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  1. Suggestions

    it would be very interesting a system like UL weekly where it would be limited to telescopic rods, before the UL system few people used this style of fishing, with something similar to telescopic rods would greatly increase the popularity of this modality
  2. Sura River

    gg enzo vn1 on 7.5m?
  3. Sura River

    7.5m hole . 1.30hs fight time on gold 80s
  4. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    any tips to use three-way rig ? maybe you're doing something wrong
  5. Technical Issues

    yes. it's already two days in a row with the same problem here too, rip my hours of vip and it seems like and the same time yesterday
  6. Technical Issues

    tiene que ser algĂșn tipo de problema de coneccion desde sudamerica hasta el servidor que no podemos conectar (esp) It has to be some kind of connection problem from South America to the server that we can not connect
  7. Technical Issues

    I sent my output, waiting for an answer. right now I could play for several hours and I got my premium
  8. Technical Issues

    This is what appears in the message (I put it on google translate) a connection attempt failed because the connected component did not respond correctly after a period of time or the established connection failed because the connected host did not respond
  9. Technical Issues

    I have the same problem, I was playing and I was disconnected from the game and it does not enter anymore can it be some problem of broken Rota to the server? I am from Argentina
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