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  1. Kuori Lake

    For feeder fishing, spot:124:84-Easter beach, cast half way towards the island, Lot's of Burbot there, especialy on rainy or cloud days. Hope this help. And please if any have located the second spinning spot at Kouri share it. Thank you.
  2. Kuori Lake

    New " Migration spot " 5-H on the map, and from the ground 130:111. My advantage is that i use a 9kg LP reel and a low set up with a 64 m cast. I guess from the boat u will get better results. I have not tried the heavy set up in fear of pike rape. The screens show 1 hour in game catch and my setup. So this is one spot and usually there are 2, and I hope that if people will get the second one will share that info...Thank you. Hope this help.
  3. Campfire stories

    Nice update guys...nice looking lures, sadly that's what they are nice looking and that's all...no fish bite on them, at least at Kouri. Something is not right after the last patch. Nothing bite at Kouri Lake, many players have the same problem. ( I use 9kg LP reel, and a low set up and before the update i was able to get some fish, but now nothing ) Can you please have a look. Thank you.
  4. Leaders

    It seams that no mater what we say we are ALWAYS wrong in your eyes. After I have lost so many fish due to low tension I bind Shift on my mouse so every fish I get is reeled in force with shift and still get pike rape. I have fished from the Island and is not worth it compared with the bite rate you have on 72-102.... So you are fishing with fluoro at Kouri as you stated for " trout and char species at Kuori."...now what other species are at Kouri to justify using steel leaders? Pike? I have fished from the island IS NOT WORTH IT....so again you trie to justify the pike rape by advising us to avoid the place where the fish are, the Migration spot....briliant man, just briliant. And btw, your advice is intended for new players, players that have just started the game and don't know about tension and how to not lose a fish, that incidentally some times work against pike rape. This advice I have gave on the spot to many people asking what to do against pike, so...we knew about it for a long time. For changing spots to avoid pike?...Pike is everywhere....You don't know when you have a pike on the line...to use a different strategie to reel it in...funny:) Again my question regarding future updated to spin fishing was passed over to the REAL DEVS that work on the game by jhendrix61978, at least he assured me that was passed over and waited for a reply. Any news from that?
  5. Leaders

    I can't believe you are using " this are not the droids you are looking for " strategie on me....that's funny:) "Every water body currently presented in the game have Pike. But Pike, like any other fish specie in the game have its preferences to where their favorable habitat and diet. Avoid it and you will be fine." Ok so let's see...If fish bite on my Hunter 1 black and also attract pike, what should I do? use another that lower the bite rate like 75% just to also lower the chances of a pike bite? And btw pike bite on ALL the lure...maybe I don't have them all to find the one that don't attract pike...I am sorry I don't have 100 hours a day and unlimited amount of silver to test the million lures in the game. If the weekly record show people catching fish on Hunter Black....and I get bytes on Hunter Black....Hmmm what do you think I will use? And also, do you think those peoples that got those trophy, they did it on steel leader? ( was a rhetorical question ). My all time record Seven Throuth on hunter black was on 13.5 kg line Simmon FC no leader...ONE trophy, since I don't know 2 weeks and in all this time I use this set up...what do you think I will get using steel? "That depends on what you are fishing for. Trout/Salmon species, yes. Many other species don't mind steel leaders." Tested by me and many more ( I have time now so I kind of 10 hours a day play so I know ) ALL The species in Kouri are affected by steel leader, meaning no byte...maybe you will get a fish here and there using steel, You cant be serious in suggesting using steel, You just can't. "There are many places with the fish at each water body. If you lack the desire to locate them, we can't help you as we do not announce where certain species are at any giving time." Fish migration. You just contradicted yourself from previous post regarding fish migration. At Kouri there are 2 spots I chose one of them....Pike is everywhere. If I move 10 m from the spot guess what will I catch? ( rhetorical ) NOTHING. "Then why are you demanding any comments from our team if you choose to ignore it?" I Know I will get nothing of value from my rant, witch is a reflection of many players...It's a way to vent out the frustrations, until I hit rock bottom and get free of this game, so that I will not care and move on. "If the pike is in the lake than...he is in the lake...everywhere." "You can't be more wrong than this." Your last reply is strait out of star wars...Jedi style...what you see is not what you see but what I say you see.
  6. Leaders

