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Hello anglers, Today we will share more information in regards of who we will meet at the new water body

More about upcoming update

Friends, Here is a bit more information about the upcoming update for “Russian Fishing 4”.

What’s next?

As the excitement from the last update settles down it is time to look forward to what awaits Russian Fishing 4 in the near future.


Friday, 05/18/18 patch notes.

- NEW: you can return purchased items within the first 24 in-game hours. Returns are accepted only at the store that sold it to you and on the condition that the item hasn’t been used. - NEW: when moving between water bodies you can check the weather forecast prior to traveling. - NEW: you can blacklist a player. Messages from blacklisted players will not be delivered.

Russian Fishing 4 game update.

Friends, here is the list of fixes, changes and updates in today's patch;

Competitions in Russian Fishing 4!

Dear friend, Our team is proud to introduce new competition content for our players.

Russian Fishing 4 is coming to Steam.

Dear friends, we are proud to announce that Russian Fishing 4 is getting ready for Steam!

Russian Fishing 4 New Years update!

Dear friends, The year 2017 comes to an end. It was a different year for everyone. For some it was a good year, for others it was a lucky year. Some were less fortunate, while others joined the stars in heaven.

Friday, December 29th 2017 – update of Russian Fishing 4.

Friday, December 29th 2017 - update of Russian Fishing 4.

Russian Fishing 4 update.

Dear angling friends, Tomorrow, Wednesday 20th of December at 2AM EST, Russian Fishing 4 will update.