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  1. Technical Issues

    cant connect to servers was fine yesterday and it just started :[
  2. Sura River

    :[ what i am doing wrong ??
  3. Sura River

    Hmm ok another slow fishing on Sura whats goin on ?
  4. Sura River

    So Sura seems dead again wasted 1hr
  5. Kuori Lake

    i have been doin it
  6. Kuori Lake

    1h at kuori 6 fish 7 silver pff joke
  7. Sura River

    well siting on Sura seing people puling fish out and i am not catching any
  8. Sura River

    Came to Sura today and this is the resoult iv tried changing hooks/baits/spots nothing 3h 21min so not happy with spining :[
  9. Sura River

    i agree they need to be worth more and lil bit more exp
  10. Sura River

    Well Sura is filled with catfish every lure i use i get a catfish thought they got nerfed :[
  11. Baits Q&A

    are u Devs thinking of adding stronger Fluo Carbon Leaders to the game atm 12kg is the biggest and was wondering if you could think about it to be added Thanks
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