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  1. Technical Issues

    I have a lot of stuttering and lagging on the Volkhov map,specifically in the base. On other maps everything is fine. Can you tell me what it is about? Thank in advance Fender
  2. Spinners

    Try to find on Youtube ... You will find many useful tips (Type "russian fishing 4 spinning techniques")
  3. Leather Carp

    30 minutes of real time, patience and lots, lots of alcohol
  4. Leather Carp

    My "Pig"
  5. Common Barbel

    Same spot like hawker
  6. Common Barbel

    My Barbel
  7. Eel

    118:120 - Volkhov, Feeder,Hook #4,Redworm...
  8. Eel

  9. Old Burg Lake

  10. Baits Q&A

    At Winding Rivulet and the Sura River (farmers market)
  11. Groundbait Q&A

    Groundbait / Additives / Fly Maggots...
  12. Baits Q&A

    And Ground biscuits IS Cookies (Ide groundbait additive)
  13. Technical Issues

  14. Technical Issues

    Every 5-6 minutes I have disconnections in the game. Does anyone else have a similar problem?
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