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  1. Report a Bug

    Hello Kukroach Please make sure you are at the right workshop where you had the repairs done. As of the shortcut it will stay in that slot even if it is in the repair shop. If you select it will not show up you will get pop up say the rod is in the repair shop.
  2. Suggestions

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  6. Campfire stories

    Hello Zed895 As you start out you are a rookie in fishing and time goes on you gain experience and silver, this is how the game is designed. In the beginning you don't have to spend to much silver on food or baits. All you need is a shovel , a catch net, and the float rod that you get in the beginning . For food their is canteen trailer near the tackle shop which you can eat once a in game day. Now when you start leveling up take your skill points and invest them in what you want to do. ( float fishing,spin fishing,bottom fishing ). The skill tree will open up different skill as you go on. Now on every catch that you get keep them to get the silver and only buy what you need don't over spend. You want to save your silver for the future use like gear and stuff. For my experience what I did float and bottom fishing until I opened up Spinning rod. I took my skill point invested in the spinning reel and what ever I wanted to do through out my experience to be where I am today. Yes it is a grind but I have a lot fun with this game and I still enjoy it where it stand today.
  7. Report a Bug

    please contact support@rf4game.com for a file that will fix this issue
  8. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Correct the only time you will see it is when you have in hand when you are setting it up. But once you cast it in the water you will not see it when you hit V or G key.
  9. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Once the rod is cast the pva stick dissolves in the water. This why you will not see it when you hit V or G. In the top left shows you the info of your set. I hope this helps you on this matter.
  10. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Can you provide a screenshot of your setup.
  11. Baits Q&A

    It is in your crafting menu
  12. Baits Q&A

    The potatoes are in the farmers market at Winding Rivulet and Sura
  13. Donets Ruffe

    Time: 1:05 weather: cloudy Temp: 14.6 Location: Winding Rivulet 97:109
  14. Game Startup Issues

    He is a link that will help you to fix your download issues. If you still having an issue please contact support@rf4game.com
  15. Connectivity issues

    Thank you we will look into it, To further assist you please follow the instructions above and send to support@rf4game.com
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