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  1. Kuori Lake

    I can't do more explicit than :
  2. Kuori Lake

    @Retvolki, no sense to use leader with fluoro line^^. jig step with spoon ans twitching with woobler. @CadyDady, if you have a problèm with fish migration, make a fish oil parfum in craft menu (joke) Fish is still here yesterday and today too
  3. Kuori Lake

    I use only fluorocarbon line in clear water, it's not without risk but the result is pretty good.
  4. Kuori Lake

    Just love Kuori after update ^^ With different hunter spoon and woobler F10 in northern rift (2h30 real)
  5. Farming silver

    my best way to farming silver : HONEY DOUGHT HONEY DOUGHT and........ HONEY DOUGHT (5 real hours)
  6. Black Carp

    weather : cloudy 10° spot : bear lake 46:60
  7. Bear Lake

    ^^ go near the camp and look the chat, many fish is catch. So you know you doing something wrong!!! Search what bait is good at this moment (look the weekly for exemple...) and you can doing lot lot of money in this place (more than 250/H for me) Good luck
  8. Feeder Fishing Q&A

    it's appen, for me, when i retreave my rig without fish and when it's my last 1 groundbait in the feeder mech.
  9. Volkhov River

    @pescarhoinar and @Protan it's very beautiful fish but can you explain how/where you fish please.
  10. Bear Lake

    Yes, I catch à 27kg common carp with S2 @Eagle1
  11. Burbot

    What's a good nigth!!! Fishing burbot at Kuori
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