June Patch Hotfix Incoming


Dear friends!

We have to admit that the last patch was extremely unsuccessful. We’re going to make it right in the next few days.

Firstly, “Fish Got Away”. We have located an error that had increased the number of occurrences of “Fish Got Away”, and a fix will be included in the update.

Secondly, the range of bleak weight suitable for the manufacture of live bait was narrowed excessively.  We’ve analyzed the game data and the range will be expanded 40g -70g.

Thirdly, when displaying ping, frequent cases of disconnection have been taking place and we have decided to disable this function at the moment.

Fourth, Clarification on the change in the sensitivity of the indicator when exceeding the recommended test weight for rods. The idea was to warn the player in advance about the increased wear and, as a result, the threat of damage to the gear. Pre-patch the overload indication started to work when the weight of the rigging was exceeded by 50%, However in the patch we have reduced this figure to 10%. We will add the “Mass” parameter to all the elements, which will allow players to calculate the total weight of the equipment and correctly assemble the gear without overloading.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you!
RF4 Team