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  1. Campfire stories

    Funny thing keep happening to me. I am still grinding at low level ( 14 ) and are currently targeting Tench at old burg. I have 2 strongish feeder setups and 1 beginner light feeder setup. Now the 2 stronger ones I use bait for the tench as that is the rods that can handle them and my light one I just have small hook and bread , the idea being to keep me busy with small crucians and gibels while I wait for tench on the other two. But the big Tench keeps taking that small rod !! hahahahaha I had 2 nights in a row PB Tench on the light setup on bread and had a huge fight to keep them from spooling me. How do I teach these tench not to bite on the light rod and take the strong ones. They not following the plan lol. At least it provides some fun during the boring grinding and just thought I would share the funny story.
  2. Campfire stories

    So disappointing. Went yesterday to get the new bite alarms , surprise surprise " out of stock ". So I was forced to buy 2 bells instead. This live stores melarky really needs to be sorted out.
  3. Old Burg Lake

    And what hooks and baits do one need on that float setup to actually catch anything bigger than 500gr. I have been on Old Burg a while and only catch panfish. I'm so tired of one panfish after another. I have tried up to 6 hooks. Baits I tried maggots , worms , bark beetle larva , bread , semonila , casters , cheese , potatoes. But just betwen 50g and 500g fish is all I catch
  4. Campfire stories

    After more than a week of grinding and countless frustrations and fish lost , I finally caught my first trophy fish in the game.
  5. Float Fishing Q&A

    Not a braid issue either. I don't use braid. This looks like a physics problem in a specific set of circumstances and not only while floating either.
  6. RF4 goes to Steam

    All of that is developer choice , not Steam choice. Developers decide how their game works and what it has , not Steam. Developer greed killed some of your examples there , not Steam. Steam is the best platform for pc gaming with the best features. ( scheduled downloads , compressed downloads , proper backup system , local currency support. ) And it has the biggest community where a game will get the best exposure. It's the best platform for a pc game to be on.
  7. Float Fishing Q&A

    @JunkyJuke , @jhendrix61978 , the same thing regularly happens to me on feeder rods with small hooks at Mosquito. Happened all the time last night. Fish runs with bait , when I pick up the rod I get that same zip sounds as if the line got stuck on the rod pod or something and fish is gone. Only thing that helps is I have to then move a bit to right or left before my next cast. If I stay in same place then it happens on every run I get. If a move a meter left or right before next cast then I can catch a few fish again , but inevitably it starts happening again after 3 or 4 fish. And this is on small 14 and 12 hooks. Doubt it's a too big hook size problem.
  8. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Ok copy that. Will definitely check out the braid 0.16mm. That should hold almost double the amount. Having said that I must make sure also to buy a spool that actually has that many , no point in buying only a 100m spool. The reason I am still sticking to Mosquito is because 1. Better equipment for other lakes is too expensive , and 2. I like to get the best out of a lake before I move on. First catch the best there is or close to it. I don't really do lake jumping in any fishing game. And according to the local leader board there is still much bigger fish for me to catch at Mosquito before moving on. So I don't have a problem to still be fishing at Mosquito for some time , would just have liked to get some more common carps , even if it is only 1 to 2kg as that's just a fish I personally like due to catching them IRL. And also to get and land all the big fish that constantly snapped my line when I was still on the Telestick. As far as damage is concerned , yes I have had to replace many bobbers and hooks already due to line snaps on my Telestick and due to the landing net not functioning. And that is exactly what I don't understand now. Now I have better and stronger equipment and suddenly all those big fish that snapped me on the stick has vanished. I was looking forward to be able to land those now with the much stronger feeder gear. But now I get smaller fish than I did with the telestick. But using same hook sizes and baits. So that has me both disappointed and frustrated at the moment cos where did the big fish suddenly vanish to that I regularly hooked and snapped on the stick. Next step for me will be that line , and will still stick to the small fish for a while and build up silver. Better hooks I will wait a bit until I am confident that my setup and different line is safe for everything I catch on the specific hook sizes I use. Because once again , better hooks are simply way too expensive and over priced to use unless you are 100% certain you're not gonna get a snap. I bought a better quality hook over the weekend. It lasted 10 minutes before the over priced hook was lost. ( one of the snaps on the stick ) It's so sad that there are so many content , but a player can't actually use it. I think I will come and ask for advice once I want to visit those lakes you mentioned on what one needs to have there. But I think that is still far away for me. Thanks again for all the advise. I appreciate it.
  9. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Thank you @JunkyJuke , nope not too complicated , I understand it all. Thank you for the effort into that explanation. Something I didn't think about is the amount of line on the reel due to the game not showing it in the GUI at all. I hooked something last night that ran and I started to panic because I thought to myself " This thing is going to spool me as I can't see how many line is left on the reel and how many length I have to play with ". ( The GUI really should show that and is something that should be added. One really should have an idea of how many line you have left during a fish fight ) So the obvious happened , I tightened drag to stop the run , and lost the fish. You made me think about that again now and I see that the reel description shows the amount of line it takes and I never really taken note of that as I am used to the GUI showing it in other games. I will definitely look into that now. Problem is with everything so extremely expensive in this game one doesn't have any options. Better gear and line can't be afforded. One simply can't enjoy and use the wealth of gear available due to the high prices. But , what you basically are saying , I must either 1. Buy a reel with more capacity spool for 0.28mm line , or 2. Buy line that is thinner hence will fit more onto the reel. And this is where the problem then comes in again with the game not showing how much line your reel has on. If I for example put 0.18mm on there , how will I know how much the 0.28mm reel actually has on ? Another question though , why am I not getting ANY common carp on my feeders , not even small ones bite ? That's something I don't understand. I only saw 1x 600g carp way in the beginning on my Telestick and another bigger one that snapped my line after I already had it dragged onto shore also on my Telestick. Why am I not getting any common carp at all on my feeders ? Just bad luck ?
  10. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Hi guys , can you please help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I got a feeder setup and have been trying for hours all around Mosquito but either catch nothing or only small roach and bream. I use the setup in picture 1 and feel that it can do much better than 200g roach and bream. I have tried hooks 12 to 2. I have tried baits worms , bloodworms , maggots and bread. ( diced potatoes and cheese was out of stock. ). I tried casting close , I tried casting maximum ( which is 26m for my character ). I tried all around the lake. What am I doing wrong guys ? Hook sizes too small ( 12 to 2 tried ) ? Baits not right ? Casting distance not right ? Not found the right spot ? I can't get a single carp or proper sized bream or tench. And many times I don't even get a bite. I even tried going lighter rig ( picture 2 ) but that didn't help either. Can you guys please give me advice on what I should do to get better sized fish than 200g ones. If I look at the local leader board there is proper size fish in Mosquito. But I just can't get one. Thank you
  11. RF4 goes to Steam

