Patch Notes:

- Implemented: An alternative experimental communication protocol with the Game Server (UDP). We recommend switching to this communication protocol for players who experience a lot of connectivity issues with the game server. The protocol is selected in the game settings under the "Network" tab. After changing the protocol, please restart the game.

Where we’re going

Dear friends, Our team would like to share some thoughts for the near future of our game “Russian Fishing 4”. We’ve decided that the time has come to switch our full attention of creating new content for the game to making improvements to the game.

Akhtuba River

New water body has been added to the game - Akhtuba River.


The wait is almost over…

The upcoming update is just around the corner and we have more news about it.


New rods. Lures. Revamped reels.

With the release of Akhtuba river fans of Russian fishing 4 will be introduced to the new line of rods from Zeiman manufacturer.


PvP and group competitions

Starting from the next update all players will have an ability to participate in group competitions by dividing into two teams.


Akhtuba species

In the early 20th century, the meat of this fish was valued almost as much as salmon meat.


Where we are going next …

Having caught all the unique fish of Ladoga Lake, every avid fisherman may want to change the cool and austere beauty of the northern reservoir for the warm waters of the southern rivers.


Update – Ladoga lake

- New skill “Cooking” and its related recipes have been added to the game.
- New achievements related to cooking added to the game.
- Many new food items are added to the game.



Every seasoned angler knows not only how to catch a fish but also how to make it taste good.