Akhtuba species


In the early 20th century, the meat of this fish was valued almost as much as salmon meat. Reaching more than half a meter in length and weighing up to two kilograms, this species of herring is very tasty and easy to cook.












The next representative of Akhtuba species doesn’t look much like the kinds of fish we are used to. Reaching a length of 55 cm and a weight up to 200 grams, it resembles a parasite, although it is not at all. Hardy enough to use as live bait.

Caspian Lamprey


The queen of freshwater inhabitants. To date, the largest river fish ever recorded. The largest specimen was caught in 1827 and weighted 1.571 kg. It can compete in size with tiger, greenland and even with white sharks.



In total, 17 new species of fish will be introduced with Akhtuba river. Most of you know them all, but some will be lucky enough to meet them for the first time.