    How will the transition to Steam work ? What will happen to our current in-game character and content as well as things like gold and silver one has ? Will you have to use the non-steam version of the game to keep such things ? If you want to use the steam version will you have to start over with a new character and on a separate account ? Will the non-steam version of the game get shut down ? Or will there just be an option to link your current account to your steam account ?
  12. Farming silver

    Thank you , appreciate it. Wow I made a bit of a mistake and are gonna have a lot of silver I see hehehehe. EDIT: Another question , one can only convert gold to silver, one can't convert gold to premium yes ? Premium is only sold separately ?
  13. Float Fishing Q&A

    Ah ok boilies I know well , carp fishing is what I do IRL. But not on a float , ledger bottom fishing like one should. ( hence my dislike in floating )
  14. Float Fishing Q&A

    @fanta2234 Actually the bamboo with the feather float does the best of the two. I catch the most fish on that feather float. The other better rod with bigger float has the most misses. When I use 12 hooks I get fish that snaps my line. Even on that 3.9kg line. With everything so expensive 3.9kg is the best line I can afford right now. As that is the strongest the telescopic can handle. Even after 10+ hours I can't even buy a better telescopic. I tried 12 hooks 3 times. And lost my bobber and hook 3 times. Then the very little profit have to go into replacement bobbers. So I am forced to stick to 14 and 16's until I can eventually afford a better telescopic that can handle 6kg line at least. ( I don't know the size of the fish snapping my line ) I don't understand how a small 12 hook can catch something that breaks 3.9kg line. Oh well. I hate the float fishing in this game. I would rather move on to feeder or spinning. But neither of that is an option either as that is also too expensive. Hence my frustration and venting. One is forced to struggle and grind. One can't choose which type of fishing you want to do and prefer. Currently I will have to grind for a better telescopic that can handle stronger line. Then will use only 12 and 10 hooks and see if that improves. Will also have a look at the price of better hooks and IF it is affordable or not. But mainly I want to go to feeder ( bottom ) fishing. But don't even know yet what I need for that ( what rod specifically , the rods are very confusing ) , and what it will cost to start with feeder. Haven't found a guide on feeder fishing for this game yet.
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