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  1. Volkhov River

    yup this spot is well know for Ide since 2 weeks
  2. Sura River

    best spot for Ide is at Volkhov spawning zone, 164.109 with salmon 14
  3. Kuori Lake

    spot : 112.93 feeders setup : screenshot bait : Garlic Dough fishing time : 1h20mn Casting distance : 70.80% with sinker 84gr
  4. Bear Lake

    spot : same spot setup : screenshot deph : 1m10 bait : Potatoes+Egg Dough fishing time : 1h22mn the trophy common took me 20mn fight, same with the stupid 13kg grass carp, this explain the low number of fish, coz i ran far aways from 55.33
  5. Bear Lake

    spot : 55.33 setup : screenshot float - Rig with Waggler bait used : Cream Mango 20+potatoes (i tried Cream Mango 20+Egg Dough and caught few good fish included the Leather carp 19.963kg) Fishing time : 7h (but included 2h for the competion and as usual i always take less and smaller fish during competition - My average number of fish is 25-30/h, during the competition i only caught 10 fish in 2h, so you can substract the 2h competition from the 7h, when i started the comp i had 78 fish in my keepnet after 4h of fishing, 88 fishs at the end of comp and caught the 11 last fish in 30mn) PS : If you use braid+leader you will have correct biterate, but less than if you use only mono as shown on the Last screenshot So why i use the braid+leader setup, that's simple, because at 55.33 the fish can run aways more than 200m in straight line and with the Mono setup you have only 117m line in the spool so if trophy or 20kg+ it's almost impossible. Always choose wisely your setup with the spot you want to use only Mono without leader = best biterate but you can lose big fishs even if you try to follow them. Braid+leader less bierate but more line on the spool for big fishs PS 2 : This fishnet was made only with 2 feeders
  6. Old Burg Lake

    spot : 47.20 setup : same setup time range for Eel : 17h - 11h degree : below 15° fishing time : 8 nights, with a break for dinner 2h Eels : 25 Chineese sleeper : 24 burbot : 1
  7. Old Burg Lake

    type N and you can craft this bait at 50% just need fish between 500gr to 15kg
  8. Old Burg Lake

    First night at Old Burg Feeder spot 47.20 setup : screenshot weather : raining
  9. Old Burg Lake

    spot : 06.60 and 25.28 bait : cheese
  10. Old Burg Lake

    spot : 37.57 and 24.29 float or feeder time : night hook size : 6 bait : Fish piece
  11. Bear Lake

    same setup, each time i go bear lake, i can't catch more than 10-15 fish in 2-3 irl hours, i gave up with bear lake not productive and boring for me.
  12. Belaya

    all ppl know this is not a profitable map, now ppl go there to try records, brown, taimen, cat and leave.
  13. Sura River

    So i did not give up and finally caught another one 500gr left for trophy seriously LOL spot : 17.53 setup : screenshot fight time : 1h20mn bait : Fish piece The 2 big cat caught today, the one i lost and this one with Fish piec
  14. Sura River

    yes it was a monster, 2x bigger than the 67kg yesterday, sad i can't take a screenshot But, it's confirmed there is 'im sure 100kg+ in the 4.5m hole
  15. Sura River

    2h26mn fight, the biggest cat i caught, 2m from the shore, line break ..............
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