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  1. Report a Bug

    This might not be much, but here's an image. No explanation needed
  2. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Not much of answer is it
  3. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Also why did we only get ONE bite alarm and not THREE? If we have been using 1, 2 o r 3 feeders, then we should have been given the same amount of bells after the patch. It isn't fair on us that we have to buy more bite alarms.
  4. Worms

    Nightcrawler, otherwise known in the UK as a lobworm
  5. Wobblers

    One of my minnows is at 33.6% wear. Still catching fish like it was new
  6. Farming experience points

    Currently at 83.6% on Feeder and it's come to a complete stop. I have managed to catch 200 fish varying sizes and species and I haven't seen the skill increase. What can I do?
  7. Old Burg Lake

    A few fish caught with my pb grassie
  8. Kuori Lake

  9. Volkhov River

    Your links to screenshots are broken
  10. Old Burg Lake

    Caught these yesterday and today. New PB for Black Carp and first ever trophy Roach and Tench
  11. Groundbait Q&A

    Why is it that when you look at how many ingredients you have, let's say for Fly Maggots, you only have one more lot? But when I click on the X (see image), and go back to select that ingredient, it shows more?
  12. Bear Lake

    Is 45:60 the only decent place to catch carp?
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