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  1. Other

    i mean happy hour timer mate , how do i know what i got left ?
  2. Other

  3. Technical Issues

    just found it , sorry for the new post , please delete and thanks
  4. Other

    how do i know when its happy hour ? when it resets ? how does it work ? sorry for double post but i think that us as players , we should have a way of testing the gear , for example i wanna get an ul setup and what if i dont like it after i am gonna use it 10-15-20 mins ? i cant return it cuz it will be a 2nd hand/used reel/rod , why dont you create a testing map where we can test any gear with any fish weight/species ? how will i know that i am not wasting lets say 5-6k silver? I really want to try the things before buying and some cases investing real money ... Could i get a clear answer on this pleasE ? any answer on this please ???
  5. Report a Bug

    Hi , since the update my comfort level and energy are dropping very very fast , whats happening ? did you change smth ?
  6. Technical Issues

    Is there a way to transfer everything i have from steam account to client account ? sry for double post , cant edit the one above.
  7. Technical Issues

    alright then , time will tell, thanks for help !
  8. Technical Issues

    will it be possible in a near future ?
  9. Technical Issues

    So , i got my account made thru steam , is there any way to link my steam account to the forum account ? is this possible ?
  10. Groundbait Q&A

    last unlocked GB , corn flour in cazul tau.
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