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  1. Other

    Shops stock only gear appropriate to the map level and fish population / species and fishing style focus (spinning float etc.) of that map. Therefore some item are not stocked in some maps and so will always show as out of stock on that map..
  2. Technical Issues

    We apologize for tonight's interruption of service. Many thanks to the many players that kept us informed as we worked on solving the issue. We have removed the posts to avoid clutter but wish to express our sincere thanks. With your constant stream of updates we were able to track the situation as it unfolded. You guys are the best. Thanks!
  3. Technical Issues

    Thank you for the reports Guys! Everyone's patience is much appreciated.
  4. Technical Issues

    Thank you, we are aware that steam is still down.
  5. Technical Issues

    This is a space to report technical issues, please refrain from commentaries so that we can track actual reports.
  6. Technical Issues

    Hello Players, We understand how frustrating a service interruption can be. Rest assured that everything that can be done is being done. In the USA it is past 3 in the morning but we have mods monitoring the situation and watching the forum here and on steam. We ask for your patience and will have things in order as fast as can be done.
  7. Baits Q&A

    @Ursu Just to be clear, I respect your opinion and your willingness to take the time to express it. More than anything I wanted you to know why your original post was deleted. The game is not perfect and some things will frustrate some people. Sorry that this particular mechanic bugs you.
  8. Baits Q&A

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. Posts are deleted when they are full of profanity and when they are nothing more than rants and accusations with insults directed at admins and devs. Another case is when a game mechanic is mistakenly claimed as a bug. "...I like to think it's a BUG and it will be solved in the next updates..." The mod who deleted your post took it as a bug report on something that was not a bug. You are welcome to share your opinion in a mature and respectful manor. Also THREATS are against our TOS but I will not delete your current post as it demonstrates that you seem to think that one gets more done by being rude and threatening.
  9. Baits Q&A

    A failure at cutting fish indicates that you mangled the fish so badly that it is unusable. I grant you that 18 lbs of fish is a lot of fish to fail.
  10. Campfire stories

    WARNING: Lend or trade items at your own risk. This is not to imply that this poster is untrustworthy, rather it is to warn players that the game devs, admins and moderators have no means to protect you or get you justice if a player screws you over on a trade or lending of gear. If you do trades or lending you do so at your own risk.
  11. Are small hooks worthless? (Sizes 11-18)

    Yeah in steam I did indeed say that I don't get to play as much as I want to. I still manage to play daily. As for aggressive responses being passion for the game, this is why your post stayed up. I recognize that you are trying to help.
  12. Other

    Actually it is a mode of specificity, while 'tackle' is used in both the singular and plural 'worn out tackle' speaks of all tackle 'a tackle' implies that a particular item may be the cause. just splitting hairs
  13. Are small hooks worthless? (Sizes 11-18)

    I play the game on a daily basis and I am not regurgitating past posts. The OP asked if small hooks were useless, I was speaking of how they can be useful not disputing any info on the effect of large hooks on bites or catch sizes. OP's Question: "are small hooks useless?" - my answer: 'Small hooks are useful for bream, ide, the smaller carp species, etc". I then expressed that I mostly fish small hooks to show that they are indeed able to be made use of. I take no offence to your arrogant reply but do suggest you keep your answers polite.
  14. Are small hooks worthless? (Sizes 11-18)

    Hook size does matter. What bait you use will be limited by hook size and certain hooks will be better for certain species. in the user guide on the web site there are some hints about hook sizes based on species. Small hooks are useful for bream, ide, the smaller carp species, etc. many species are easily spooked and large hooks can reduce their bites just like bright line. I almost always us between an 8 and 16 hook except when targeting big guys like the larger carp or salmon.
  15. Lines

    Flouro leaders will indeed help make line color less important however they are not mandatory if correct line colors are used for the water conditions
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