• The Christmas markets were removed on all water bodies.

  • The restriction on allowing only 300 pieces of goods in the backpack has been removed..
  • The ability to follow links included in the chat messages published by the support of the game has been implemented.
  • To increase the comfort when fishing with float rigs, a new UI window has been implemented that shows the float at close range while waiting for a bite. In the game settings, you can control the position of the widget on the game screen, its size and display conditions.
  • Changed the conditions for activating the “Happy Hour”. Now the bonus is not activated immediately upon entering the game, but later – upon the first occurrence of any of the following events:
    • Casting any rod.
    • Gathering of bait with any bait gathering tool.
    • Crafting of bait, ground bait or dry mixes, or food.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to place equipment in the player’s house that cannot be used until the player has reached the required level or skill.
  • Fixed. The name of the PVA stringer set by the player and the nickname of its manufacturer were not displayed.


P.S. The game world has been reset. As a result, fish can change habitats and bait / groundbait preferences.