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  1. Kuori Lake

    Look man...I was there with 2 other guys on that spot....tried for 2 days in all directions, changed lures, lines what not and got nothing....if you got already to many fish in any other place at Kouri, you can trie what spot you want and not get the fish some people will get....they didn't get to the " Migration " yet....I have, and if you don't get fish than you are there to.
  2. Campfire stories

    Well this tipe of reply from you guys, at least for me is like insulting my intelligence. We all know that before the patch with the changes people have NEVER used fouoro carbon or mono leader and got fish no matter the size, trophy's what not, and now you say to us that IT Was Always Like this?...INTENDED to work like that yea, probably, Did it work like that? No, Does it work now? Yea. Anyway I am not here for that. I know it will be like P... in the wind but I will say it anyway. What you guys suggest a spinner fisher have to do in this game IF HE Play Daily like 3-4 hours, to progress in this game? I say that because after the restart and the spot change at Kouri I managed to catch some fish...the spot got dry...I dragged the lake but we are back in the square one with this migration...you can't find the spots...because there are no other spots where fish migrated. The people that catch fish in some other spots or in the curent spot at Kouri where everyone fish are people that not play cursively every day...therefor they didn't got enough fish so that the migration will hit them because they play maybe 2 hours Monday, take a break 1-2 days and again 2 hours and so on. But the people that play the game daily, what about them? I used to catch fish at Bear Lake with 3 feeders, with the most pathetic gear, the 5 kg one, I got my record at 80 fish a day and if I remember correctly with those little fishes I got I was making 50-80 silver an hour....for that lv I was progressing really great. and no problem with fish changing spots...but that's not for me, is to static, the mechanic don't get close to the spin fishing. Now as a spinner I just don't see a way to have a constant flow of xp and silver: Fish change spots, migrate ( by the time you find the spot, If you find it, you are already wasted hours)-than they change the preferred lure ( depending on the conditions, cold , hot, night, day ) so you are left with so many lures to test, and if by bad luck you are on top of the spot of the fish migration to bad for you, you tested the wrong lure there and didn't notice that the fishes are there and you move one....and on again.... Now for a feeder is simple, Garlic for bream, Sweet Dough for carp or whatever, you just set the rood and cast, and you have 3 roods so go figure, witch is the best way to progres. I know this was a very hot topic in the past, and sadly with all the amount of feedback we have provide about this issue, and still no light in sight about it. I will leave no conclusion in this post, as the only thing I will hit is the echo of my words hitting the silence wall.
  3. Kuori Lake

    I was there for 1 hour...in fact I will stay another one and change it to fluoro line...first hour 1 fish....maybe the migration started right when I got there?....lol.
  4. Campfire stories

    Shall wee all understand from this " Shy " reply that the the changes in regards to cautious fish have been revised a bit so that after this server restart only the leader will count and not the line, so that we are back to braided line as it USED to be no matter how thick it is ? I didn't test it yet, but if is true will be a breath of fresh air for spinning...although the problem still persist as pike will always lurk around to " rape " us of our precious 5 stars lure and hooks. People are having a blast and make a killing on feeder fishing...I don't understand why always in this game spinning must be that punishing...also for the sake of the people enjoying this game on feeder and float please don't nerf them. Also please take in to consideration that instead of waiting in the "castle " for the peasants with the torches and pitchforks to rush in with the revolution, be more open with the changes you make in the game. A simple " We are looking in to it " will have saved a lot of blood in the streets on this forum....We are not here to bring you down, we are here for you to build a better game.
  5. Campfire stories

    For me Kouri have died, moved to Volkhov and got 3 fish in 1 real hour on spinning. I see people make a killing on feeders and maybe float fishing, and that is great...but I just can't switch gears now, I am to invested in spinning. I rely hope they will not " nerf " those 2 ways of fishing, and just hooping for an improvement's of some kind to spinning also, but by the ways things move in this game I will not keep my hope up for the nearest futures in regards to that. So tight line and see you all later.
  6. Campfire stories

    1000 silver for 6% in lure crafting from 60% to 66%....wow...be right back, I need to rob a bank to continue progressing
  7. Float Fishing Q&A

