First visit at the new lake

Not far from the Baltic Sea coast lies the picturesque Amber Lake. According to a local legend, this lake got its name from the numerous carps living in it and their scales glittering in the sun like amber.

Therefore, the Amber Lake is also very popular with fans of carp fishing. However, it is not known only for its carp. According to stories of the locals, it is inhabited by a true monster. It is rumored that strange noises can sometimes be heard fro...


Maintenance September 19th

Dear community,

Tomorrow, on September 19th at 1 am EST, a technical restart will be carried out. The downtime will be approximately one hour.

Regards, RF4 Team


New lake

Dear players,
The work on the new content never stopped. Today we would like to share with you the first view of the new lake. It is a larger water body, that much we can tell you already. For fish species and fishing methods you will have to be patient a bit longer. But we will soon reveal all the secrets...

Your RF4 team





August 29th

Dear friends! The problems that are causing disconnect issues and client “hang ups” have added some necessary corrections to the development plans. All resources are currently directed toward solving these issues. Today’s patch will not introduce any changes to the gameplay. Rather, it is meant to do diagnostics and gather some needed information. The Russian Fishing 4 team thanks you for your understanding and patience. P.S. expected time for server re...


August 29 Update

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 29, at 1AM EST/7AM CEST, client and server updates.
Downtime will be approximately 2 hours.



Patch Notes

- Improved RTCP protocol based on collected data
- TCP protocol replaced by RTCP protocol
- UDP support returned


Server Restart

Server Restart.
Friends! We know about disconnects of players from the European and American continents. We are looking for solutions to this problem. In regard to this, tomorrow, July 30, at 02:30 Est 08:30 CEST, the server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Approximate work time is 2 hours.


Incoming News

Tomorrow, on July 23 at 9:30 am MSK/ 2:30 am EST, the server will be restarted and the client will be updated, connected with the launch of a new network protocol in test mode. Approximate downtime 4 hours.


Development news

Many of you have faced the problem of disconnecting from the game server.


Summer Sale!

Summer sale: 40% discount on gold, 25% discount on premium.

From 8pm est  July 3rd till 8pm est July 14th