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  1. Float Fishing Q&A

    I am not sure if this has been mentioned before but the way wagglers are represented in game is wrong. Wagglers were designed to be used on open waters when there is wind blowing. On open waters wind creates a surface skim, this surface skim can pull line on or near the surface dragging it into a bow which makes striking at range difficult, and which also moves smaller floats out of position spoiling the presentation of the bait and making bite detection more difficult. IRL, a waggler would be dotted down so only a small portion is above the water, usually less than a cm, a little longer if surface chop makes it difficult to see. Once cast, the angler quickly buries the tip of their rod under the water giving the reel a quick turn or two to straighten the line to the float, and to bury the line below the water and the surface skim.
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