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  1. Sura River

    Holy cow! That’s a crazy net!
  2. Sura River

    *cornmeal porridge sorry lol
  3. Sura River

    Sura can be such a lotto sometimes. You either hit big or miss. I went away from comp but this was all caught before a full day in sura, around 50 min total. Nice when sura produces.. but brutal when it goes flat! Rhino baits for the sturgeons, Nightcrawlers + oatmeal porridge for wilds. Hot pepper and atlantic mussel boilies also working well. 7.5m hole. Again it can be terrible or its on fire, really random for me lol
  4. Sura River

    What spot at the pond are you fishing?? I could never catch common there.
  5. Zander

    Very nice! So they are still there
  6. Sura River

    Ohh okay! I was going to say please teach me how haha! also regarding stacking of alcohol:
  7. Sura River

    47 min total?? On that setup? There’s simply no way, it takes me an hour an 10 min on a 28kg with gold 80 same line and drag set at 29. My 40kg was 1 hour on mayor 19kg and 50lb line 29 friction fight. Very nice fish tho, so close to trophy
  8. Zander

    My first trophy zander jigging 7.5m sura. Was a bit ago, locations probably changed by now.
  9. Pike

    Not as nice as above, Volkhov at railway area using the purple minnow lure.. forget name lol. caught this a bit ago. My first trophy pike.
  10. Nase

    G4 3m area Redworms, Helped me get 1st in comp
  11. Report a Bug

    So not sure if it’s a bug or was intended, the honey you bought in sura would always give a boost to energy like alcohol would. However now it does not and I didn’t see anything in patch notes regarding this change.
  12. Sura River

    Wow awesome! Thanks for the share!
  13. Steam Release

    Awesome! Congratulations, I look forward to future content! Especially them beluga reels and the fish
  14. Sura River

    It’s atleast 80m cast I been told. I did 85/86m with fortuna carp max points and reach the 7m. Got a 40kg sturgeon from it. Only issue is how long it takes to reel in lol
  15. Competitions Q&A

    That’s incredible the participants with global especially sura. Making top places in those would be great! Beating out 200+ others you can feel like a champ lol
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