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  1. Patch notes and Announcements

    Friends, Here is a bit more information about the upcoming update for “Russian Fishing 4”. With the upcoming update we will introduce SPOD rods series. These are well known tools for anyone who has ever fished carp species. SPOD rods are very powerful rods designed for precise delivery of groundbait at specific fishing spots far away. For more comfortable use of these rods, players will be able to use them as a fourth rod. Besides the SPOD rods we will be implementing clipping the line to the spool. This function should provide with better accuracy while casting. Additions described above will provide more comfort and effectiveness to carp anglers and players targeting non-predatory species. This is all for todays news. Tight lines!
  2. Patch notes and Announcements

    What’s next? As the excitement from the last update settles down it is time to look forward to what awaits Russian Fishing 4 in the near future. We hear many questions from our players regarding new reels. When they’ll be introduced? What kind of reels? How they’ll perform compared to others? Next update will introduce a new reel manufacturer – Beluga. Reels from this manufacturer will include different spinning and casting models. And today we are featuring one of the reels that are coming with the next update – Beluga Venga 10000. The most complete range of Beluga reels will be available at the manufacturer store. And the store will be opened at the new water body that will also be a part of the next update. Ladoga lake – is the water body that will be introduced in the upcoming update. It is an extensive territory, with many different features and places to fish for many species that you already familiar with and quite a few new ones. This is by far just a small part of what awaits you with the next update. And meanwhile, we will continue to introduce you to the new content. Tight lines anglers!
  3. Patch notes and Announcements

    - Awards have been added to player statistics. - Players Awards have been added to the public player profile. - The influence of the campfire to the character's comfort has been increased. - Spinning reels no longer have “Test” parameter in their descriptions. - Workshop restock of reel parts have been increased. - Active time for tea and coffee bonuses have been doubled. Tea and coffee bonuses increased by x1.5. Prices for these beverages have increased by x1.5. - Items and prices at the workshop store at Winding rivulet are now similar to Mosquito lake workshop. - The protocol for data exchange between the client and the game server has been optimized. - The amount of points received by the player for setting a record is reduced by 100 times. - The number of points received by a player for setting a record is now displayed. These points are calculated when forming the list of leaders of the week and the list of winners of the week. - Waterbody record now will be displayed in chat only for players that are currently present on that waterbody. - Exceeding the maximum test of the rod will result in higher blank wear. - Fixed. Baits were displayed incorrectly when fish were caught using sandwich bait.
  4. Patch notes and Announcements

    Patch note: New. Reels now have new parameter “Test” in their descriptions. Fixed. Leader board did not display information correctly. Fixed. Repair cost for some reels. Fixed. Reel mount on Onega Rods Ethnic SPM88MH, Onega Rods Ethnic SPF88MH
  5. Patch notes and Announcements

    Patch notes: - New water body Belaya River and two new species of fish (Taimen and Brown Trout) are introduced to the game. - New rods from Onega Rods manufacturer are available now in stores. - New Kiruuna Aikkila lures are available now in stores. - New rod EF Corona S60L is available now in stores. - New reels EF Spark 2000S and EF Libra 2000S are available now in stores. - Now to start a campfire players will need matches and firewood purchased in workshops. - During bad weather being next to the campfire will help warm up and raise players comfort level. - Free spinning tackle is now available at the Cottage Pond. - New players start with more gear in their inventory. - Winding Rivulet can now be accessed by all players without level limit. - Field kitchen is now available at Winding Rivulet. - Tackle store at Winding Rivulet will be stocked with similar items and have similar prices as Mosquito Lake. - Prices for some items of the Syberia and Express Fishing manufacturer have been changed. - To increase the popularity of spin fishing its algorithms have been revised. - Winding Rivulet parameters have been re-tuned. This water body now becomes a base for spin fishing. - Maximum weight of Pike has been increased. - Minimal weight of trophy Pike has been increased. - A new store selling Kvas has been added at Old Burg. - Crafting materials, such as sandpaper, paint and others, after the purchase stack up into one slot in the backpack. - “Happy Hour” bonus is introduced for players with a premium account. The bonus is activated once a day at the login for one RL hour spent in the game. Experience and Skill progression is doubled during “Happy Hour”. A new day starts at 00:00 UTC (GMT) - Tents can be used as a storage now. Quantity of items being stored there is limited by 30. - New leader board is introduced for fishing with UL (ultra-light) tackle. - UL rating leaders is now being displayed in the ratings. - The system of awarding the winners of the last week leaderboard has been implemented. - In chat settings you can turn off “event announcements”. - Strength of the knot holding the line to the spool has been increased from 20% to 50% from the line test. - Fixed. Interaction with water at Bear Lake. - Fixed. Sometimes chat messages were cut off. - Fixed. In some cases, there was an error in rounding the mass of the fish. The weight of fish could differ by one gram. The following subsystems were affected: fish market, record tables and contests. - Fixed. Physical models of the Carolina rig and the Three-way rig had issues that did not allow to achieve the “Jig Step” retrieve at a constant rate.
  6. Patch notes and Announcements

