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  1. Technical Issues

    Hey Devs can you please help. I was asked by support to run an file and send opt log to support but its been awile and I haven't heard anything can you let me no please if I need to resend or if there is anything I can do to help id really like to get the game working..
  2. Technical Issues

    yes tryd that but thanks for trying
  3. Technical Issues

    anyone got any ideas why I get a white screen when using 1440p on windows 10 64. gtx 1080 ti strinx I am being helpd buy dev team on steam but wile im waiting thought id ask on here incase anyone has an idea
  4. Technical Issues

    I tryd but they said its not being recived so thought id put it there to try and help sorry for that
  5. Technical Issues

    can somone help me im getting a white screen at log in on a gtx 1080 ti. I have latsest drivers and have tryd full screen and windowd mode with same issue please help
  6. Campfire stories

    Hello Fishers... Could use your help please. Can someone explain to me how gears work on reels please? as I'm very confused on the issue, when picking my reels have always gone for the reels with the best drag as I assumed that's what's most important. But I have noticed that there are reels with a much lower drag at a far higher price its very confusing...
  7. Campfire stories

    Come on R,F,4... NO EASTER DEALS . was hoping to get a load of gold. is there any news when the next sale will be please?. ow happy easter
  8. Problems with payments

    Yes, again I do apologise the mistake was with ME and the way my bank handles payments over the weekend now. Its showed as a D,D even though its none recurring. as for email checked again in inbox,other,junk and cant find it not sure why. but everything is ok now thanks and sorry again
  9. Problems with payments

    Hello id like to apologise after contacting my bank again. I have found out that there has been changes to the way my bank makes payments over the weekend and the charge on the 16th was for the payment made on the 12th and not a recurring direct debit charge. I'm Very sorry for MY mistake.
  10. Problems with payments

    One more thing if I haven't had a reply within 24 hours I will be forced to cancel all direct debit charges via my bank as I haven't agreed to (ANY) direct debit with Russian fishing 4.ive only agreed to single one off payments.
  11. Problems with payments

    hello my premium is about to run out and I haven't had a reply after 2 days about the issues I had being charged by direct debit on the 16th for a payment I made on the 12th. and before I make another payment I want to make sure I'm not setting up a direct debit or being charged twice for a single purchase can someone please take the time to help me.
  12. Problems with payments

    thanks think I did it all right hehe its sent
  13. Problems with payments

    do you want the payment from the 12th ? I just wanna no how I was charged today for a payment made on the 12th plz.
  14. Problems with payments

    ive checked and I have no email for any payments made today. my bank says payment was a direct debit and was taken out of my account today 16th by paypal. I contact paypal and they informed me the payment was from the 12th and charged today. so I'm really confused as I assumed all payments were one off payments.
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