring one of the reels that are coming with the next update – Beluga Venga 10000. The most complete range of Beluga reels will be available at the manufacturer store. And the store will be opened at the new water body that will also be a part of the next update. Ladoga lake – is the water body that will be introduced in the upcoming update. It is an extensive territory, with many different features and places to fish for many species that you already familiar with and quite a few new ones. This is by far just a small part of what awaits you with the next update. And meanwhile, we will continue to introduce you to the new content. Tight lines anglers!
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    For one you don't farm gold in game you have to be purchase it and the baits that you see for gold you can harvest or crafted in game.
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    ohhh nice ^.^ burbots are such strange looking fish. I think a top hat and cane would really suit them lol
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    Greetings MikeB20 and GypsyManz Lure crafting is indeed more expensive than crafting baits. The molds are a one time purchase, but you do need to purchase the other ingredients to craft them. However, they do last longer than regular bait - thus balancing the costs between how much is spend on ingredients for regular bait and for crafting lures. As with the other crafts, you start out by making low quality. As you become better at it, the quality increase. Some handmade lures will be better quality than store purchased lures. Some handcrafted lures will be cheaper than lures you purchase through the stores, when they share the same quality. And with the ability to craft your own lures, you can also make lures with a coloring you cannot get through the stores. Store lures will not become redundant though, as some people will rather choose not to craft their own lures. Or they want a quick and easy ready-to-go lure instead of going through the extra time to craft one. Remember that this game isn't finished yet. One of the features we will introduce in the future are Auction Houses. There you will be able to sell your handcrafted lures. This will help you overcome the initial expenses that you made when you started out.