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  1. Live and Baitfish

    I used a 60g bleak to catch a 140g perch. On that perch a i got a 280g arctic char. I agree that you get some trophy now and then, but atm this rig is broken imo. For the amount of grind it needs, the time you spend on farming bait, big fish bite rate should be buffed.
  2. Skill tree discussions

    yes, you'll fish with 5 point
  3. Suggestions

    You should be able to get in the boat with a fish on. Add cafe at Bear Lake as a compensation for high gear damage.
  4. Other

    Is there an ETA for next patch?
  5. Skill tree discussions

    What exactly means the "control of fish" in "fishing with a spinner rod"? Fish will get tired faster? You can land it with less effort?
  6. Suggestions

    Yes, it's a hard grind to buy gear. You should be able to get some silver back for gear you don't use anymore.
  7. Suggestions

    Order the identical groundbait in inventory by quality. For example if i have 30 bream mix i would like to see 10/10 first and 1/10 last.
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