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  1. Pike

    So 9kg isn’t trophy. Wow what is the trophy for pike now anyways? I been curious.
  2. Sura River

    No. It can’t be 0% freshness. I normally wait up to 22 hours max before I give up and sell lol
  3. Sura River

    Wow that’s interesting! My 26kg just took me 44 min lol. That’s some goodluck. Hope an order shows up for you!
  4. Sura River

    30min!? How. I use the same rod, mayor 19 at 29 friction and 42kg is an hour 10 min lol and this is a fully repaired reel. Very nice fish tho!
  5. Russian Sturgeon

    It’s been quite a while for anyone to post a trophy sturgeon here. Rhino currently seem good for sterlet. Sturgeon though have become very hard to figure out. I got a few okay ones on redworm. Ive yet to catch a single trophy tho. Looking for help. I use: baits- redworm, NC, rhino, cockchafer larva. GB- corn flour, bloodworm, dried crusts, zebra, crayfish. using loop rig max points. Maybe trophy sturgeon have become much more rare lately? Seems so much changed with sturgeon over a month ago. Anyone who is doing well maybe if you can share some new info since last post is July 10th.
  6. Sura River

    Currently 98:40 (7.5m hole) using redworms only has been pretty good. Best part.. NO CATS! Decent sterlet bite rate, sturgeons also biting. Got a 28kg yesterday. Just thought I share if looking to make decent silver / time invested. This was 1 hour 37 min of fishing. Ive been getting decent sterlets over 3kg earlier. Hoping maybe a trophy possible lol Temps over 22oC causes slow fishing during day.
  7. Belaya

    Wow!! That intensity is off the charts! And using white bream mix interesting. I will try this out!
  8. Sura River

    It is so nice sura is finally back again! 7.5m, ran out of time before my appointment but had a 40+ cat on which would have given me around 90+ more silver. I am just happy sturgeons are back lol. My GB's have been really good .. this is less than an hour of fishing.
  9. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Hey guys. So with new river out, my ability to cast far is not good on spin lol. just want to know, with a cast rod / cast reel max points is going to cast further than a spin rod / spin reel setup? Didnt want to dump silver for same distance results
  10. Belaya

    What bait are you using. Are rhino working again? Lol
  11. Technical Issues

    Noooo! The game server disconnected while I had a huge catfish on. It was 4:35pm est time. How big was it? I am curious if I got robbed a trophy cat lol right now server is very wonky, no players at all showing. Did everyone get D/C?
  12. Sura River

    Very nice! So 60% cast, but this is in the 7.5m water still right?
  13. Sura River

    Yeah I watched spasma get one on a mole cricket. I will try that area again. I was getting sterlets at the 8m but no sturgeon.
  14. Black Carp

    This is... just unreal. 2.3 MILLION exp!!! That is the king of kings! I think you win weekly haha!
  15. Sura River

    Oh man... why are sturgeon so extinct for last 3 weeks. I miss catching them.
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