Maintenance And Update



There are many changes and new products for Polish players of Russian Fishing 4. Tomorrow after the server restart we will present you the official Polish page of RF4, including the Polish forum and the Polish client of the game. In addition, you can expect many attractions, such as individual competitions or team competitions, which will be organized only for players using the Polish version of the game.

The Polish region will become a completely separate region, as the English, German and Russian regions have been until now. Although each of these regions has a separate page, forum, own customer service team and its own rules, each of these regions is part of one big community of Russian Fishing 4 and it will remain unchanged.

We do not isolate ourselves from the rest of the RF4 community, but only we offer you a Polish team of RF4, which will focus entirely on the Polish community in our game. We hope that after changes, our contact with Polish players will be even better and we will be able to provide you with the best possible support.

After the upgrade, the current game client will stop working for players from the Polish region and it will be necessary to download the Polish version of the game.

Your RF4PL team