Russian Fishing 4 update.

Dear angling friends, Tomorrow, Wednesday 20th of December at 2AM EST, Russian Fishing 4 will update.

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300+ Payment methods are accepted

Friends, with the help of Xsolla we are now accepting every major payment methods all over the world.

Credit and Debit cards are now accepted

Dear friends, it is our pleasure to introduce new payment method for those of you who would like to use credit and debit cards.

Orders. Re-supply. Bonuses.

Friend and fellow anglers, Monday, 11/20/17, server restart at 00:00 EST This patch includes new game features, some changes and bug fixes;

November 20th, “Orders”…

Dear friends and fellow anglers, On Monday, November 20th, we will add a new patch bringing more content to Russian Fishing 4. This new content includes the feature “Orders”.

Russian Fishing 4. New add-on.

Friend and fellow anglers, Today's add-on includes new game features, some changes and bug fixes;

November 11th, 5pm EST servers restart!

Friends and fellow anglers, This Saturday we are releasing the first part of the big add-on that we promised earlier.

What’s coming…

Hello fellow anglers, Most of you already know and are awaiting the new content for Russian Fishing 4. Earlier we've mentioned the introduction of a new water body and new fish species.

Servers restart.

Tuesday, October 24. 18:00(EST) Patch notes; - Groundbait UI indicator in HUD now shows the correct amount of the mix remaining in inventory. - Chance of the fish breaking off is lowered significantly after 5 minutes of fighting it. - Everest Spinning reel has been discontinued. - Spinning reels Everest II added to the stores. - Market price reduction when selling more than 10 units of the same species removed. - Tutorial fixed. - Added volume...