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  1. Groundbait Q&A

    Hi topdog5050 You can buy them at the Tackle Store under groundbait in Additives section.
  2. Technical Issues

    Hi FishOku Yes there is please send your request to support@rf4game.com with the steam username and the email address that is going to be associated with that username.
  3. Technical Issues

    We are aware player still having issue to login into the Steam version. Thank you for the report.
  4. Technical Issues

    Thank you for the report we are looking into the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Other

    Hi Ruts Yes, their is drawbacks when not eating and drinking. You have the bars in the lower left hand corner Energy,Food,Health,Comfort. If you do not eat or drink you energy,food and comfort will go down will effect the ability of the character to handle the fish and how long it takes you bring in the fish. The Health bar is when you drink alcohol it will good down this will show how drunk you are. This has advantage and disadvantage when drinking alcohol such as when drink alcohol it will give extra XP when bring in the fish, but when you drink to much alcohol and the bar is all the way down you are drunk and it will effect how you handle the fish . Your Comfort bar is how the character is feeling the way to bring that is food and drink just like your energy bar. If these both bars are down it will effect the characters ability of handling the fish and casting. There are certain food and drinks that will bring your both bars up such as Honey, Coke, Tea,Coffee or and thing that has sugar, caffeine that will bring up your energy and comfort. What will bring up your health bar if you drink to much alcohol is sour cream or over time it will slowly move up. But you have to remember to much alcohol will affect how you handle the fish that will a high chance of losing the fish or breaking your gear. I hope this answer your question about the drawbacks when not eating and drinking.
  6. Other

    Hi OnedeTvAlt This is last time I’m going to explain to you why you were sent to prison. A player made an complaint on what you have said in chat. Which was a word that is blacklist on our TOS (Terms of Service). So you broke the TOS so you go to prison. Like I said to you before it doses not matter if you are in a Public or Private room. And also, the rule apply to PMs (private message) as well. The only time we investigate private rooms or PMs when there is complaint is filed. This was not Technical issue you were expressing your opinion on this matter. So your post was move to this topic.
  7. Other

    Hi OndeTvAlt There was a complaint was made on what you said in chat. You said a blacklisted word so that is why you went to prison for. It dose not matter if you are in Public or Private room the TOS still applies. So in this case a complaint was on you and we see what was said and it broke the TOS. If any player is trying to work around offensive word or racist word the same rules apply. Yes you have to catch the X amount weight of the fish to get out prison that you were sent for.
  8. Technical Issues

    Nope you are good Thank you for letting us know.
  9. Other

    Hi Iboo At this time we are working on the French translation of the game. As soon it is done and implemented we will inform through the official ways: website forums,steam,and social media. You can submit any ideas to the Suggestion Topic on the web site. http://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/35-suggestions/ For the shovel you can put it in one of slots 1.2.3 but you will lose a slot for a rod. If you choose to have only two rods out at one time. I'm also moving your post to the the Topic: Other Regard jlkeys
  10. Other

    You had this in Bug Report this not a bug so I moved it to other.
  11. Technical Issues

    No your post was not deleted it was move to the Topic Other or if want us to delete it we will do it for you.
  12. Other

    It will be release soon just keep your eye out on the forums and social media.
  13. Report a Bug

    Hi cog I'm glad that you found your reel and I'll remove your post for you.
  14. Other

    HI anaalkabaal24 The TOS ( Terms of Service) applies to every chat even PM ( private message ). Unfortunately their is no early release program you have to pay the penalty for your actions. The only way you can get out is fish your way out. Good Luck! jlkeys
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