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  1. Suggestions

    Auction/Trade is in the works
  2. Suggestions

    Increase the chances of catching fish on Belaya because it absolutely stinks! (just saying)
  3. Old Burg Lake

    I was going to but didn't want to.
  4. Old Burg Lake

    4 eel in one night all caught on fish pieces. Should have screenshot the rest of the eel I caught. Altogether there were 8 caught in 3 nights.
  5. Suggestions

    Not a bug: Can you please rename all the words that say 'spinnerbait' to 'spinner' or 'spinners' Because spinnerbaits and spinners are not the same thing
  6. Report a Bug

    Another bug is that the line dissappears and I have to reload the game. Great update is this with no fish (because my bite rate was awful before the update, now it's terrible) and now this bug?
  7. Report a Bug

    My bells on my feeders keep spazzing out. They ring all the time, and then they sometimes dissappear. It's annoying.
  8. Other

    What are the differences between the most expensive crafting knife/fish knife and the cheapest versions of them?
  9. Other

    Not a bug. There isn't a correct sub-forum for this. Grammar for this isn't correct. If there's only one piece of tackle, then you don't say 'A tackle'. 'Tackle' means more than one thing, in this case, fishing 'tackle', or fishing 'gear'. It should read 'Worn out tackle.......'
  10. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Anyone have any advice on using the Texas rig? I don't seem to have much luck with it.
  11. Report a Bug

    Sort this out on the island on Kuori Lake?
  12. Farming experience points

    Changing hook size also helps
  13. Groundbait Q&A

    Why have I stopped getting points in GB ? I keep mixing them up and making different mixes. I'm also just using the highest base to max my GB skill up but nothing seems to be working any more?
  14. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Have you sorted it? I use speed 25 (on a Steelhead 600-R) with turn, half a turn, quarter of a turn - mix it up. I usually catch something.
  15. Eel

    How do you catch the big ones?
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