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  1. Other

    Hi stuarty35 If you don't remember the key binds you can hit F1 on your keyboard to see the key binds. For question it is Backspace key puts into your backpack you can also go into your settings and change your key binds, but their are some you can not change.
  2. Report a Bug

    Thank you Geordiboy I'm glad that it rectified itself and if it happens again could you please provide a screenshot or a video of this issue. This will help for reproducing this issue or any issue that players might have.
  3. Technical Issues

    Please send this to support@rf4game.com
  4. Report a Bug

    HI Goerdiboy I have a question did you reel in all your line in when this happened? The reason I'm try to reproduce this issue that you had.
  5. Report a Bug

    You can try this do a trace report to see your connection and ping. This what do for a trace report run admin command prompt and put in tracert rf4game.com hit enter. Let it run and see what is your connection and ping. If it is not very good you try to reset your router and modem and try it again. It is your connection between you and the server that will cause the chat to do that list player with numbers instead of names.
  6. Report a Bug

    Thank you for your report we are currently looking into it.
  7. Other

    Hi f1shbee Coffee, Tea, Cola anything sugary snacks will bring up your energy
  8. RF4 goes to Steam

    Hi Aibehn At this time we do not have a ETA on the Steam release . Once we get the ETA for the release it will be announce here on the forums and on steam. Just keep an eye out it is coming soon.
  9. Technical Issues

    Hi Yoman2822 You can turn off the fog in your setting to improve your FPS.
  10. Report a Bug

    Thank you for the report and we are glad that chat is working again for you.
  11. Technical Issues

    We are currently working on the issue with the house storage and looking to get it fix as soon possible.
  12. Technical Issues

    The severs were restart do to technical issue with the patch. They are working on it and you may experience some disconnects. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause you. We thank you for your patience in this issue while this is being resolved.
  13. Report a Bug

    Can you post a screenshot of your setup?
  14. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Marcelo If you have unlocked ability to use carp rods the ones are already unlocked is Persey Carp,Classic Model Carp,Fortuna Carp. What ever you can afford all three of them are good rods.
  15. Report a Bug

    Thank you for your report their will be and a fix for this on Saturday 5/19 @ 2 am.
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