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  1. Donets Ruffe

    Your tips worked just fine, here are the results after 30-45 min: ps: cast 5% strength right on top of those plants in front of me
  2. Eel

    The exact size is up to you but anything around S4 should get the job done.
  3. Crucian Carp

    How can I farm tons and tons of small crucian? Trying to get as many as possible so I can use them as livebait. All the ones I get are either too big or too small. It's pretty hard to get the ones that fit the 100-150g requirement. Thank you!
  4. Gudgeon

    How can I farm tons and tons of gudgeon? Trying to get as many as possible so I can use as livebait. Thank you!
  5. Kuori Lake

    That's gonna work I think. Thanks a lot!
  6. Kuori Lake

    Nice man! Been there a few times but nothing for me I think using fluoro makes a huge difference then, cause I was using mono with steel leader. I wanna give it a try later. Are you willing to share the coordinates where you jig step/twitch with us? Thank you!
  7. Kuori Lake

    So fluoro line without leader? Were you jig stepping or trolling? Thank you!
  8. Kuori Lake

    You have some very nice fish over there! Big question is which line and leader were you using? Cause I went there earlier today but nothing, so maybe my leader was too thick (22 kg steel) Thanks!
  9. Volkhov River

    I like braid for spinning and mono for feeder. The lure depends on the species you're trying to catch. Hence, weekly records can shed some light on that.
  10. Campfire stories

    Hopefully, brother. Can't wait to see the patch notes
  11. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Thank you! I was wondering if it was possible to have 8 points in that skill and I'm glad it is. So if I already have 7 points in the ability +1 extra that the rod gives me, I would end up with +40% accuracy and + 24% control of the fish? Thank you once again!
  12. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    When it comes to line, there's no wrong or right. But instead, it's much more situational. Mono: cheap and helps to prevent damage to the reel, but is also much thicker than braid which means less line in the spool. Has a moderate visibility. Braid: more expensive and thinner, so you can fit massive amounts in your spool. However, it wears out much faster and has a higher impact in your gear. High visibility. Fluoro: the most expensive but also the thickest. Suits well if you're planning on fishing smaller cautious fish like bream. Has a very low visibility but also wears out quickly. If I can suit 130+ meter of line in the spool, I would use mono in most of my setups. It's cheap, lasts a long time and helps you to save a bit on repairs. But as I said, in the end it's up to you depending on what you find the most important.
  13. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    I would use a stronger rod (like Fortuna or Sentence) with a slightly stronger line (like 15-16kg) so u can use ur rig with a higher break threshold (27-29) without reaching the orange/red sections. Palmar would suit well weaker reels like Adriatica or Pride. General rule: If ur reel is 100%, line must be 150-200% and rod 200-250% of its power. (so u can use reel's full power without reaching the yellow/orange/red sections) Eg: 14kg reel + 23 line + 31 rod Eg2: 16kg reel + 30-33 line + 36 rod
  14. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Hello guys! I have a Wingate feeder which gives me +1 feeder but I already have 7 points on feeder, which is max already. So is this extra point useless for me or does it make it possible to have 8 points on feeder this way? Ty to all
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