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  1. Technical Issues

    My region was set to other instead of United States and my fish won't show in the records.
  2. Mosquito Lake

    How did you reel that in with ultralite tackle?
  3. Belaya

    My sterlet spot has dried up.
  4. Belaya

    The brown trout are at the south end of the island in the 3m channel. I've caught them on mayflies.
  5. Kuori Lake

    I wonder if kuori lake is quarry lake as it is very deep?
  6. Belaya

    Sterlet was at 72:42 not 72:64 i mixed up locations.
  7. Belaya

  8. Belaya

    The sterlet hole is at 73:64 in the deep whole.
  9. Belaya

    Already caught my most valuable fish here, a 2kg sterlet.
  10. Kuori Lake

    If it is on the docks, it is just the dock moving up down
  11. Bleak

    I caught a 100g bleak from the docks at mosquito lake with a bloodworm on a tell red set at 65cm.
  12. Donets Ruffe

    I caught one next to the island at winding rivulet while fishing for break and roach.
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