Orders. Re-supply. Bonuses.


Friend and fellow anglers,
Monday, 11/20/17, server restart at 00:00 EST
This patch includes new game features, some changes and bug fixes;

New Game Features:
– The Cafés at the water bodies are opened and have Orders for players to complete;
– The “Number of completed cafe orders” field has been added to the player’s displayed statistics.

– The algorithm for damage to lures has been improved. Now the weight of the fish affects the wear of the bait to a much lesser extent;
– The algorithm for calculating the quality of making baits and mixing bait is improved. Now the number of embedded points in the corresponding skill affects, in a greater degree, the quality of the product;
– Implemented a display of the quality of the bait produced during crafting;
– In shops, the price of soft baits is reduced by 2-3 times and the price for top wobblers and jerkbaits is increased by 15-20%;
– The bonus “Luck” has been increased;
– Implemented automatic filling of slots when crafting baits and baits. Automatic filling occurs only when only one particular item can be inserted into the slot;
– A fine tuning of the immersion speed of various lures;
– The algorithm of the line wear has been improved. Now the rate of wear depends also on the amount of line on the roll. The more the fishing line on the roll, the slower its wear;
– The frequency of restocking times of handicraft materials to shops and workshops has been increased.
– Significantly improved the “catchability” of jerkbait baits;
– Implemented a display of hidden bonuses for food and beverages.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed: On some water bodies, environmental objects were displayed with errors;
– Fixed: The Enter key did not work in the password input field at the login screen;
– Fixed: At the start of the game, the interface scale settings were not applied;
– Fixed: In some cases, the names of bonus items in the backpack were displayed in white;
– Fixed: In the local tables of records, the species of fish not living on a particular pond were displayed;
– Fixed: For some Express Fishing lures the incorrect size of the hooks was displayed.

*** The work is being continued to correct the following errors: “Bait is not found” and sudden freezes when changing rods, installing / lifting the rod from the stand, entering / exiting the interface. Please, if someone else encounters this problem, immediately close the game and forward the file C: \ RF4 \ Game \ rf4_x64_Data \ output_log.tx to