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  1. Patch notes and Announcements

    There was a mistake in the last patch note regarding the water bodies that were effected by rebalancing of fish species. Kuori lake weren't the one of them. Mosquito lake had some minor changes.
  2. If you enjoy Russian Fishing 4 and looking to spend some time in a good company, find new friends or get some help, please join our discord channel. https://discord.gg/Tv3gSFN
  3. Other

    You can't send Gold. There's a practice within the game that you choose items from the store for amount of gold you are trading for. But we strongly advise against such trades.
  4. Report a Bug

    Please try restarting the game.
  5. Report a Bug

    You don't get skill % with every caught fish or every harvest.
  6. Technical Issues

    Would you mind showing a screenshot with the error message please?
  7. Patch notes and Announcements

    - Fixed. Some players could use “Storage” option. - Fixed. ATM wasn’t working at Volkhov river. - Fixed. Few skills were missing their descriptions. - Fixed. After server restart some chat rooms passwords were reset. - Fixed. Enter wasn’t working in login window.
  8. Patch notes and Announcements

    Friday, June 1st client update and patch note: Personal storage “House” has been added to the Cottage pond. Players can access it by traveling to the Cottage pond and walking up to the cottage. Storage space in the “House” is limited. Players can move their belongings between the “House” and the backpack. Players can choose and select multiple items to move or discard them. Players statistics now have an exact information about how many exp points player has and how many is needed to reach next level. Player can view his position and direction on paper maps. Due to paper maps authenticity being slightly unreliable the positioning of a player is only approximate. When creating a chat player now can choose to make it Global (players from any region can join it), or regional (only players from his region can join the chat). When creating a competition player now can choose to make it Global (players from any region can join it), or regional (only players from his region can join the competition). Most of the informational windows now have a content help. Optimization of the game during the nighttime play. Prices for 22 species of fish has been raised by 5%-30% (White-eye Bream, Dace, Silver Bream, White bream, Bleak, Ruffe, Gudgeon, Chinese Sleeper, Arctic char, Kuori char, Atlantic salmon, Asp, Sevan trout, Char, Burbot, Zander, Grayling, Lake trout, Pike, Chub, Volga zander, Perch). Maximum weight of some species of Winding rivulet has been raised. Descriptions to some skills have been updated. Fixed. Feeders that have been in players possession prior to the last patch didn’t get updated. Fixed. Some places at Winding rivulet didn’t have a current. Fixed. Records didn’t show up in chat.
  9. Week of 5/21 through 5/27

    This week challenge from @mqgis Arctic char. Player who gets the biggest weekly Arctic char in our region will win a full set up based on his level. Important!!! - you Arctic char must be a trophy. @mqg will be checking the board this upcoming Sunday 20:55 CEST - 2:55 PM EST PRIZES Levels 16-23 Levels 24-28 Levels 29+
  10. Problems with payments

    Gold packages are always a bit cheaper to buy.
  11. Patch notes and Announcements

    Today's patch notes: - NEW: you can return purchased items within the first 24 in-game hours. Returns are accepted only at the store that sold it to you and on the condition that the item hasn’t been used. - NEW: when moving between water bodies you can check the weather forecast prior to traveling. - NEW: you can blacklist a player. Messages from blacklisted players will not be delivered. - NEW: you can report a player to administration for unwanted behavior in chat and in private messages. This function can be used no often than once per 30 sec. - NEW: you can delete private messages. - NEW: you can mark all private messages as read. - NEW: you can send private messages to the player from another region. - NEW: Player search function now works for all regions. - NEW: In addition to regional chat now you can switch to global chat where you can communicate with players from other regions. - NEW: you can create your own channel. Players can join such channel without any restrictions to where they are (same or different locale, different water body). Creating a channel is available only to premium members. Everyone can join the channel regardless of a premium membership. - NEW: you can change your profile name on the site of the game - Maximum number of participants in competitions is raised to 50 players. - All none-broken rod blanks have been restored to their original conditions. - Rod blanks are no longer repairable. - Rod blanks became at least 5 times more durable than before. - Broken reel mechanism became repairable. - The basic price for gold repairs has been lowered by half. - Fish market dialog window now has a species filter. - Added: you can check regional and global ratings and records. - Added: Global ratings and records now show all players from all regions. - Changed: The window that displays the amount of experience you get for caught fish now shows exp points without added bonuses. If the bonuses are applied new window “Total points” will display base + bonus points. - Bonuses to skill progression and experience gain are now 100% for premium members. - The number of portions for crafted groundbaits raised to 20. - Capacity of some feeders have changed. - Capacity of feeder rockets is raised. - Winding Rivulet canal has been widened. - Some changes to shore line of Mosquito lake. - Fixed: When using the Method Feeder Rig, PVA sticks were also used. - Fixed: Heavy PVA stick had unnatural physical behavior.
  12. Campfire stories

    Tea, Tea+Honey, Cola. Dont forget that you can "stack" them for a better/faster boost.
  13. Patch notes and Announcements

    A little look at whats coming next Click here for more
  14. Technical Issues

    Two regional providers in EU are having issues. Some players can’t get to our servers. We are very sorry, but this is out of our hands. As soon as the providers have solved their issues, our game will once again be available to all players. We ask you for your patience.
  15. Lines

    Because then you will reverse the question and ask us "why you add reels when there are no lines for them )) On a serious note - we add contend to the game as soon as it's ready (most of the time). If you look through your spinning skill tree, you may notice that there will be some additional reels introduced sometime soon.
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