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  1. Competition Announcements

    Time for another comp, this time announcing it well ahead to get as many contestants as possible. When: March 10, 17.00 UTC Where: Revealed on comp day How: 3 species revealed on comp day, 48h event How much: 25 Silver Read more on http://petaks01.eu/competition.html
  2. Competition Announcements

    Starting with a fun and friendly 12h comp to try out the competition feature, no entry fee and everyone above level 10 can join. Look for: "petaks01 FFC" in the comp. list tonight. Scheduled start is 2018-02-14 20.00 CET (19.00 UTC) and lobby is up 10 minutes before start on English servers. Top 3 will receive some kind of price (Need to be a follower on the Twitch channel to claim prize)
  3. Streams and Vids

    Fairly new to the streaming thing on Twitch but do at least 6 days a week with a enjoyable mix of relaxed fishing, hunting and some adventure/action games on weekends. Used to do mainly racing but switched to these games as viewer count was too low to compete with the sponsored channels doing the same game. Start of weekday stream is 18.00 CET and on weekends I begin at 09.00 CET, jump in and eat your breakfast while watching me fail. English and Swedish spoken in channel. twitch.tv/petaks01 Yes, I know that the screenshot is from FP but I didn't have RF4 installed when I made the image.
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