    Ok so can you advice an old player of this game to where he might fish, a lake or river, without pike being there? Second, We all know that fishing with steal leader is like fishing in a bucket...meaning NO Bite...like seriously....and I will not count 60gr fish. Third, why will I want to fish in to other place than where the fish is? So your advice is to not fish in the "migration place" is that it? "Some places may have an occasional pike" ...I can't take this sentence seriously. If the pike is in the lake than...he is in the lake...everywhere. Maybe you are referring to some new upcoming updates from the test server? ...I am sorry but I can't take your reply as being serious. And as a disclaimer this is NOT ONLY MY Personal Experience, all the fish spinners have to go trough this. And if your reply is all about trying to convince me that I do something wrong...than what can I say more. Enjoy your game and see you on steam.
  7. Leaders

    I am done...lost another lure since my last post. Literally I fish to cover the lures I lost. I also need to repair and get new line. Whatever, I will check the patch note from future updates for a fix to this *** ( oh man I trie to calm down ). Asking for some words from Devs here take Light years for a response.
  8. Leaders

    I have asked a questions to de Dev team like a week ago regarding spin fishing if any improvements will come or not. Any reply from them? I ask it again because of this bite increase on everything but the steel leader. I have lost track on how many lure I lost at Kouri due to pike. people on the spot lose lure at an increase rate, so 100 silver for each lure is that the future of spin fishing? I mean I play to replace the lures I lose? Thank you.
  9. Campfire stories

    When one day people where able to get Kouri Chars of around 20kg+ and the next day after the update the weekly shows max weight of around 13kg and since the update is like that than yea, it smells like a size nerf, and it is, to be honest no mater how you trie to cover it, I play this game for a long time to know that. Last day on Kouri 100 fish 80% where perch and around 1 kg Trout, and I am talking around 6 to 8 hours or so. You say that the Devs trie to mimic the reality with the game...for us is a nerf...because it is a nerf. You now have a 14 kg-20 kg reel but don't have the line to use it to get the monsters ( not that you will encounter one at Kouri this days but still ). If you say that is not a nerf to the gear, than how can you justify that 90% of us are cornered to 13,5 kg Simmons FC line to have a decent bite rate....what is that called? For us is not " mimic of reality " for us it is what it is a nerf to the gear. You want this to not sound like a nerf? Than add to the game Simmons FC line of 20kg+ with 0.40 and will not be a nerf, than add FC leader that will stand strong in a big pike encounter, or lower the size of the pike, or the chances for the big ones to bite on thin line and leader and add the monsters pike to steel leader...Than will not be a nerf. If you will make a pool in the game with what the community want's and what are the opinions regarding this situation, I know that will be overwhelming against this " cautious fish " fiasco, against the migration. You know it, I know it we all know that will be like this, or you can take the way people vote other peoples posts with likes and dislikes...it is to obvious, why not take in to considerations what we think about the game also, are you afraid that we want you to fail with our suggestions, or we don't have enough experience with other games to have a proper opinion regarding the changes? 2 months to Steam, I have talked to people and not so many still believe that a magical patch will drop to steer the game around. I personalty hope...it's hard for me to believe will be the case with the magical patch by the way you trie so hard to tell us that we don't get it....we do get it we are not kids you know?
  10. Campfire stories

    Thank you for that. At least now we know that the message was passed to the Dev team. Please keep us informed with the information provided by the Dev's regarding the issues, at the time of they're response. Have a great day.
  11. Campfire stories

    I have some questions for the Dev Team, if is not to much to ask, I will much apreciate: 1. Is the spin fishing going to remain in it's curent state, or there will be some improvements or twists and if so what will those be? 2. Will the migration remain in it's curent state, or will there be some improvements to it, and if so what are those? I ask this questions just to have an insight about the future of spin fishing to help me not waste my hard earned silver on further lure lost due to pike, and crafting lure as from 50% and up the price for 5-6% is 1000 + silver. I want to know if I really have to join the bang vagon of Feeder fishing, to continue catching some fish, as I see all have done so. Thank you.
  12. Campfire stories

