List of changes and corrections

– The order of leaders in the shop and backpack has been changed. They are now ordered by leader style, not by material.

– Fixed: Some mistakes in the Skilltree have been corrected.

– Fixed: Some ingredients for feeding could not be used in a dry mixture.

– Fixed: When creating leaders, the finished product did not indicate the leader color.

– Fixed. The bottom live bait rig used a feeder leader instead of a classic one.

– Fixed: To use two baits on the new carp rigs simultaneously, you needed the perk from the float fishing skilltree.

– Fixed: Setting up the rig ‘4 grains of corn” could cause issues. It has been renamed to ‘2 artificial corn + 2 artificial corn’.

– Fixed: The controls for the ATV were not deactivated while the chat window is active.

– Fixed: In some cases, after leaving a chat room, that chat disappeared from the chatroom list.

RF4 – Team