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  1. Campfire stories

    So earlier I had the BIGGEST atlantic ever. Fishing on pier with my feeders and spin, catching breams.. rainy day.. casted with my hunter 1-02.. as soon as it hits the water.. this mutant of a fish smashes it. I never seen my gold 80s scream so bad. I couldnt stop it, 350m line I hoped would be enough. It went to the island across.. stopped.. found its way right and headed towards the dam at lightning speed. My line indicator is dropping fast and panic began to set in. Unable to jump into my boat I took my chances and ran after the fish. I made it all the way to the dam getting back half of my line. This fish then turned and screamed my drag south of the dam. I was at the mercy of this fish, no where left to run and I just watched my 350m line get ripped off as if I used a 3000s reel. All I could get was a picture of the final moment before I alt F4. Never... never have I ever encountered such a fish in this game this insane. I am now trolling with amazing luck in volkov, this people.. was the fish that got away lol Forget kuori!! Volkov is WAY better! Braid + steel leaders to =D
  2. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Oh really?? All this time I thought it was reducing the overall kg load. Interesting. The more I know! Lol
  3. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Another note is using heavie line will help preserve you being able to use heavy load on fish. As in if you just get a 15kg line for the 14kg reel, once your line is like 10% you will have lost 1.5kg of line strength making it 13.5kg line. Another reason why im using 42lb braid on my 14kg gold 80s. It will take much longer before I need to replace the line cause I can utilize my reels power without breaking the line. The trade off however is if you max drag while fighting, your going to break the reel and not the line.. a raging mistake it would be lol. Reels regardless of line used are are worn out faster the higher your friction is set to. So big fish on a 28-29 friction setting is gonna cause big damage to the friction. Apparently tho braid line wears ur reel out faster than mono? Most likely because mono stretches and takes more pressure before drag kicks in. That’s my guess lol
  4. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Your tension bar would be at the near breaking point. But yes sounds right to me. But when fish give a good tug they will break u for sure lol. I’m no expert but heavier line helps when a fish is tired out you can haul them in easier on a max drag setting. Also mistake me if I’m wrong but line will wear out faster if you are pulling at ur lines capacity a lot rather than pulling like 70% of your lines max. Tho please someone correct me about this if wrong.
  5. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Wait until you are at 30-35% friction and / or mechanic. And they say 50% on bearings, oil, spool. The cost is the same within a span like 1-10% costs 20 silver, 11-20% costs 35 silver, 21-30% costs 50 silver etc. You save by repairing it less frequently. The cost isn’t based on the exact repair % needed. Hope that helps also.. don’t repair at kuori.. costs a fortune there to buy anything and repair anything lol
  6. Kuori Lake

    Such weather imo should make for very active trout and burbot. Maybe I’ll try trolling and hope for a weekly lol
  7. Campfire stories

    Everyone! Incoming update, maybe JUST maybe our fishing woes will be given light!! Lol. Seriously tho I am really really hoping to see some positive changes.
  8. Campfire stories

    The game is run on server, there is no pause lol. The game is a on going living environment. Every 24 in game hours is 1 real life hour that passes by. If you log off your character won’t get hungry, it will then pause the hunger meter. If you leave game running regardless if in menu or not the timer is always going. Ps. Your post including my response will 99.9% chance be moved to campfire discussion, these sections are reserved for info regarding the specific lakes / rivers lol
  9. Bear Lake

    Without using fluro leaders yep bite rate is terrible all around lol. Check the ppl catching fish and their levels, they most likely have 75% feeder skill. If not ask them what their setups are
  10. Campfire stories

    Well guys.. I finished up a 5 straight day marathon at kuori which I realized every 24 game hours is 1 real life hour lol. Not going to lie, the punishment for not allowing pike to cut me off is just way to harsh. I want people who are using fluro leaders give some stats on how they are doing for catch rates. Here is my results for using a steel leader setup. Day 1: 7 Fish Day 2: 9 Fish Day 3 11 Fish Day 4 10 Fish Day 5 19 Fish (Night feeder finally caught something!) Pictures of the longest time since first catch and total catch plus sell value. Sorry dev's this is not fun at all. 5 Hours is just a very long time for these kind of results just because I don't want pike to eat my line off
  11. Kuori Lake

    If u guys using floro leader your going to lose your stuff to pike trust me. Your income will be hurt. I made 265 silver in 3h 45m with 35lb braid and 15kg steel leader. Going to try more Today and see what my results are
  12. Campfire stories

    Using braid and floro setup for trolling trout works great, it’s just such a shame so many pike bite to. If I am going to lose my setup it’s gonna be to a line break from being stupid, I’m over losing such expensive lures and hooks over stupid pike lol. I remember before patch in 3 hours I would avg probably 120-150 fish. So now it’s roughly 50 fish having to use steel is quite the drop. I want to use floro so bad, wish pike couldn’t cut it off
  13. Campfire stories

    So.. after another 3 hours 46 minutes real life time. this was the result.. 50 fish. Fishing is.. very very slow. luckily for some good catches but the bite rates are harsh lol
  14. Campfire stories

    Ok so 2.5 days at kuori using 15kg steel leader, my result. burbots from night feeder which was 35lb mono line, very low bite rate lol Also got a weekly Grayling! Hunter 01-03 and hypnotics were used with Beserk ultra S2 hooks. Trouts are biting steel, but im doing very aggressive stop and go trolling otherwise no bites at all lol
  15. Campfire stories

    Apologies cady dady. Thought it was cause u quoted and spoke that I caught nothing since.. which no I logged off after that catch and went to bed lol. Anyways guys I have some good news. I lost my 120 silver lure yet again to a monster pike. Fed up with floro I went back to 15kg steel and crossed my fingers to get something. To my my surprise I just got 8 fish, 4 and 5kg lake trout, 2.5kg Arctic char. And 2-3kg pikes. Steel is actually working again. same lures same hook sizes. Again bite is not like it use to be so please don’t think I’m saying it’s great but this has been a huge improvement since the release of patch for me. I am trolling with constant stops to allow free fall and they keep biting while lures fall. I will keep testing and post my results. aslong as I can catch trout without anymore stupid pike biting off my leader I will take whatever I can get lol
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