Russian Fishing 4. New add-on.

Friend and fellow anglers, Today's add-on includes new game features, some changes and bug fixes;

November 11th, 5pm EST servers restart!

Friends and fellow anglers, This Saturday we are releasing the first part of the big add-on that we promised earlier.

What’s coming…

Hello fellow anglers, Most of you already know and are awaiting the new content for Russian Fishing 4. Earlier we've mentioned the introduction of a new water body and new fish species.

Servers restart.

Tuesday, October 24. 18:00(EST) Patch notes; - Groundbait UI indicator in HUD now shows the correct amount of the mix remaining in inventory. - Chance of the fish breaking off is lowered significantly after 5 minutes of fighting it. - Everest Spinning reel has been discontinued. - Spinning reels Everest II added to the stores. - Market price reduction when selling more than 10 units of the same species removed. - Tutorial fixed. - Added volume...

Russian Fishing 4 is here!

We are ONLINE!

As of now Russian Fishing 4 is available in English. We know the wait was long and we like to thank all of you for your patience and for sticking with us. In particular we like to thank those brave players who ventured out and into our game without understanding one word of Russian. Your enthusiasm, believe and trust have supported and motivated us to make this update of the best possible quality and as fast as our abilities would allow ...


Buying and selling.

With the move to the English server, you are granted access to the local shops and fish market. No longer will you need to share it with others. Nevertheless, it is still important to look closely and determine where the good offers are and where you can get the best price for your fish. Also, you will still encounter shops that don’t sell everything. So take a look around, compare the shops and fish mongers at the different lakes and find your bargain ...

Whats next for Russian Fishing 4.

As we hope that you are enjoying Russian Fishing 4 now, we are committed to make the time you spend in the game more pleasurable, active and fun. For this reason, we will not stop at the currently achieved goals and you can always count on us to work on creating new, interesting and diverse content for you to enjoy. Following the launch of the English version of Russian Fishing 4 we will be releasing new content in a very short time from now. This will ...