Russian Fishing 4 New Years update!


Dear friends,
The year 2017 comes to an end. It was a different year for everyone. For some it was a good year, for others it was a lucky year. Some were less fortunate, while others joined the stars in heaven.

For our entire Russian Fishing team, 2017 will forever remain unforgettable! After all, it was this year that we released, albeit not on a full scale. But we released a project that was going on for many years. This year we found new fans, welcomed back old ones and made our regular fans happy. We created a new, strong, sometimes grumpy, but loyal family. And, of course, nothing we did we could have done without you and your participation.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your great contribution to the development of Russian Fishing 4. And to make the holidays a bit more fun and pleasant, all participants in the game receive 10 days of the premium.

We wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year!

Information about today’s update:
Looking a little bit ahead into the future, a decision was made to withdraw the bonus “Luck” from the game. In the next update, it will be removed.

– A new, rare inhabitant, Donets Ruffe has been released to Winding Rivulet;
– new colors of the Express Fishing Bob Original;
– new color options for floats Express Fishing Bob Slim;
– new colors of the floats series Express Fishing Bob Lamp;
– a series of live bait floats Rykk Sphere and Rykk Firefly;
– a variety of hooks and jigs-heads by Berserk Hooks manufacturer;
– a series of lures Zeiman Terminator;
– lures from manufacturer Kiruuna;
– The Wacky-worms range from the manufacturer Red Man Tackle is supplemented with small-sized modifications;
– Added flavorings from manufacturer Smart Boilies;
– Added some new food that you can not only eat, but also add to the groundbait;
– At Winding Rivulet and the Sura River, farmers’ market have opened, where you can buy several inexpensive components for groundbait.

– Automatic drop of “zoom” during character movements is no longer applied;
– The maximum size of some fish on the Sura River has been increased;
– The number of inhabitants at Old Burg has been increased;
– Zander, Volga Zander, Sturgeon and some other bottom dwelling fish are now much more active mainly in the bottom layer;
– When “moving with the current” the fish take the bait much more confidently;
– Accelerated biting of some species of fish, which previously was “fiddling” too long with bait;
– In the parameters of the rods the acceptable types of reel is displayed;
– The casting range of the majority of rods used with spinning reels has been increased;
– Reconfiguration of jig rigs in the direction of increasing their efficiency has been made;
– The probability of an unsuccessful result in making baits and kneading bait is lowered;
– Reduced the cost of some hooks;
– Supplies to the stores have been increased, which were often not available;