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  1. Catfish

    No joy yet grrrrr.. suggestions for lures etc . Tried a few . πŸ˜‰Please.
  2. Spinners

    HI do you have a link for BigDrock stream please? Cant find him πŸ˜• Found Huzzbuzz .
  3. Player created content

    Okey thanks for your input . Lets go with 40x40 for now πŸ˜‰
  4. Player created content

    50 x50 seems more like it. But can somebody confirm please ?
  5. Suggestions

    Let us pre-order equipment/baits in tackle shops like you can in real life. Its so frustrating showing items outta stock. You could also do the same with spare parts etc. I know this feature would be most welcome in the community.And solve so much frustation players are having getting the equipment/ baits they want. Its makes so much sense and im sure can be implemented into the game . 😊
  6. Player created content

    Hi . What are the radius of the map squares ? 20meters x 20meters ?
  7. Spinning Reels

    Thanks for the quick response . That makes alot of sense Proton it is then😊. Wonder why lots of people seem to go with sabre ?. Looks πŸ˜†
  8. Spinning Reels

    Im Lvl 16 sputnik proton 6000 or the sabre 60 for trolling in kouri ? Which would u recommend ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Perch

    Im hunting a trophy spin fishing on winding rivulet . No luck yet any suggestion or advice most welcome 😊
  10. Wobblers

    Most helpful . Thanks 😊
  11. Wobblers

    Just got wobblers . Stop and go method ok with these? Question, do the floating wobblers sink when i retrieve them ? And the sinking ones come up in the water column when i retrieve them? Thanks in advance.
  12. Chub

    Any current active peg on winding rivulet for chubs ? πŸ˜‰For spin fishing please.
  13. Leaders

    Just to clear this up . When using leaders for spin fishing it doesnt make any difference if u use the feeder ones ? Levo 😊??? If you would be so kind as to clear this up please .
  14. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    How should you use/retrieve etc the soft plastic lures ? For example heaven creek provoker lures ?
  15. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    How should you use the soft plastic lures ? For example heaven creek provoker lures ?
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