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  1. Report a Bug

    All workshops wont load for me, none of them
  2. Report a Bug

    Its not letting me put my steel head into the workshop :L Hard to fish with a reel thats 30% dmged and can be repaired
  3. Zander

    435 silver in around 1 hour 45 min, 7 meter hole on sura.
  4. Steam Release

    They did, 75% off gold and 45% off prem, doesnt get better mate
  5. Report a Bug

    Not sure if this is sopose to happen but, what the heck? hahahaha. i have a video but unable to post on forums. what can i do here?
  6. Problems with payments

    Mmm, Im unable to use a card/bank account to buy stuff online, but i got everything waiting in my steam so ill wait it out, thx for the reply Levo
  7. Steam Release

    how big of an update are we looking at on the release?
  8. Problems with payments

  9. Problems with payments

    When i try to buy some gold it says, "this transaction cannot be carried out right now". But i have more then enough money in the account. any ideas?
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