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  1. Patch notes and Announcements

    Tomorrow, 13th of September at 1AM EST/6AM GMT the servers will restart due to maintainance to the servers.
  2. Other

    The rules are very simply: you do not use foul language in our game. It doesn't matter in which context the words are being used. The moment you use foul language, you are in violation of our Terms of Service and therefore actions will be taken. You asked for an explanation as to why you were send to prison. You've received your answer. That you might not like it, doesn't mean you haven't received the answer, or that the answer given is open for debate. Continuing the discussion any further is therefore fruitless and I advice you to leave it be. Also, please refrain from posting the same post over and over again. Posting the same post multiple times is considered spamming.
  3. Suggestions

    Greetings @mqg I've moved your post to here, since this is the best place. Thank you for forwarding us your opinion and for your suggestions. We'll take your points into account.
  4. Other

    The forums are for informative purposes only. Users of the forum are invited and encouraged to share their knowledge, ask questions, answer questions, read up on the latest news, point out bugs, make suggestions and provide constructive feedback. Anything else like spamming, posting rants, usage of foul language, providing non-constructive feedback, posting links to sites/videos not related to RF4, disrespecting other forum visitors and/or RF4 staff, and so on will not be tolerated and those posts will be removed from the public view. Forum visitors who repeatedly break these rules will be put on moderated status - every post from then on first needs approval by a RF4 moderator - or in severe cases receive a (temporary) ban from our forums. Actions made on the forum will not affect the player ingame or on our other official platforms (RF4 social media, RF4 Discord, Steam), unless the player breaks the Terms of Service there as well.
  5. Patch notes and Announcements

    Today @ 11pm EST server restart and client update.
  6. Patch notes and Announcements

    11pm EST server restart and client update. Bug fixes and minor additions.
  7. Other

    The reason your posts were removed, is because this topic is meant of asking questions that aren't covered by the other topics. It is not the place to express opinions only - positive or negative.
  8. Casting Reels

    Greetings Quickai I said I found your reasoning flawed. You reasoned that the ingame Zeiman reel looked a lot like the real life Shimano reel. But the real life Shimano reel could hold a lot more line than the ingame Zeiman reel. So we had nerfed the Zeiman reel (by 6 times) and you demanded to know why. That is flawed. We didn't nerf the Zeiman reel. The Zeiman reel is as is. It's an ingame item. It isn't a real life item, even though it resembles a real life brand of reel. Therefore you cannot compare the two, then say we nerfed the ingame item. My apologies if I didn't make that clear to you, I hope this plus Levo's answer, helps you.
  9. Steam Release

    It's all the same server, just different region.
  10. Steam Release

    Some players with RF4 profiles registered on games website may experience an issue with payment via Steam wallet. This problem will be fixed with the nearest patch. As of right now you can login into your profile on the Games website and make a payment.
  11. Steam Release

    What achievement are you talking about?
  12. Steam Release

    1. People can continue playing the way they were via RF4 launcher. 2. To use your current profile open Steam client > download RF4 game from Steam and login with your current profile (login/password window). 3. To play under steam profile name - download the game via Steam client and click "Steam Login". That will create a brand new profile lvl1. 4. If someone's Steam name and existing RF4 account conflict, you'll be asked to create a new RF4 account.
  13. Steam Release

    Friday, June 15th, 2018, will forever become the most memorable date for the Russian Fishing 4 team and our fans. At 2AM EST/8AM CEST we will have our servers restarted and at 9AM EST/3PM CEST we will hit THAT button! https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791461132770/announcements/detail/3218266913131449665
  14. Patch notes and Announcements

    ATTENTION!!! All official RF4 Gear/Gold/Premium competitions are canceled due to a bug in the competitions. We apologize for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible.
  15. Competition Announcements

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