Competitions in Russian Fishing 4!


Dear friend,

Our team is proud to introduce new competition content for our players.
We hope that this new feature will add more fun and joy to the time you spend in our game.
Please make sure you read the user guide and familiarize yourself with information about competitions.

Tight lines fellows!

Patch notes January 24th

– The feature Competitions has been added to the game.
– In the stores, Boilies have their own section under Baits.
– Stores are stocked with new boilies from the following manufacturers – Helen Van Zandt, Old Pal and Smart Boilies.

– Travel cost have been removed. Now you can move from one water body to another for free.
– The “LUCK” bonus and all of its functions has been excluded from the game.
– The “LUCK” indicator is changed to “HEALTH”.

Bug fixes:
– Fixed. When sending hooks via private message the amount selection tool has been removed.
– Fixed. The Zoom feature was turning off automatically when casting or picking up a rod.
– Fixed. The Fish Market didn’t function properly when selling fish.

* Starting from the next update (not this one) we are moving to new version of UNITY that does not support DX9 and Windows XP.
** ATTENTION: Next update the old type of boilies will be removed from the stores. They will be excluded from the game permanently.