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  1. Skill tree discussions

    if I have rebellion, with 85%floating skill can I use baitfish?
  2. Skill tree discussions

    This is a profile of a player in the Russian forum, he got 100% harvesting
  3. Skill tree discussions

    in my opinion, this system is ridiculous. I do baitfish, baitfish etc ...
  4. Skill tree discussions

    I'm 80.5% Harvesting Bait. I needed to. 20 redworm, 345 worm and 15 nightcrawler to get 0.1% harvesting. detail, I have premium. So without premium I need. 40 redworm 690 worm and 30 nightcrwaler? is this right?
  5. Spinning Reels

    Could someone tell me the reel mayor 19 kgassembly repair ? Oil, break, etc ... thank you very much.
  6. Perch

    Worm, redworm ...
  7. Bream

    75% skill botton fishing is bad actually 70 %
  8. Bream

    hi. for bream, line fluorcarbono or nylon greatly improves?
  9. Spinning Reels

    major+barracuda or Everest?
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