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  1. Volkhov River

    2 trophies in the first 12 minutes! then 2 more, 100:92 pea porridge, 3-6 hooks, 7.8 fluoro, very cold temps
  2. Old Burg Lake

    More info would be helpful. Like maybe the spot you caught them at lol
  3. Spoons

    I will have to try this too. I have rarely fished spoons in freshwater before. But here in Texas, saltwater fishing for redfish we use silver on bright sunny days with success and Gold on party or fully cloudy days. But this is pretty much exclusively in very shallow clear water. I have not thrown a gold/copper spoon yet at all during the sunny days ingame. Now I want to try. I have however hooked into some big fish when I try gold/copper on very overcast days. But I guess does depend on the water clarity/depth you are fishing as well. Interesting... Thanks Levo
  4. Live and Baitfish

    Decided to kill some baitfish at Volk but I went for pike. Had a few perch and white bream and 2 ruffe. 2 9kg+ pike in an hour (both just short of trophy) and quite a few other keepers. Throwing at the grass/bank from the pier in town. Some of those in the first net were off topwater and not baitfish while I was bream fishin. Turned out pretty well tho, for 1 hour with some spare baitfish. (no tryhard)
  5. Live and Baitfish

    You are assuming alot, you are assuming that right now frogs are the preferred live bait for burbot at kuori. In my experience it changes often. At one time it was ruffe, sometimes its frogs, and sometimes they wont touch frogs and its something else. Just like how sometimes fish piece is best and sometimes NC is. I am at kuori now and just saw someone catch 2 trophy burbot in 10 minutes on ruffe, he was also catching more burbot than the other 12 people at the spot. It also seems like you are assuming the spots and baits preferred are set in stone, and you can always go back and do the same thing with the same results. In my experience this is far from reality in rf4
  6. Live and Baitfish

    1) you only try 2 types of baitfish out of 8. Do you try 10 out of 100 spoons and then say spoons are broken. Larger baitfish (Perch and Carp) have lower bite rate than the others. 2) What was the weather like at each lake you tried during the test. I have gone to kuori at same spot and caught nonstop char then burbot all night long on multiple occasions. I have also seen Asp caught nonstop if you are in the right spot and weather at sura, and using the correct baitfish (bleak, gudgeon, ruffe) 3)Kp already been proven wrong by lots of people being successful with baitfish. The people that reported it doesnt work are expecting it to work despite all the other factors involved in catching fish. Baitfish is not an exception to weather/spot/correct type of bait.
  7. Leaders

    Its obvious it was a pike, they look at the data for last 6 months for your character and shows all of your "line cut with teeth" fish. If Levo says it was a pike, it was a pike... Believe what the moderator with access to the info says vs. what you think you saw. You say "clearly saw lake or sevan", It must not have been THAT clear, if you couldnt tell which species it was specifically.
  8. Report a Bug

    I believe they describe the game as a game with some realistic aspects. It does not mimic real life in every aspect. And yes bigger hooks will allow you to catch bigger fish. I have never seen a loading screen anywhere that says "Avoid small fish with big hooks" Or "Use big hooks and you will catch big fish anywhere 100% of the time" Which is what you seem to expect. The flaw is in your expectation, not the game imo, not a bug tho.
  9. Kuori Lake

    2 more rare burbot, one on fish piece 10.5kg mono, no leader size2 hook at the quay. The other one was on frog braided line, 17kg fluoro leader, 1/0 hook, also at the quay.
  10. Report a Bug

    I notice that when u repair or check cost on one item, if you try to examine another item to repair it then in sticks in loading screen alot of the times. Usually just exiting the shop and opening it again fixes it. Your problem sounds a littlle worse tho. I am sure you tried this already.
  11. Groundbait Q&A

    Its diminishing returns for skill points. @40-50% is where it starts to be a challenge and requires a good investment of silver to continue if you want to skill up quickly. Using just the plain base (most recently unlocked 2) will get decent results. If you got skillpoints often at the higher levels it wouldnt be much of an accomplishment to get to 100%.
  12. Sura River

    Really? Just keep fishing, its not like u are guaranteed a trophy if u use some certain line or leader...
  13. Technical Issues

    Thanks elwood, that fixed it.
  14. Technical Issues

    I followed the instructions and still the problem persists. At 61% I get the error message.
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