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  1. Feeder Fishing Q&A

  2. Old Burg Lake

    rainy night in 38:57
  3. Old Burg Lake

    06:60 cheese
  4. Mosquito Lake

    Just bought 3 Bunessan Picker rod and in second test in Mosquito : in less than 1h with Honey dought, egg dought and semolina
  5. Other

    @jimmy95 Discard = jeté, suprimé -> si tu le fait sur un lancé avec moulinet et tout le montage, tout par à la poubelle Disassemble = démonté, séparé -> ca te met moulinet et tout le montage dans ton inventaire Pick up = prendre (en main) -> ca te quitte l'inventaire et tu voit ton personnage avec ton lancé en main Voila pour être sûr, si t'as cliqué sur PICK UP et que ca t'a tout supprimé, fait vite un mail à support@rf4game.com. (Et en passant, bien joué pour tout tes beau brochet sur Old Burg )
  6. Baits Q&A

    Hello, What about the quality of ingredient like milk, honey,... Nothing is indicated when we craft bait. And if we have already Honey dought for exemple with low ingredient, the new ones (with better ingredient) will be mixed with lower baits??
  7. Sura River

    Sura river can give a good result In less than 2h at 67:15 Rig i use in day And in night
  8. Catfish

    @gamebreaker, ho yes, I just want an other fish at this moment, and I use my smallest fluoro leader for him for less visibility. And with this, I wanted to know what size we can catch with this setup.
  9. Catfish

    35min of fight haha Who want test?
  10. Lake Trout

    i use this one but only on boat
  11. Burbot

    @scratchxD of course, what fish do you want?
  12. Burbot

    juste catch this one 120:114 And for dev, he did't show up in the chat.
  13. Player created content

    Une traduction des appâts et amorce pour la communauté française. A translation of the baits and groundbait for the French community. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aD82-1JX18h8Lx64B8XX3fV3d8SE39HhQwBZ_nVd5dI/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Sterlet

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