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  1. Other

    they asked to be moved to US.. Mabye to only speak with english speaking people. Mabye to grow their E-Peen on the ratings And there arent any uk region / country, as the playerbase from the uk isnt high enough at the current moment.
  2. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    I can add that 27.7kg flouro line has not been cut yet for me. i have only had 1 trophy pike so far, but alot of 6kg+ and no cut.
  3. Cottage Pond

    wow.. i think you have! Also roach like flies But actually if u see how a 70gr frog can take off, im sure a 300gr might be a bit of a stuggle on 1.2kg line on a telestick. Could be fun to try. @L0st4ngler could you do a check on testserver to see if a 300gr frog could break 1.2 flouro on a telestick? Would love to know actually
  4. Spinning Reels

    The price is different depending on where you are repairing. I would suggest only repairing the mech of ur everest at winding rivulet, as it is by far the cheapest place to repair Also replacements shouldnt be done on spool, ball bearings and friction brake until 15%+ atleast. /MQ
  5. Spinning Reels

    My good friend ubica had the exact same problem. he was using his everest on model one feeder, and he got so much damage on the reel. After switching to a fortuna carp rod, the damage was significally reduced. It is super important that you make sure your setup is balanced right. I am using a dominator for my everest and a fortuna carp rod for my mayor, and i can easily make the money back and generate a nice profit between repairs. Hope it helps.
  6. Sura River

    If u look 5-10 post back, you will actually see a post from@jvan with a description of bait, and hooksizes
  7. Chub

    I have had success fishing the northern part of the island that u need a boat to get to in volkhov 1.3m depth with maggots and caddisfly larva. Cast out about 10 meters with a float and u should get chub
  8. Natural

    Taran is aparently a roach species from the black sea acording to wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rutilus_lacustris
  9. Competition Announcements

    Volkhov fun GRats to the winners!
  10. Sura River

    the 125 silver one, but it has 12 charges, so its actually not that bad
  11. Sura River

    if you use high class (expensive) alcohol, you wont take any damage to your health, and as a bonus you will have a HUGE boost to your mood, so energy regen is great Best move if you have a big fish on, is to eat dark chocolate and drink an imperial vodka, it will keep ur energy and mood levels up for quite some time.
  12. Sura River

    really? i think its more
  13. Float Fishing Q&A

    Hey Horaldo. there is a long 22kg telestick, that can handle carp just fine.. they arent 20 meters but they are quite fun
  14. Sura River

    A good idea while fishing for sturgeons is to have a bottle champagne or 3-4 imperial vodkas ready. if ur lucky enough to catch a trophy u can get up to 500.000 xp extra just from stacking vodka and champagne 10 times.
  15. Farming experience points

    Also, try different float, line, hooks and bait. The more variance, the easier i find it to get points. Also mixing it up with different types of fishing. using feeders and a float rig get me more points also.
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