Bait harvesting and the store…


Dear Russian Fishing 4 friends!
It has been a while since we last shared news about RF4. As you already know, at this stage of the game development, we concentrate most of our efforts on finalizing the game balance, correcting errors and optimizing the game. But we do not forget about the necessary additions and changes. Today we would like to bring to your attention a few new features of the game, which we hope will add comfort and pleasure to our players.

At the moment, probably the most painful topic for all players is bait harvesting. As we promised, in the near future this aspect of the game will change quite a lot. We will give players the opportunity to harvest various baits at the same time and in much larger quantities than before, but the energy costs for harvesting will be increased.

Also, we managed to work on the store and made it a little easier to use.

And, of course, we do not forget to work on the bugs and fixing them as much as possible.

Tight lines for now!