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  1. Patch notes and Announcements

    Tonight 11pm est server restart. Patch fix for Steam wallet purchases for existing RF4 profiles.
  2. Steam purchased Gold or Premium

    To all RF4 players that have purchased Gold or Premium through Steam for your existing RF4 profile and the gold or premium went to your steam profile instead, please send an email to support@rf4game.com from your email that is registered to your Rf4 profile requesting a transfer.
  3. Steam Release

    Jackeytang925, There will be an option soon to change this yourself, If you do not wish to wait you can request a change to support@rf4game.com from your registered email.
  4. Report a Bug

    RiftQuakeNZL, Have you tried other workshops as the one that you are currently trying may be out of parts.
  5. RF4 goes to Steam

    This is still being worked and there is no date for when it will be complete we will release language packs when they are done.
  6. Steam Release

    Pl69, start the game once in game you need to hold shift and hit exit.
  7. Report a Bug

    Thank you for you report, I think that you will find that you need only to wait for the animation to complete before trying to dig again or change to your rods doing so to quickly will cause this issue we are aware of it and are looking for a solution,.
  8. Report a Bug

    Well ScatterBrain, Sorry you think this is a bug but it is not the game initializes the sound card hardware through its loading process and cannot be changed once started you will find that many of the new games that are starting to use 3d sound hardware will react the same way so if you want the sound from your speakers the set them as your default sound device where as the game sees your usb sound device as default that is the device it will initialize first sorry there is nothing else that we can do to change this there is nothing wrong with your game so this is not a bug further post about this issue will be removed.
  9. Technical Issues

    This was posted here on the forum as well you will find it in patch notes and announcements
  10. Technical Issues

    We were aware of the past issue hence the reason we started asking for connection reports as the past issue was caused by a network slow down as we were receiving the reports this time it did not show the same slow down, And started looking elsewhere for the problem and a player found the cause, We tested it to make sure before we posted that it indeed was the issue with players running this software thank you for your input but adding this information to the conversation can lead to confusion for this issue.
  11. Technical Issues

    Cranknorris are you getting this issue now? If not then it is unrelated to this issue as Malwarebytes just had an update the other day and several of the team have installed and tested it, Indeed this is the issue for people using this software.
  12. Competition Announcements

    winners have been paid congratz
  13. Technical Issues

    So Guys at this time the only Fix is that you need to turn off malwarebytes program when playing Rf4 as there is not much we can do with 3rd party apps. Thank you all for searching this out
  14. Competition Announcements

    Prizes have been awarded for the comps here congrats to the winners.
  15. Competition Announcements

    Prizes for these comps have been paid out congrats to all
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