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  1. Kuori Lake

    If i remember correctly, the fishing was absolutely abysmal earlier today (12am EST - ~6am EST). When the weather gets hot you just have to move onto a different lake with good weather conditions.
  2. Kuori Lake

    Yeah that spot is really great. you can catch all the different types of char from this location.
  3. Wobblers

    Oh, I forgot to ask the question I came into this forum for lol. What do I need to do for a solid twitching retrieve? Time between twitches, reel speed, etc. ?
  4. Wobblers

    It's a very simple technique. Just troll, stop for like 5-10 seconds, troll again. The weather conditions are crucial for good fishing in general. I have had my best luck when the weather is in single digits (below 10 degrees C) and cloudy or partly cloudy. I just unlocked wobblers so i'm expecting to catch some significantly bigger fish now. My hunters have been doing me good though. My biggest fish being a 7 kg kuori char.
  5. Float Fishing Q&A

    When using a telescopic rod, the casting distance is limited by the length of the rod. Try casting lightly until you know the limit of how far you can cast.
  6. Farming silver

    I have been making good silver at kuori. As a general tip, if you are fishing your normal spots and the fish arent biting, try a new spot or a different fishing method to catch what IS biting. Some small fish is better than no fish at all!
  7. Spinners

    Jig-stepping with a spinner doesn't make sense. The best retrieve is simply to throw, and retrieve steadily. It's this way and real life and it should be in the game too.
  8. Kuori Lake

    Honestly the fact that pike break off everything but steel leaders is why people are having issues. Trout and char bite the same lures as pike do, there has to be some sort of change.
  9. White-eye Bream

    That is awesome!
  10. Char

    Post-update I have caught a 3.6kg char on a medium 8 hook with mayfly larvae from the camp.
  11. Kuori Lake

    I'd like an answer from a moderator/admin to clear some things up. Can we get some guidelines to help us target fish? Like, what thickness of line is considered very visible to sensitive fish? Does line color matter? In what way does the fishing line you use directly affect biting. I ask this because I am at Kuori for the first time, never fished there before, and fishing does seem very very slow. I did catch 1 char however, and it was cool, but I can't get anything to bite! I'm using mono on my feeders. I'm trying medium/small and I tried large hooks as well. For spinning, I'm almost convinced that I'm doing something wrong. I tried braid with steel leader for pike. Nothing. Mono with fluorocarbon leader for trout/char, nothing. Any help to push us in the right direction so that people are not complaining would be welcome.
  12. Donets Ruffe

    I caught a value sized one (green flag) near that same stretch of water. Definitely go there. I caught mine on a Size 10 hook and a worm on a feeder rod. Check the weekly records to confirm.
  13. Grass Carp

    A size #1 hook with corn nets me 6-10kg grass carp consistently. The cabbage leaf also works, it depends on what they're in the mood for.
  14. Campfire stories

    I don't like to compare a game to real life, but even if you fish a lot and you're catching fish that you pull in with no challenge your gear will last for years and years. But when you stress the gear to the limit going for lunkers your gear will fail you eventually.
  15. Farming silver

    Go for bream and roach on mosquito lake while doing some spinning on the side. Great way to get bites all day, level skills, and get 100s a day.
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