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  1. Skill tree discussions

    I was able to use waggler at 66% (waggler 70%) with rebellion but you can't put points in the skill.
  2. Bear Lake

    Care to clarify that statement? I mean, from my experience, every fish has a timeframe/weather preferences but it usually doesn't stop you from catching a random trophy during "not prime condition". I might be mistaken but in FP, you had no chance of unique outside the timeframes. That is spreadsheet fishing.
  3. Skill tree discussions

    I heard from Lady's stream that the translator forgot to add the bits that says "also increase chance of trophy". Making the skill points + rebellion rod a must at bear imo
  4. Bear Lake

    I had luck with sunflower 20, sweet corn 20 and coconut and cream 22. Using Loop rig (method was very slow). I don't get a lot of carp but a trophy every 1-2h
  5. Are small hooks worthless? (Sizes 11-18)

    Well put MQ. I think we all understand that the game is not complete but the devs/admin never admits or communicate the current issues and the generic admin answer are tiresome.
  6. Campfire stories

    @Tenzen, I said it's slow for pike. I think everyone agrees that frogs and ruffe works good for burbot and char. sometimes a lakie or saven. Although, how long does it take to farm 10 ruffle and 10 frogs? You have to take that into account on your profit imo
  7. Campfire stories

    You know what I meant with dead, we can call it slow from now on. And you know as well as me that you can't prove you get more trophy with another rig due to spot change and lake "slowlyness". People are catching plenty of trophies with loop rig, even paternoster... I switched to it a while ago and caught trophies too. Most people don't have method and do just as good. Of course I'm going to use the rig specialized to fish for carp. It doesn't feel better to me though or it's just so hard to tell.
  8. Campfire stories

    @levo I think you took my post a bit too personal, I never said it was completely broken but it needed some work. I clearly stated it works great for burbot and char. Yes I believe higher rig should be better since it's a long grind to get to it. People are pulling as much trophy carp with loop rig than method and it shouldn't be. I don't say that it should just be trophies with method, but at least notice a difference. We have low level comp/med for a reason. I might just be bad at it but I tried live bait in kuori in the pike alley and it didn't get good results. Partly cloudy, rainy... Givel, crucian, perch. We expect it be more rewarding since you have to spend time to farm it or go full pay to win. Also your post came out of no where defending baitfish and I stated my opinion. Edit: on a note for method, it doesn't help that lakes goes dead for a week (bear) and be crazy good another week, catch 4-5 trophies in a night
  9. Campfire stories

    To be honest, you can get a trophy burbot easily without live bait and it was always good for burbot and char when they are bitting. I think people expect it to work better for predatory fish like pike and I agree with them. For the effort to gather the baitfish, you want it to work better than lure or at least just as good.
  10. Technical Issues

    Lol I had the same issue, they programmed some magic keystroke instead of adding a logoff button. Press ESC in game, hold Shift and click on the "Quit" button
  11. Other

    True honey doesn't give comfort anymore or very little. Nerf not in the patch or bug?
  12. Steam Release

    Thank you!
  13. Steam Release

    I created a new account by accident with the steam launcher. Now I don't have the choice to log on another account and automatically logging with that new account. Is there a way to revert that?
  14. Other

    That's what I wrote and it doesn't answer the question.
  15. Other

    Hi, The following statement doesn't tell us much. Can you elaborate please? More fish, less fish, migration change? The balance of fish populations on Winding River and Mosquito has been adjusted. Thanks, PL
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