Patchnotes 24/12/19


– The possibility has been implemented to save your own recipe templates for the production of ordinary feed mixes, dry feed mixes and PVA strings. Premium subscribers can create up to 30 templates, other players can create up to 10 templates.

– It is now possible to set different rod strengths in competitions as limitation.

– Simmon’s marker floats now use lighting at night.

– Christmas markets have been opened on most maps. Unique products such as wagglers with different colored lights, vintage reels and much more are offered on the markets.

– The range of Zeiman lures has been expanded in the shops.

– The range of alcoholic beverages has been expanded in the grocery stores.

– Player registration region – Korea added.

– Fixed – When sending dips or flavors, only one portion was sent instead of the entire bottle.

RF4 – TeamĀ