    I rely think we are playing different games here, seriously. Look, I kind of have much time to spare this time of year and i have tested all the set ups you can imagine and the result is that we all feel, also KPShamino made his last video about this that you can find on youtube. The sum up is this you either use Simmons Pure Fluorocarbon or you'r catch rate will be Drastically reduced period...this is a fact known by us all, is not " uninformed and speculators " opinion as you easily jump and call us all. Like many I have tried all the combination so: Setups, 1. Braid + steel leader- bite rate Disastrous....might as well take it of from the game. 2. Braid + FC leader- bite rate Disastrous...bit better than with steel...waste of time. 3. Simmons FC + Steel leader- bite rate disastrous. 4. Simmons FC + FC leader- bite rate acceptable- chance of rape by pike 100% if the pike is big. 5. Simmons FC + no leader - bite rate great comparative with the rest- chance of rape by pike 100% if you encounter a big one ( lost 3 lures today, 2 of them in 5 minutes ) Also I have lost 3 lure today all F10-006 due to big pike, guess what this lure also attract, Char. So I use only Simmons PF line - no leader ( as is pointless in having any that will stop pike and also have some bite rate increase ) and tested this lure, i have lost 3 of them, and before I lost them I got like 4 Chars. So I tough hmm lets use steel leader to get those big pikes and guess what....no more pike bites...I mean lol right? So you wanna catch Char great but u lose the lure or catch nothing. So we either play a different game or you guys get some outdated information.
  13. Kuori Lake

    Look man...I was there with 2 other guys on that spot....tried for 2 days in all directions, changed lures, lines what not and got nothing....if you got already to many fish in any other place at Kouri, you can trie what spot you want and not get the fish some people will get....they didn't get to the " Migration " yet....I have, and if you don't get fish than you are there to.
  14. Campfire stories

    Well this tipe of reply from you guys, at least for me is like insulting my intelligence. We all know that before the patch with the changes people have NEVER used fouoro carbon or mono leader and got fish no matter the size, trophy's what not, and now you say to us that IT Was Always Like this?...INTENDED to work like that yea, probably, Did it work like that? No, Does it work now? Yea. Anyway I am not here for that. I know it will be like P... in the wind but I will say it anyway. What you guys suggest a spinner fisher have to do in this game IF HE Play Daily like 3-4 hours, to progress in this game? I say that because after the restart and the spot change at Kouri I managed to catch some fish...the spot got dry...I dragged the lake but we are back in the square one with this migration...you can't find the spots...because there are no other spots where fish migrated. The people that catch fish in some other spots or in the curent spot at Kouri where everyone fish are people that not play cursively every day...therefor they didn't got enough fish so that the migration will hit them because they play maybe 2 hours Monday, take a break 1-2 days and again 2 hours and so on. But the people that play the game daily, what about them? I used to catch fish at Bear Lake with 3 feeders, with the most pathetic gear, the 5 kg one, I got my record at 80 fish a day and if I remember correctly with those little fishes I got I was making 50-80 silver an hour....for that lv I was progressing really great. and no problem with fish changing spots...but that's not for me, is to static, the mechanic don't get close to the spin fishing. Now as a spinner I just don't see a way to have a constant flow of xp and silver: Fish change spots, migrate ( by the time you find the spot, If you find it, you are already wasted hours)-than they change the preferred lure ( depending on the conditions, cold , hot, night, day ) so you are left with so many lures to test, and if by bad luck you are on top of the spot of the fish migration to bad for you, you tested the wrong lure there and didn't notice that the fishes are there and you move one....and on again.... Now for a feeder is simple, Garlic for bream, Sweet Dough for carp or whatever, you just set the rood and cast, and you have 3 roods so go figure, witch is the best way to progres. I know this was a very hot topic in the past, and sadly with all the amount of feedback we have provide about this issue, and still no light in sight about it. I will leave no conclusion in this post, as the only thing I will hit is the echo of my words hitting the silence wall.
  15. Kuori Lake

    I was there for 1 hour...in fact I will stay another one and change it to fluoro line...first hour 1 fish....maybe the migration started right when I got there?....lol.
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