Fix Patch


Fix Patch:

– Fixed. Pressing F9 did not enable ‘Hardcore Mode’.

– Fixed. The appearance of components on some reels did not match the overall design of the reel.

– Fixed. The Zeiman Jet-Bullet LP HS-R reel crank animation did not work.

– Fixed. For some artificial rodents the size was incorrectly indicated.

– Fixed. There was no opportunity to return items to the Tunguska Artel store.

– Fixed. 2000 size bait casting reels could not be installed on light and medium light rods.

– Fixed. The player specified PVA stick names were not displayed.

– Fixed. The mass of PVA sticks were incorrectly displayed.

– Fixed. In the fish markets the price of the Lake Minnow was incorrectly displayed.

– Fixed. For the crafting of red and black caviar, fish from the Lower Tunguska River were not accepted.

– Updated system requirements.