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  1. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium, Basic Bottom/Feeder Rod Carp Comp, Bear Lake, Watchurstep - 20-8
  2. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium Watchurstep Old Burg Full Comp 18/08/18
  3. Suggestions

    How about setting up a firewood stand at Bear Lake?
  4. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Low Level Gear/Premium Comp, Mosquito Lake, Watchurstep, 08/15 1st - Float 2nd - Spin 3rd - Bottom
  5. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium Comp, Bear Lake Method Comp, Watchurstep, 08/14
  6. Suggestions

    Another harvesting suggestion. How about a bait fish catching net? Something we can throw out in hopes of catching bait fish we can use for harvesting. The fish caught using the bait fish net wouldn't sell for any silver and only be used for bait fish purposes. All other fish caught would have to be released if they don't fit the correct measurements. It would also have drawbacks of snagging on branches and having large fish rip through the net. In future patches when more crafting options are available this may be something to look into along with being able to mend it on your own once broken.
  7. Suggestions

    Can we take a look at the harvesting values for live bait in the 80% or more range? Since these are the last options that we can craft to raise harvesting outside of digging/scooping, it would be more beneficial to be able to have better RNG when crafting this type of bait. I tested the harvesting increase during happy hour out the other night with 73 frogs, bleak, and common roaches combined. It took four hours to catch this many harvest ready fish. The increase for crafting 73 forms of live bait was 1.6% during happy hour, which seems much slower than the other forms of crafting that allow new bases every 10%. I believe there should be a better option for the 80%+ range to help raise the harvesting skill. Introduce the sour cream bread!
  8. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium Comp Old Burg Watchurstep 13/08
  9. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium Bear Lake Watchurstep 08/08
  10. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium Old Burg Watchurstep 07/08
  11. Belaya

    First rare ever! Was hoping it was a Taimen, but I'll take it.
  12. Competition Announcements

    Spin to Win Salmon Comp on Volk results. Congrats to the winners!
  13. Competition Announcements

    Big boy comp with some nice black carp trophies! What a blast! Congrats to the winners.
  14. Competition Announcements

    Congrats to the winners of the giants of old burg comp.
  15. Competition Announcements

    Congrats to the winners! Couldn't get that 10k common to beat Levo
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