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  1. Suggestions

    I don't know where else to put this, so it's gonna end up here. This will most likely be seen as a whine post, if i had seen this post 4 months ago i would have called bullshit aswell. But here goes. I really don't enjoy this game anymore, i just reached level 37 after taking a few weeks break, i came back to fish a little, and i have'nt really caught any fun fish. I know the fish are there, as i see other players are catching them, but i just cant seem to catch em. What i have found after a week of being sick and being able to play for 5-6 hours straight, is that the longer time i fish, the better the fish gets. So when i get home from work and have about 2-3 hours to fish at night, i have no chance of catching a decent fish, as the fish behaviour change so often, that unless i know someone with inside information, i have to go to a lake and figure out what bait, spot and rig to use, in order to get a fish that makes me feel some sort of acomplisment. I know Gene has said many times that this is a skill game, and only the ppl who are really skilled and knowledgeable will be able to catch big fish in a steady rate. But that means that a HUGE part of your playerbase with less time to invest in the game, are gonna grow tired of the game. It feels to me like i catch worse fish now than i did in level 20-30, but i think alot of it has to do with me not being happy when i get a fish that gives me 60.000 xp, i dont see my xp bar moving. The other day i spent 10 hours fishing in sura, catching alot of sturgeon, sterlet and wildcarp, and i still only catch roach trophys.. infact i got 3 in a row almost on size 4/0 hooks and pva sticks with so much seafood, a roach wouldnt wanna aproch it as it smelled like a fish graveyard!!! and still i got 3 of em. To me, the game isnt rewarding anymore. At lvl 37 i need close to trophy sturgeon or a big trophy carp in order to actually feel the progress. I really feel that you forgot about excisting customers, the ones that has been here for 6 months + when you decided to do the spin lake for low levels first. You could have saved it with the Teimans, but that fish is so rare, that its easier to catch a donerts ruffe or a golden tench. If you had made that fish a regular easy to catch fish, like sturgeons or big carps, and kept the silver low on it. We could have had some fun, with a fish that could keep us busy, have something to test our "owerpowered" gear, but most high level players i know have given up on it, as the rewards for grinding for it, just isnt there. if u really apply yourself with 2 feeders and a spinning rod, you can do like 100 silver an hour, you can make more in winding or mosquito... I really hope that the next lake will be out soon, and i can start having fun again. If not, i hope you will look into tweaking the kind of fish you can catch when you are fishing with premium pva sticks with 100% on bottom and the most expensive rod and reel in the game, cus 3kg sturgeon just isnt cutting it in terms of fun. Also, if you could look in to make the weather a bit less realistic. So its not hot 5 hours in a row, so your plan for fishing a certain species are canceled because the game decided it wasnt time. i under stand 1-2 hours, but when u get home from work and the weather in the spot you had hoped to fish in is 5 degrees hotter for the intire evening. It kinda sucks. I don't know if this get deleted, but after a week with alot of play time, i can clearly see the difference, compared to only having 2-3 hours a day. And i would hate to have to just give up on this game, but if the fun isnt there TLDR: The game is too realistic in some areas and not in others, and that means that high level players with limited time has less fun. PLZ FIX
  2. Spoons

    It depends on the fish ur trying to catch. at the moment i really like the blue veikko for cloudy weather in volkhov and sura for asp. Hunter 002 seems to work for almost all fish, so thats a good lure to have. Also hunter number 011 or 012 can do good. Same as hunter 001 and 003. In general Hunters do good, but i really like the veikkos, but seeing as im fishing with ultra light setup these days, the hunters are the only spoons i can use.
  3. Sura River

    nice fish @Pindobinha
  4. Competition Announcements

    Bear lake for black carp
  5. Competition Announcements

    old burg comp for eel, pike and tench
  6. Competition Announcements

    Waggler on mosquito
  7. Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium on sura for sturgeons:
  8. Sura River

    @amun24 i got quite a few at 44:37 the other day. They might still be there.
  9. Competition Announcements

  10. Bear Lake

    I agree that i was locked on camp for the longest time. Cuz thats where i knew where to cast the bait and if i just waited long enough i would get a bite. But if you actually start to explore, you will find that there are fish almost everywhere, you just gotta find the right spot. Lately i have been fishing 3-4 spots far left from the camp. Near 49:13 but the intire strech from the sunken tree and all the way down, is full of carps atm. So keep thinking its spredsheet fishing, i just think its ppl not exploring. And therefor all fish are caught at camp. I for one can say that my last 4 trophys in bear was not caught at camp, and i really dont fish bear that often.
  11. Competition Announcements

    Little fun asp comp in sura! Grats to the winner
  12. Float Fishing Q&A

    on that setup just use a 6kg (around 14 lbs) mono line, dont spend to much money on it.. syberia green line is fine, as you will replace it soon
  13. Float Fishing Q&A

    ur using 25kg line on a 5.5kg reel, you have 25 meters of line.. just be glad ur reel isnt breaking. Use a 6-8 kg line and u will have a much better time.
  14. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    I 100% agree, what we have is alot of players just doing what the players did before us. I myself are guilty of doing that also. I dont have the time i used to have, to play this game, but i am going to try to do different stuff. Fishing with the rigs i skipped because i was told they where bad, or use retrival with a pause and stop and go alot more than jigstep. But alas, when you have 2-3 hours to play each night, its hard to try new stuff, when you want to catch fish also. I encourage everybody to try new stuff, and share their findings. I know a guy like Svartzonker is trying to get good results on wacky rig, and i saw @Frenki finally got the hang of jerkbait. So if we all try to learn more, and share our findings, we might get to the level of the Russian
  15. Competition Announcements

    tench on float in a scorcher! 19 degrees, but still some nice tench coming up.
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