    The rood will break. The best strategie is to have the line as you weakest point of the setup...so say the rood is 11.5 , reel 12 and the line MUST be 11.4 at best or u will break the weakest point part of your setup. A bit of an advice, don't hunt for big fishes with float rood...there are fishes that will break your gear even if they have around 5 kg and your gear is set it at 11.5 kg...the fish needs to be tired first and without a reel you will have a hard time. So grind you way slow until you get the Bolo rood that will allow you to use a reel. Feel free to take my advice or not, this came from my own personal experience. Tight line.
  8. Campfire stories

    I will be curious to see a video about this strategie you tack about with trolling fishing, that will get so many fish in 3 hours, I am not saying is not posibile , is that I couldn't figure it out for myself. I have tried trolling, like 3-4 sec trolling mode than stop, but was too tedious and didn't get so many fish, but I can say I got an a 11 kg Seven Trouth trophy, I think is on weekly record still....but man with the 13,5 kg " invisible " line and the 17kg leader...literally burned my reel, I was almost spooled. Good thing I was on the boat otherwise I will have lost more than 100 silver on the spoon and hook. So yea using this setup I used bring more fish but each cast is a risk, if you are on shore, now you pray not to get a big fish lol....the irony. But than again I was at Kouri in the new spots where at least fish are biting....but hit the cap limit, lol the migration or whatever and got fewer and fewer fish....and gets boring fast. Hopefully they will came up saying that they only wanted to test the Mono line and that's the reason they forced us in to it, and bring back the steel leader set up to it's former glory, at least how it was previously....Now we all have seams to forgotten the real glorious days of the end of December starting of January...heh glorious days, and now we are at least asking for the pre last patch Era....Kind of funny how all of this turned on us. Anyway tight line guys.
  9. Campfire stories

    Well i kind of don't want to repete what I said in the previous posts and many more, but to make a short summary of it is this, they made it so that we have an increase bite rate when using mono line transparent and leader " invisible " for fish. If they want to change things in game or making fish cautious is not a problem , the problem is that the line you HAVE to use and the one that will bet at a limit on your real is the 13,5 kg with 135 m on a Gold 80 reel, if you have a lower reel you will get maybe 100m or less. This means that if you are not on a boat you CAN'T pull any fish bigger than or around 9-10 kg because you will get spooled. If they put there also line that suport lets say 20kg+ and also not be 0.60+ that will be no problem. You see what we are complaining about?
  10. Campfire stories

    Good think the float fishing work, and I am happy to hear some positive feedback regarding this part of the game, and it was my main way of fishing in this game until I realiase you need to go Bolo road to not break your rood. That is great and maybe I will get back to it at some point...but we are complaining about spin fishing that some of us enjoy more than float at the moment, and we chose that and not a fast way of silver getting, as you suggested that there is much silver in float fishing. If float fishing is great than briliant, at least some of us have a great time in the game. Now try spin fishing and give us some pointers, as we many, ca't figure it out after the last update, as we have been cornered in to mono line and leader. No one said anything about making the game easier, or that the game is not great...that's why we are all here asking simple questions, like why this changes with the new update rendering useless for spinning everything but mono line and leader. Is that to much to ask?
  11. Campfire stories

    My post was not directed to you personalty. It was a statement about catching big fishes in this game, that's all. I have nothing personal with you nor I will ever have no matter what you think and say about me. And for your own consideration I was posting about this mono set up change in bite rate on page 6 of this " Campfire " section of the forum...Sou you are not the first to discover nor I claim I was the first, maybe someone else have before me, I don't care. No need to be so agresive. And that's all i have to say about this.
  12. Campfire stories

