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  1. Sura River

    Sura river can give a good result In less than 2h at 67:15 Rig i use in day And in night
  2. Catfish

    @gamebreaker, ho yes, I just want an other fish at this moment, and I use my smallest fluoro leader for him for less visibility. And with this, I wanted to know what size we can catch with this setup.
  3. Catfish

    35min of fight haha Who want test?
  4. Lake Trout

    i use this one but only on boat
  5. Burbot

    @scratchxD of course, what fish do you want?
  6. Burbot

    juste catch this one 120:114 And for dev, he did't show up in the chat.
  7. Player created content

    Une traduction des appâts et amorce pour la communauté française. A translation of the baits and groundbait for the French community. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aD82-1JX18h8Lx64B8XX3fV3d8SE39HhQwBZ_nVd5dI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Sterlet

  9. Leaders

    @shadowdune"Gamer community reaches ....." Ask yourself this question : This game is for gamer community or angler community? When there is no more fish : -gamer say : F***** GAME -fisherman say : it's a bad day, i'm in wrong place/moment/setup....
  10. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Anyone can help me with Drop-shot rig, what type of spot and when you use this rig. Everytime i use this, i catching few small fish so if somebody doing better than me....
  11. Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Agree and disagree : In my experience in real life, if you use a big ans stiff leader, the lure not swim as manufacturing intended. And in this case, i use this type of leader with big and heavy lure, just when i search big pike (in fact almost never).
  12. Kuori Lake

    I can't do more explicit than :
  13. Kuori Lake

    @Retvolki, no sense to use leader with fluoro line^^. jig step with spoon ans twitching with woobler. @CadyDady, if you have a problèm with fish migration, make a fish oil parfum in craft menu (joke) Fish is still here yesterday and today too
  14. Kuori Lake

    I use only fluorocarbon line in clear water, it's not without risk but the result is pretty good.
  15. Kuori Lake

    Just love Kuori after update ^^ With different hunter spoon and woobler F10 in northern rift (2h30 real)
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