Patchnotes 10/07/2020


– A new water body has been added to the game – the Lower Tunguska River. This water body is available starting from level 30.
– 26 new fish species have been introduced – these are the inhabitants of the Lower Tunguska River.
– A search bar is now available in inventory and stores.
– Two new hook sizes have been introduced: 5/0 and 6/0.
– The selection of treble hooks has been expanded.
– A new type of artificial bait was introduced – artificial rodents. These baits are sold in the Lower Tunguska River.
– A new type of a fishing reel has been introduced – Conventional Reels. – Certain conventional reels are equipped with two-position switch for different gear ratios.
– Two new skills have been added to the “Spinning Fishing Skill”: “Using a Light Conventional Reel” and “Using a Heavy Conventional Reel”. It is necessary to unlock these skills in order to use the corresponding conventional reels.
– The points spent in the “Spinning Fishing Skill” have been reset.
– Certain “Limited Edition Reels” are now available for sale. Each of these reels features a unique number engraved on its case. The Limited Edition Reels are available for purchase in the brand stores.
– Many of the low profile baitcasting reels and certain spinning reels received new updated versions.
– A price adjustment has been implemented for most reels.
– In order to increase realistic feel, the physical dimensions of many of the baitcasting reels have been adjusted.
– The reels in the following sets: “Universal Spinning Set. Start”, “Feeder Fishing Set. Start” and “Baitcasting Set” have been replaced.
– A screen mode has been implemented to hide all heads-up display elements.
– A Zeiman brand shop has been added to Amber Lake.
– A new term has been added to the competition – “Minimum Weight”.
– Pike trophy weight has been increased.
– Vuoksi Whitefish and Valaam Whitefish prize increased in fish markets.
– The visualization of fish biting has been improved.
– Quality of the items, created by a player, is now adversely affected based on the degree of inebriation.
– To increase the realism, the weather formation subsystem has been improved. This will reduce the number of rainy days.
– There is an option now to name a rare trophy fish, which can then be released and later caught again in a larger size. This way, large specimens of fish can gain “famous inhabitant” status and each player can track its catch history. The availability of the opportunity to give a name to a rare trophy depends on the type of specimen caught and the body of water it is caught on.
– The network interaction between the client and the game server has been optimized. The amount of data transferred over the network has been decreased.
– A new version of the graphics engine has been implemented.
– Fixed. In some cases changing the item in the players hands resulted in the loss of control in the game.