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  1. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    The last option you gave is the correct one. Let's say you have 68% on spin and buy this rod. Then 68+7=75% that means when using this rod (and this rod only!) you should be able to use new abilities in the tree, like wacky rig (70%) as well as Texas (75%). However, it does not make it possible to put points in those abilities, so you gotta use it without any points till you actually unlock it. It's great for testing new abilities, but it doesn't make it easier to catch trophies nor regular fish.
  2. Competitions Q&A

    My friend and I opened a comp just 4 fun but none of us were able to get the target fish. So what happens to the entree fee then? Is it reimbursed to the competitors?
  3. Sura River

    Good spot for small fish at the pond anyone? Tx!!
  4. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    That's true, but I'd rather use my S88H for that. It has a higher test and this model is longer. S78M would only be useful for small spoons and spinners so nah
  5. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Yeah, CST S78M has a 4/10 stiffness so it does make sense what you're saying. What a shame, if I knew this before I wouldn't have bought this rod. $1500 gone to waste.
  6. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Can you guys explain me why there's no way on this planet I can twitch/ walk the dog with my new Model One CST S78M? I recently bought this rod thinking it would suit very well my new light setup (so I could long cast spinners, wobblers and top-waters) but it's not possible to perform - at least for me - those techniques I mentioned above. The weirdest thing is that with CST S88H, which I also own but has a higher test, it's not only possible to perform twitch/ walk the dog but it's actually extremely easy. So in the end I simply don't know if I might be doing something wrong or even if it was meant to be that way but please someone help me! Big thanks to all!
  7. Lures Q&A

    Just unlocked simple wobblers. Should I buy the cheap or the expensive knife in order to be able to craft them? That's the difference between the two? Many thanks to all!
  8. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Question regarding rocket feeder: For how long should I leave it in the water before retrieving? Or can I cast and retrieve right away? Thanks!
  9. Bream

    Fish: Gear: Caught it in Volkhov, 97:127 at 1:20 am
  10. Asp

    Good asp at 110:110 using fluoro line with hunter 1 010 Last time I've been there I was able to catch 10 in less than a hour + some ok-ish zander = $170 profit Very nice fight and money
  11. Bighead Carp

    Very nice, congrats for the catch and ty for sharing!
  12. Gudgeon

    Definitely giving it a try! Thank you a lot sir!!
  13. Boilies

    I can tell you by my personal experience that Crab & Mussels and Mussels & Fruits work for sturgeon. I've also heard some reporting that deep squid also works, but I haven't had any successful attempt yet with this one.
  14. Boilies

    No, I left it there until it was taken by some fish or if the 15' were up. You're not supposed to recast constantly, specially if you're after big fish.
  15. Boilies

    Sorry, I forgot about this very important detail I got the first 2 common carp on Salmon 20 and the small grass on Halibut 20 Not near enough bites for 1 hour
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