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  1. Burbot

    10 m hole.
  2. Campfire stories

    Nice! What bait do you use?
  3. Sura River

  4. Sura River

    Nice ide! Can i see your setup and the spot for ide?
  5. Old Burg Lake

    relaxing at old burg 4h with 30 min pause . i use cheese, potato, Nc, fish pieces, pea porridge
  6. Old Burg Lake

    first trophy Eel! happy:)
  7. Old Burg Lake

    my first trophy common carp! all the common on Nc.
  8. Groundbait Q&A

    How can i make ide mix? I know it was 80% skill but now it is at 30% is this a bug?
  9. Old Burg Lake

    good spot.
  10. Kuori Lake

    Hello! Can you show me your setup for the trophy burbot? I try several times to get the trophy burbot but i dont know what i am doing wrong maybe i had to stay more h in kuori but the bite rate at the bottom fishing is to slow ...ty
  11. Pike

    10 kg ? But 9 kg for only 30 silver..
  12. Pike

    old burg with baitfish: roach, perch, crucian and white bream. very good spot.
  13. Baits Q&A

    Hello. What i need to make oatmeal? i cant find..
  14. Baits Q&A

    Ty i have only 0.2% now:) i make only fish pieces in volkhov.
  15. Volkhov River

    1 h of fishing with pea porridge at 106:92.
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