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  1. Skill tree discussions

    Correct me if I'm wrong please, it seems that you just started playing the game? Spinning has no skill for using a leader. It is open by default.
  2. Float Fishing Q&A

    Then you need to invest some points into the skill to have a better control.
  3. Skill tree discussions

    Yes. That's correct.
  4. Float Fishing Q&A

    The direction is chosen by the player. Where you are looking that way the cast will be. But, keep in mind that wind direction will influence the cast. Also, your skill of handling the type of rod you are fishing with will have an impact on accuracy, distance and control. Casting indicator is "power" that you apply toward your cast.
  5. Skill tree discussions

    There are two types of points you get with your catch XP points, that go to your level and skill points: (please see the picture below)
  6. Campfire stories

    It was set to work like that from the beginning. Leader will always "hide" thick line.
  7. Campfire stories

    Don't you think it is a bit naive to think that we go and read the forum to find out who is fishing where and what are they catching? I'd say that people who believe in this and spread this rumor are at fault that you are afraid to share the info.
  8. Patch notes and announcements

    For any player having an issue with setting your resolution to 1920x1080 Please contact support@rf4game.com You will receive a file that will help help you change it.
  9. Campfire stories

    You are absolutely right. At the moment we’re working on a better notification system.
  10. Campfire stories

    Nothing was reduced
  11. Campfire stories

    For pike use steel leaders. Pike isn't shy
  12. Campfire stories

    As it is stated in patch note, this only caries over to species that are more "careful". Furthermore, the change was done only to mono/fluoro lines/leaders in raising their bite % by cautious fish. Everything else stays the way it was prior to the patch.
  13. Patch notes and announcements

    Thursday, March 15th, 2am EST. Bug fix update. - Chat fix. - Skill points reset fix.
  14. Skill tree discussions

    Because it's the game and player progression design.
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