    Friday, August 3rd, at 3am (GMT) server restart and client update.
  7. Patch notes and Announcements

    Friends, Let’s continue our discussion about the upcoming update and what awaits you there. Tent. With the upcoming update everyone will be able to use tents as storage for your items at any water body. Campfire. Everyone is used to cooking their tea, coffee and mulled wine at the campfires. We are extending the functionality of the campfire. From now on you will be able to warm up next to the fire and increase your comfort level there. To start a campfire, you will need firewood and matches which are sold at the repair shops. Onega rods. Tackle arsenal in the game has been increased by products from a new manufacturer – Onega rods. These rods are made using some natural materials and their ethno-style design is unique to the region where they are crafted. Onega rods are presented in the following categories: telescopic, match, bolognese, spinning and casting, as well as jerking rods.
  8. Other

    Every 24 hours from your last login you will be able to receive this bonus. Regardless of your local time.
  9. Patch notes and Announcements

    Dear Angling Friends, We would like to present you with new information about the upcoming update of Russian Fishing 4. It’s not a big secret to most of you that we will be launching a new water body – Belaya river, which will include many familiar fish species and two new ones: Brown trout and Taimen. Belaya river will be accessible to players from level 12 and higher and, we hope, will become a great attraction to low and medium level players who enjoy spin fishing as well as high level players, who would like to test their skill against the mighty predator Taimen. We also made some big changes to spin fishing in general, making it more attractive and enjoyable. From the very beginning of the game, the player will receive a full spinning set up and will be able to progress through the game using this method, starting at the base water body – Winding Rivulet, that will become accessible from level 1. All Premium profiles are getting a new feature that will allow them to progress through the game a bit faster without spending too much time doing it. When logging into the game for the first time every day you will receive a bonus for the first hour of play – experience for caught fish and chance to skill progression is doubled (x4 times from the base XP and skill progression chance). And that’s just a part of what is coming with the new update. We hope that you will like these changes and new additions while we will continue working hard to keep on developing the game. Tight lines!
  10. Patch notes and Announcements

    Changes in Russian Fishing 4 login process. Friends, We regret to inform you that due to the heavy increase in the number of users the dual authorization option through Steam client (Steam & RF4 profiles) has been causing some conflicts in players experience with the game. At this time we will have to suspend the option of login through Steam client for profiles created at rf4game websites. This change will be in effect starting Monday, July 2nd 2018. All profiles that have been registered through rf4game websites will be able to continue to enjoy the game by launching it via rf4 launcher, not Steam client. This change does not affect profiles created with Steam. Once you pass the login no other changes in the game-play will be affecting any players regardless of their profile registry. Please accept our sincere apologies about this matter. We will continue working on resolving this issue in the future. https://steamcommunity.com/games/766570/announcements/detail/1676911026431358949
  11. Patch notes and Announcements

    There was a mistake in the last patch note regarding the water bodies that were effected by rebalancing of fish species. Kuori lake weren't the one of them. Mosquito lake had some minor changes.
  12. If you enjoy Russian Fishing 4 and looking to spend some time in a good company, find new friends or get some help, please join our discord channel. https://discord.gg/Tv3gSFN
  13. Other

    You can't send Gold. There's a practice within the game that you choose items from the store for amount of gold you are trading for. But we strongly advise against such trades.
  14. Report a Bug

    Please try restarting the game.
  15. Report a Bug

    You don't get skill % with every caught fish or every harvest.
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