    You know what amasses me the most? is that some people will accept the system no matter what the system is, no matter how bad it is they just accept it. One guy told me today that "Hey but I was once at fishing in real life, and got nothing so..." So by his logic if I have 2-3 maybe 4 hours to sper a day to relax in to a game, i will log on and see I got no fish I will say " Hey I will be more LUCKY tomorrow" , the next day " OHH is raining so ...got some perch and pike, maybe tomorrow I will be more LUCKY" the next day you got lucky with a 9+kg and the rest as usual 1-2-3kg...Is that the game you want to play? You will get a skill in like a few mounts? You can goo on youtube right now and see that when serious Fishermen go for hunting Monsters fish THEY GET IT. They go prepared with big hooks and big lures baits whatever, but they get it, they go to the RIGHT place because they have LEARNED where you can catch a monster fish. Before the patch I was only using Extra large 2/0 and 4/0 THE BIGGEST, do you got that? THE BIGGEST on the market and the only monster fish I got was a 9kg, when in game there are fishes over 20-30 kg at Kouri alone...you can imagine that 80% of what I got where around 1 kg right? Now in this game you can go to WHATEVER place you think that there may be fish. and get some fish but NOT A MONSTER no matter what gear you use... YOU CAN PRAY for LUCK to get a monster but you will not HUNT for that monster, you will get it if you are LUCKY and not because you hunt it. Where in all of this is what the devs promised to us, the players....that you have to adapt and learn how the fish react and hunt for big fish. Tell me how you hunt for trophy in this game? I tell you how LUCK. My last 6 Trophy where perch if you can Imagine how to get a slap in the face, this is a slap in the face. We already have The Migration " in place to counter static fishing so why not let us HUNT for the monster, if I catch today 1-2 monsters in a Hole and they migrate tomorrow, let us continue hunting for them in other holes tomorrow where I know they are because I HAVE ADAPTED, I HAVE LEARNED....I just don't get it, why not? This is real life scenarios you all know that. In real life if I go to a hole in a lake trust me I will get a Monsters fish 100%. So why not. I know you guys that MOd the forums are at the customer support and can't do much, but may we know if this situation right now have been passed from supervisor to the Dev team , the guys that actualy creat the game? And if so what did they say? They will look in to it? or This is what it is?
  13. Campfire stories

    Someone somewhere will catch a big fish...That's not skill that's luck...How many you did catch after this one?...Hmm let me guess none?.. Yea good for you for being Lucky...where is the skill involved in this game?...Didn't the dev promoted the game as being in a constant hunt for fish and learn their behavior and adapt? There is no skill involved anymore or discover what work for what and stuf....It's Luck....Is like playing Diablo and got lucky with a legendary...This is how this game have became a luck based not skill based, and to make the comparative, like Guild Wars 2 where skill matter not the gear. What concern me is the NOT SEE, NOT ACKNOWLEDGE, DON"T CARE form the dev team...I mean NOT ONE POST in regards to this situation.
  14. Campfire stories

    That is true, and also you can have 100 players each spending 1000$ a month in repairs and replacements for reel and get new reels, or new line all the time and lures and on and on. All depends on how you want to set up the game, do you want a larger audience that will bring more people...but they will spend less or no money or like I said 100 people that will sustain the game, is simple.
  15. Campfire stories

    So I trusted you in what you said about " nothing was reduced in bite rate in regard to non cautious fish "....so i tried at Kouri....NOTHING i mean seriously....nothing other than perch and pike. So is a wasteland and I left for Volkhov. Same thing there, bite rate so low...so I tough to by the Nylon...invested 160 or something silver on the 23 kg , 4 stars or something, I can't remember now...the best one from there, with the 17kg invisible leader and....still mediocre bites. Than i tried the Invisible line....13,5 kg line =260 silver, with 135m on my reel...."The best of the best" on the market. Surprise there was some action...I mean perch , pike as usual...and now what, the mighty Cat decided that she is now more attracted to invisible line. I decided to not Alt+F4 and took me 30 min real life to get it because of the dam line, and i got it 22kg ...lol...in this " Migration " times anything is worth fighting for right? And than another cat that break my line....and a pike most likely break my line with his teeth ....And all of this forcing us in to setups that will further punish us. yea I get it if you change the bite rate and make fish Cautious than put line in there for them to be able to progress....not have 17kg "Invisible for fish " line with 0.58...that will be 50 m on my reel...i mean seriously....is anyone testing there this? So yea , Braid line for fishing is usles now, steel Leader is usles now, so whats there left for Spin fishing? And NO, this is not only my personal experience, as you can see many share the same experience. I Just want to know if this is how the fishing will be from now? Or someone is at least looking in to it? If not see you on steam release.
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